Glass noodles (sotanghon, vermicelli) with Sriracha and Chinese broccoli


If you're a fan of the Korean japchae (jabchae, chapchae or chapchee), this is a simpler version. Less steps to perform, less ingredients to prepare, shorter cooking time. But the perfect blend of spicy, hot, sweet, salty and tangy that really makes Asian food stand out is still there. I just wouldn't have it any other way.I used pork for this noodle dish but you can … [Read more...]

Pancit bihon with chicken, Chinese sausage, kikiam and crab balls


Traditionally, bihon was made with rice flour. These days, if you check the labels on packs of bihon in the supermarket, you'll find that they are sometimes made with mung bean flour or cornstarch. Whether made with rice or not, they're still noodles. Of course, the texture varies. So does the ability of the noodles to soak liquid and withstand a lot of stirring. Bihon … [Read more...]

Sweet and spicy rice sticks (bihon) with pork and pineapple


I admire the Italians for their ability to turn basic pasta dough into so many shapes and sizes, then combine the noodles with all kinds of meat, seafood, sauces, vegetables and herbs to create endless dishes that taste, smell and look different from one another.I admire the Chinese for the same reasons. … [Read more...]

Sotanghon (vermicelli) soup with chicken and black fungus


Sotanghon (vermicelli), shredded chicken, chopped black fungus and vegetables are traditionally cooked together in the Philippines as a dry noodle dish. But my daughter, Sam, ever the soup lover (she takes after her father), prefers the soup version. As with the dry version, annatto seeds are used to add a golden red hue to this soup.Wood ears can be substituted … [Read more...]

Sotanghon (vermicelli, glass noodles) and ginseng soup


Yesterday, I showed you a pack of dried roots, barks and berries that I boiled with meat to make broth. Well, I didn't make a soup dish with the broth. I parboiled sotanghon in the broth then stirred the softened noodles with sauteed pork and vegetables. Oh, my goodness! The flavors and aroma are just tantalizing.If you don't have the ingredients for making ginseng … [Read more...]

Sotanghon (vermicelli) soup with clams and wakame


Most Filipinos know sotanghon soup as something with chicken or pork but, let me tell you, clams make a more flavorful broth. No need for enhancements, the natural flavors that can almost make you smell the sea are all you need and want.I used saltwater clams for this soup. If you're interested in a related article about clams, click here.Ingredients1 k. of … [Read more...]

Ma Yi Shang Shu (Ants Climbing A Tree)


The Chinese, the Italians and the Arabs all used to claim having invented the noodle. Then, in 2005 in Lajia in the Chinese province of Qinghai, archeologists unearthed "an upturned earthenware bowl filled with brownish-yellow, fine clay. When they lifted the inverted container, the noodles were found sitting proud on the cone of sediment left behind."? The quote is from a … [Read more...]

Sotanghon (vermicelli), chicken and mushroom soup


It's probably the summer heat that makes us crave for liquid in just about any form. My family seems to appreciate soup more these days no matter how simple.But why we're craving for simpler dishes, I have no idea. Perhaps we've had our fill of exotic and spicy Asian dishes and we want a little break from them. Perhaps it's a kind of affirmation of roots. After … [Read more...]

Cellophane (glass) noodles


Cellophane noodle, also known as glass noodles because of their translucent appearance after they are soaked in water, is an Asian noodle found in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Thai cuisines. It is cellophane noodles that you find in the Korean japchae, Filipino sotanghon and inside Vietnamese spring rolls.Made primarily with mung … [Read more...]