Japanese-style crab and corn soup

casaveneracion.com Japanese-style crab and corn soup

A couple of weekends ago, we ate at a Cantonese cum Singaporean restaurant called Tao Yuan in Manila. It’s on the corner of Malvar and Mabini Streets in Malate across Pan Pacific Plaza Hotel. We loved the food, most of the dishes we ordered anyway, and I was supposed to write a review but the photos are all yellow and no amount of Photoshopping can fix them. Anyway, the soup that we had at Tao Yuan was called Japanese-style corn soup made with shredded sweet corn, shredded crab sticks and eggs. This is my version.

This soup requires a good quality base. I used beef broth but you can substitute chicken or fish broth. If you are going to make your own broth, I suggest throwing in a small piece of ginger along with the garlic and onion.


  • 4 to 6 c. of broth
    1-1/2 c. of shredded crab sticks
    1-1/2 c. of (canned) cream style corn
    3 tbsps. of tapioca or corn starch (not all-purpose flour, please, as it will make the soup cloudy)
    2 eggs, beaten
    salt, to taste


  1. casaveneracion.com Japanese-style crab and corn soup

    Disperse the starch in half a cup of broth.

    Heat the broth and corn together. Pour in the starch solution, stirring to prevent lumps from forming. Season with salt. Continue heating, with constant stirring, until the mixture simmers. Cover, lower the heat and cook for about 10 minutes (it’s mostly to cook the starch to get rid of the flour-y sensation it makes in the mouth).

    Add the shredded crabsticks. Continue simmering for another minute.

    Pour in the beaten eggs in a thin stream using a circular motion. Leave to set partially for about 15 seconds then stir lightly but swiftly.

    casaveneracion.com Japanese-style crab and corn soup

    The soup is thick and rich and you get crab sticks, corn and eggs with every mouthful.

Quick Notes

Crab sticks are not made from real crabs. They are “imitation” crab sticks made with fish.

Cooking time (duration): 25 minutes

Number of servings (yield): 4

Meal type: soup


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