Almond jelly with peaches, cherries and blueberries

One of the most common desserts in Chinese restaurants is almond jelly -- cubes of almond-flavored jelly served with fruit pieces, usually, canned fruit cocktail. When you order a set menu for a large group, almond jelly is usually the dessert provided in the set. It's cheap … [Read more...]


Strawberry shortcake, Japanese style

When Sam asked me to make a strawberry shortcake, I had a dilemma. Would I make it using a traditional shortcake which is a cross between a biscuit and a scone? Or would I make the strawberry shortcake Japanese style which uses a sponge cake? After a few minutes of mental … [Read more...]


Lechon kawali, the easy way

Food fads notwithstanding, my family is proudly carnivorous. We don't shy away from traditional meat dishes that, by today's standards, would make the health-conscious cringe in horror. In other words, we love our lechon kawali and crispy pata. But because of my aversion to … [Read more...]


How to prepare fresh miki (thick egg noodles)

If you've cooked with fresh miki before, you know how salty and reeking with MSG they can be. Same is often true for fresh pancit mami (thin egg noodles). I cooked pancit miki for lunch today but before I post the recipe, let me post a prequel about how to prepare fresh miki … [Read more...]


Cassava bibingka with custard topping

Kamoteng-kahoy (cassava) is a root crop. Even if you're not familiar with the root crop itself, you would probably be familiar with by-products of cassava. Tapioca balls (sago) are made from cassava. Tapioca starch is the best thickener for Chinese-style stir fried dishes. … [Read more...]


Pandan macaroons

We were in the supermarket the other night and discovered new products from Pillsbury--strawberry and pandan flavored pancakes. The box of the pandan flavored pancakes had a recipe for pandan macaroons using a mixture of pancake mix and dessicated coconut. I considered … [Read more...]


Ensaladang Pipino (Cucumber Salad)

There first time I served this salad at a dinner party, my friends were a little hesitant about trying it because they thought that the red stuff were hot chili peppers. They aren't. They're chopped pimientoes, I told them. After trying it, one of them asked if I could make … [Read more...]


Corned beef pan de sal

Pan de sal--the Filipino breakfast, mid-morning, mid-afternoon and dinner rolls. Sweet rolls crusty on the outside, soft on the inside. Just like cell phones (hey, we're SMS country, aren't we?), pan de sal is a social equalizer of sorts. Rich or poor, pan de sal is a staple … [Read more...]


Macaroons: a coconut dessert

Coconut----the tree every part of which can be put to good use. From my grandparents and parents to my parents-in-law to my kids, my family is a coconut lover--from the sweet meat of the fruit to its refreshing juice to the milk squeezed from mature coconuts (gata) to grated … [Read more...]