Bacon and vegetables pasta with cream sauce

I'm not so sure whether I should say "I cooked early today" or "I cooked very late". I made this pasta dish in time for lunch and it was done before noon. And, on weekdays, that is early because I rarely get up before noon. … [Read more...]


Creamed bacon and spinach toast

So many ways to serve toast, so many ways to cook bacon, so many ways to enjoy veggies... Sometimes, we just need to think outside the cooking parameters that we grew up with. This creamed bacon and spinach toast is what … [Read more...]


Bacon-stuffed baked bitilya (seabream)

Speedy saw something like this on TV and I didn't even bother asking on which show Had to strike out that first sentence -- Speedy didn't see something similar on TV; he imagined the dish then described it to me -- stuff a … [Read more...]


Smashed potatoes

When Sam asked me to make smashed potatoes, I thought she was referring to the salad. You know, like mashed potatoes but with less mashing? I have it in the archive. But Sam said no, that wasn't it. It's baked potatoes that … [Read more...]


BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato) bruschetta

The bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, or BLT as it is more popularly called, is a relatively new invention. Unlike the empanada, for instance, which was being enjoyed in the Mediterranean as early as the 1500s, the BLT was … [Read more...]


Portobello mushroom and bacon sandwiches

If good mushrooms weren't so darn hard to source and if they weren't so expensive, I'd eat them every single day. Unfortunately, the only reasonably priced mushrooms available all year 'round are oyster mushrooms and small … [Read more...]