Orange juice and beer


Yes, the title is correct. That mug contains a mixture of orange juice and beer. And although I admit that I balked at the thought for a few seconds, I told myself not to forget that very important lesson in the kitchen or elsewhere -- just because an … [Read more...]

Oktoberfest is coming: let’s talk beer


Since that afternoon with Rogue Chipotle Ale and Arrogant Bastard Ale, we've been buying and sampling beers, Speedy and I. Our latest favorites are fruit-flavored beers. San Miguel's apple and lemon beer which appears on the background of the photo in the … [Read more...]

Black and brown: root beer plus Guinness

Black and brown: root beer plus Guinness

An easy to mix drink using very cold root beer and Guinness. No ice. Plus how to minimize head formation. What's head formation? It's the froth that forms on top of the drink when it is poured produced by bubbles of carbon dioxide that climb up to the … [Read more...]