Because of the popularity of the Harry Potter books and movies, a lot of products are being named after the characters and places in the story. I'm not exempt from the mindset -- I did name my fried wontons Gringott's money bags after the goblin-owned and operated bank.When Speedy found a recipe for a blue cocktail drink called Phoenix, I wondered if it was named after … [Read more...]

Boa idéia caipirinha


I almost forgot to post this as a recipe entry. Speedy mixed these drinks over a month and a half ago but, at the time, the amazing color of the drink inspired me to write an essay that had nothing to do with cocktail drinks. This cachaça-based drink is a blazing topaz blue that all I could think of was the sea under the sun between sunrise and noon.Well, it's still … [Read more...]

Not quite the Caribbean but more like the blue of the Mediterranean


That night that Speedy and I had dinner with my friend Lisa, we talked in passing about our idea of the ideal place to live in. Lisa loves living in the Philippines. Speedy is in love with Tuscany. I am absolutely enamored of the Caribbean.In Speedy's case, blame that Diane Lane movie Under the Tuscan Sun -- the moment he saw it, it was Tuscany for him. Well, who … [Read more...]

Blue Curaçao

Blue Curaçao is made with laraha which, in a nutshell, can be described as an orange that grew the wrong way. No, the fruit isn't blue. The liqueur is artificially colored. … [Read more...]

Something with Blue Curaçao in it

It was cold, it was delicious and I'm pretty sure that there's Blue Curaçao in it -- I'm not aware of any cocktail mixer than can turn a drink into that hue. But Speedy forgot to tell me what the drink is called and what other things went into it. He did say he'll mix it again. Sometime.Blue Curaçao is made with laraha which, in a nutshell, can be described as an orange … [Read more...]

Blue-eyed blonde


Cocktail drinks have such interesting names. I mixed these blue-eyed blondes yesterday while preparing dinner, gave one glass to Speedy and the drink turned out to be so potent that I wondered afterward if I should have used shot glasses instead of tall glasses. But, while drinking it, you'd never know it was so potent. It's what I'd call a sneaky drink -- so sweet and … [Read more...]