Capellini, tomatoes and ham with basil and garlic sauce

The easiest way to name this dish is to call it pasta with pesto, tomatoes and ham. But that would be misleading. That's not pesto. That's a mixture of olive oil, basil, garlic, lime juice, salt, pepper and chili. And that's not really pesto because pesto -- at least, the … [Read more...]


Lime, rum and basil cocktail

I've had this basil-vodka gimlet recipe on my Bookmarks bar for so long. I waited until our lime tree started bearing fruits again (it doesn't during the summer) then I waited until the limes were ripe enough to pick and squeeze.I finally managed to get limes today (I … [Read more...]


How to grow and propagate basil

Speedy had the entire garden pruned and cleaned. Most of the ornamental plants have been uprooted and discarded. A nightmare, perhaps, for those whose appreciation for plants is based on their monetary value because some of the plants that we had thrown away are rather … [Read more...]


Italian-style vegetable stew

Vegetables, pesto and tomato sauce. What can be simpler? But a vegetable stew, when properly cooked, is anything but simple. With just the right amount of aromatics, and slow and careful cooking, a vegetable stew is a carnival of colors and aromas and textures. And, by using … [Read more...]


Basil, garlic and pepper rice

Sam's dinner last night. Vegetarian. The crisp brown things on top of the rice? That's vegetarian "beef" made from soya. The salad is just a combination of romaine lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. The rice... ah, now that is what this post is about.The rice was cooked … [Read more...]


Thai chicken curry

Chicken curry is a dish that I grew up with. But the chicken curry of my childhood was just a coconut milk based stew made yellow with curry powder. Homey and really comforting but, well... it lacked fire somehow. Later on, when I learned to cook, I would add combine a … [Read more...]


Meatballs and pasta with tomato-cream sauce

I didn't die. I'm not sick. I didn't go on a vacation. And I'm not pregnant. There's another project I was busy with and it's shaping up well already. But that's for another post. Right now, I'm back and here is the recipe for a delicious pasta dish that Speedy and I had for … [Read more...]