Pork and cabbage frittata


Soup bones (which we really can't live without because we haven't used bouillon cubes in years) were at a bargain price yesterday. Buy one, take one. I browned one pack in the oven, transferred the bones to a huge pot, threw in aromatics, simmered them to make broth and, after dividing the broth among freezer containers, I discovered that there was enough meat attached to … [Read more...]

Boiled beef, cabbage and potato soup


It's really just another nilagang baka (boiled beef and vegetables) recipe. As if I haven't got enough when, as of last count, I have four versions in the archive already -- excluding the bulalo recipe which is also boiled beef and vegetables with the distinction of featuring the marrow in the shank bones.So, what's the point in another boiled beef and vegetables soup? … [Read more...]