Bean burgers with guacamole

Mashed beans, herbs, spices and the right seasoning make wonderful vegetarian burgers. And they are so good served with guacamole on the side. It's a┬ámeal that I prepared for Sam about three weeks ago. I thought I had … [Read more...]


Vegan mushroom burgers

Sam is the vegetarian in the family but it is Speedy and myself who ate these vegan mushroom burgers. We had so many vegetarian ingredients in the fridge after Sam had gone back to the condo, the ingredients won't last until … [Read more...]


Pork, apple and mashed potato burgers

At The Vegetarian Kitchen, burgers are made with lentils. Very interesting. They made me think of something similar that I've done not too long ago. In how to cut down on meat and fat without sacrificing flavor and texture, I … [Read more...]


Hash brown chicken burgers

Last year, when Typhoon Pedring battered the eastern coast of the Philippines, power went out and water supply was cut off. That was September 26. I don't remember what we ate for lunch and for dinner, I searched the … [Read more...]


Holy guacamole burgers

After the burrito lunch at Ristras which left us feeling a little short on the meat experience, dinner was Mexican-inspired burgers. An alternative burger, actually, which means they were made with something other than pure … [Read more...]


Asian-style burgers

Yesterday's post about man tao was meant as an introduction to this recipe -- Asian-style burgers made with ground pork and various Asian seasonings and spices. Since the burgers would have all Asian flavors, I thought it … [Read more...]