Ice cream sandwiches: not just for kids Ice cream sandwiches

A dessert so ideal for entertaining because it is made in advance. A few hours head start is fine but making these ice cream sandwiches a day or two ahead of the party is an even better strategy.

This was Sam’s most recent weekend project. I wouldn’t have dared make them because it’s just too much work and too much mess. But Sam has more patience prettifying food for better presentation so she meticulously shaped the cookie dough to make sure that the cookies were flatter than usual. Then, after the cookies had cooled, she piped softened ice cream between the cookies, rolled the exposed ice cream in crushed nuts and nonpareils (a.k.a. sprinkles), then wrapped each ice cream sandwich in cling film to allow the ice cream to harden.

There are two ways to serve ice cream sandwiches. The first is kid-friendly enough. Ice cream sandwiches

Just hand out the individually wrapped ice cream sandwiches to kids and they can just peel off the wrapping bit by bit as they nibble on the sweet ice cream filled cookies.

But you can also transform ice cream sandwiches into a more sophisticated-looking dessert for an adult sit-down dinner. The idea hit me after I unwrapped one of the ice cream sandwiches from the freezer to take photos. I couldn’t quite decide how it should be photographed because the sides looked rough and uneven. Speedy, who had been mowing the grass in the garden, walked into the kitchen, saw the frustration on my face and said, “Cut off the sides,” as though is was the most obvious thing to do. Well, he was right. Ice cream sandwiches

To make the dessert neater looking, just slice off the sides. Rectangular ice cream sandwiches are easier to trim; you can make squares out of round ice cream sandwiches (you can eat the trimmings as you cut them, naturally). Then, re-roll the exposed ice cream in nonpareils, grated chocolate or crushed roasted nuts, arrange on a dessert plate and serve with a dessert fork on the side. You can even do the trimming in advance too. Do it after the ice cream has hardened then just rewrap the trimmed ice cream sandwiches in cling film and keep in the freezer until needed. Ice cream sandwiches

Rolling the ice cream in nonpareils, grated chocolate or crushed roasted nuts is not even mandatory. You can serve the ice cream sandwich as it is. Sprinkle with cocoa powder or confectioner’s sugar for a polished look.

What cookies to use for making ice cream sandwiches? I used the chocolate chunk cookie recipe but I substituted semi-sweet mini-chocolate morsels for the chocolate chunks. To make the cookies flat, Sam spread them one by one on the cookie sheets instead of dropping the dough from a teaspoon. That was how she was able to make rectangular cookies.

And for the ice cream? If you have an ice cream maker, check out the ice cream and sorbets archive for ice cream recipes. You can also use store bought but you have to choose really good quality ice cream that won’t melt too fast the moment it comes out of the freezer.


  1. A says

    Slices of fudgey chocolate brownies work well too. I usually dip vanilla-ice-cream-chocolate-brownie sandwiches in warm melted chocolate, then blast it in the freezer to achieve a coating of chocolate. (Of course, the sandwiches have to be frozen solid for it to work :p)

    Yeah, I prefer deserts that actually TASTE good, and not ones with too much icing/not enough flavor (which seems to have been the trend with Filipino commercial bakeries since time immemorial).

    • says

      Ok, that’s the next project. Brownie ice cream sandwiches dipped in chocolate. I’ll never lose weight hahahaha

      Re icing: Truth be told, I don’t even like icing. I especially hate boiled icing. The only kind I can tolerate is butter icing and frosting made with whipped cream. Cupcakes with icing as tall as the cupcakes themselves make me cringe.

      • A says

        Finally! Thank you for that! I too detest thick most icing–even butter icing; the only icing I love is chocolate fudge/ganache. Whipped cream is good too.

        But what irks me the most are those retro 70’s looking sugar flowers that all the kids fight over during bday parties. It just feels so… artificial, and totally unnecessary for the cake.

        Anyways, as always, I’m glad to see that there are Pinoy bloggers with good taste ;-)

        • says

          I’m with you on ganache. :)

          What I hate most are plastic toys on top of boiled icing in kids’ birthday cakes hahaha It’s worse when the dedication includes ALL family members including grandparents. Can’t those go on a card accompanying the cake? Do the persons giving the cake have to ADVERTISE themselves like that?

          Anyway, we’re going to irk a lot of people with this exchange already, so… enough said. :-P