Kutsinta (cuchinta)

casaveneracion.com kutsinta or cuchinta

They’re rice cakes, actually. Rice flour is mixed with water, dark brown sugar and lye water then poured into moulds. Kutsinta (or cuchinta) is cooked by steaming. Served with niyog (grated coconut), they make a filling midday snack.

I bought these kutsinta on the same day that I bought the puto bibingka. Like I wrote in an earlier entry, my husband missed kutsinta and had a bad craving.

These kutsinta were okay. I mean, they were good as kutsinta goes but nothing to really get excited about. If I were to have a bad craving for kutsinta, I would harass my husband until he agrees to go on a trip to Polo, Bulacan where we can but those miniature puto and kutsinta from a place called Popular Bakery. They’re worth the trip, really.

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