Kalamansi harvested from our garden

casaveneracion.com Kalamansi harvested from our garden

I was cooking a late lunch when Speedy walked into the kitchen, took the kitchen shears then went into the garden. I was wondering what he needed the kitchen shears in the garden for when he came back minutes later with a bowl of kalamansi. “We have so many; I left the still small ones on the tree,” he said.

After lunch and coffee, it was my turn to visit the kalamansi tree.

casaveneracion.com Kalamansi harvested from our garden

Yep, we do have lots of kalamansi.

casaveneracion.com Kalamansi harvested from our garden

If it gets cool enough tonight to enjoy some evening cocktails, we will mix something that will highlight kalamansi juice.

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  1. Carol B. says:

    Do you notice that its flowers are fragrant, too, specially after an overnight rain?

  2. jill says:

    wow you have a beautiful calamansi tree I’m trying to grow one from seed and I can’t wait to have my own tree, my husband loves putting calamansi in our tea and using it as a substitute for lemon in marinading dory fillets, before I bought one calamansi plant from a street vendor, it has 3 pcs of calamansi fruits in it but it got stolen, one problem when living in the metro :(

    • It’s not just in the metro. At our first house in the suburb, we planted multi-colored cosmos outside the fence. From seeds. When the plants bloomed, stupid passers-by pulled them off the soil.

  3. JMom says:

    Aw, I so wish I could have a calamansi tree! Our winters are too cold for it, and don’t have a green house to move it into. Makes me wish I was in CA again.

  4. And I wish I could grow berries but it’s too hot here. :-D

  5. Gail says:

    Ganda ng kalamansi nyo, inggit ako! :) Marc bought a kalamansi seedling in Tagaytay last August… Napabayaan, we thought it was dead. Pero ayaw nya mamatay totally… Marc wanted eradicate it so he could use the pot again by not bothering to water the baby tree, pero talagang ayaw ma-deads :P So we just repotted it and tried to make the plant healthy again with compost mix. Parang ambagal parin nya tumubo. Ganun ba talaga? Or we’re doing something wrong? Bansot parin kalamansi tree namen :P

  6. Matagal talaga. Ours was a couple of years old before we started harvesting. And harvesting isn’t even as regular as we’d like.

  7. Gail says:

    Thanks! Good to know magabal lang pala talaga. Kala ko may mali na naman kami ginagawa. In fairness sa kanya, green na green naman yung leaves. Yun nga lang, bansot lang talaga.

    We finally got to start our own herb/veggie/fruit garden! :) Not as intensive as yours, mga potted lang muna. I don’t even know kung lalaki yung wansoy and bell peppers na ni-germinate ko. Either way, super tipid eh. I got so tired cleaning up the ref dahil sa mga herbs na nabulok dahil di nagamit.

  8. Totoo yan, malaking tipid. Besides, there’s an incomparable feeling of satisfaction when you cook with stuff you picked from your own garden. :)

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