Blogging is like sex — everyone thinks he’s the best at it

Maybe you never noticed it. The blogs had been loading so slowly over the past couple of days. There were even times when they went completely offline for several minutes. Of course, traffic grew after I re-opened Feast Asia. By leaps and bounds, in fact. And I was prepared for it. This is a huge (expensive) server and it can handle the load.What I didn't anticipate … [Read more...]

Meet the crazies


In an old post in one of the subdomains of the food blog, there's a photo of siew pau taken in Penang. In the accompanying text, I mentioned that I bought a few pieces of siew pau and my friends and I ate them in the taxi on the way back to the pier.Someone posted a comment less than an hour ago. I took a screen grab so you can see the comment and my response in their … [Read more...]