How to make: Kani salad |

How to make: Kani salad

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Hello, my name is Connie Veneracion. I cook, I shoot, I write. But I don't do the laundry. I don't like housekeeping very much either... (more about me)

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  1. Jaecel says:

    Hi Miss Connie! :)
    Thank you for the recipe. Now I know what to do with our leftover crab sticks from Christmas (it’s not expired yet. Bwehehe.). ;) Where did you buy the Japanese mayo and how much is it? Thank you in advance. :)

    • Connie says:

      At Shopwise, Jaecel. Forgot the price though.

      • Liza says:

        Hi Ms. connie, help me please… where can I buy Japanese mayo? Thank you!

        • Connie says:

          In most supermarkets.

        • GAB says:

          I also make this at home since we love ordering this from Japanese restos.

          Do you have a brand of crabmeat that you prefer? The ones I’ve bought are not easy to pull apart…they are whole underneath even if it looks like strips when you look at the pack.

          The tool I use is the one used for buko or melon strips…only P20 from local markets. There are also ones in SM.

          I garnish mine with sesame seeds and bits of seaweed (leftovers from making maki)…family and friends love it!

  2. cindy says:

    Hi Ms. Connie! kani salad has been a frustration of mine! I can never seem to get how they do it in Japanese restaurants. Adding sesame oil sounds like it may be the missing piece—will pick up kani tomorrow. Any particular brand you recommend? and does it have to be rinsed, because sometimes there’s a slight smell. Thanks! love your blog. God Bless you and the family.

    • June says:

      Hmmmm… this looks very delicious! I should try this one of these days when hubby is not around. He is not a fan of oriental cooking hehehe. Thanks Connie!

    • joy says:

      hi! i just want to know where can i buy the tobiko? we always make kani salad, but we can’t find tobiko on supermarkets… tia =)

      • Connie says:

        I find tobiko at Shopwise from time to time.

        • Rachel says:

          Thanks for a great recipe! What is the crunch that restaurants put on top of the Kani salad? Is it tempura batter made into pear like figures and then blended or is it french fried onions? Thanks!
          Also you don’t write anything about sushi rice in your recipe. Don’t you put sushi rice on top of the lettuce and then add the carrots, cucumbers and mango?

          • Connie says:

            I don’t know where you eat your kani salad but there is no crunchy anything nor rice included.

          • ivy says:

            This is my most fave salad ever! But I have a problem with crab sticks, pls teach me some tips on how to easily pull into strips? I always cut it into round for a lesser time… but I like strips I dont like round crab sticks… :( do i need to cook the imitation crab sticks? or i can do the thing of pulling it into strips as is?
            anyways, i dont put Tobiko and sesame oil on my salad and I used Ladys Choice mayo and it taste good as well….. I bought this japanese mayo from supermarket but thats too sour… I dont like the taste , im still looking for more japanese mayo coz i want to try it!

          • “do i need to cook the imitation crab sticks”


          • Fionski says:

            I’ve been making this. I forwarded your recipe to my friend. :)

            Is there a type of mayonnaise or brand that we can use instead of the Japanese mayonnaise?

          • joe says:

            Japaneses Mayo is pretty easy to make. Most super markets have the ingredients.

            sriracha (a Japanese chili sauce)

            I don’t know rhw exact measurements of the top of my head but if you have
            trouble finding them I can get back to you

          • Japanese mayo is made with soya oil. Most commercial mayo have corn oil. You won’t get the same mouth feel by just mixing mayo and chili sauce.

  3. noes says:

    I made this last night, Connie, my husband likes it and he finished it. I showed your website and told him your a good cook. Only thing, I did not have japanese mayo so used the regular one but its all good.

  4. welch says:

    thanks for the recipe i’ve been dying to make one for a long time but didn’t know how. my friend always brings some in school and its so good., can’t wait to give it a try tnx again

  5. Connie says:

    Ummm… you might try sweetening ordinary mayo with a little honey or corn syrup, Jerome.

  6. Mads says:

    hi Ms. Connie, i’m very interested with the Kani salad. thanks for sharing your recipe. Anyway, just curios on how to prepare the tobiko (my favorite ingredient)? Do i have to cook it or i’ll just rinse it with water? thanks! :-)

  7. Jerome says:

    I’m really a big fan of Japanese cuisine and I would definitely ask my wife to try this for one of our dinner. I just hope we can find Japanese mayo in our part of the country. Just in case, any alternative for the Japanese mayo?

    Great blog!

  8. Jerome says:

    Thank you so much Ms. Connie. I’ll tell my wife about that. By the way, she’s also a frequent reader of your blog. More power!