I miss Cardinal ceramics

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  1. Hazel says:

    Hi. They were in St Francis Square for a while after the company closed in October. Apparently a huge buyer backed out last minute and they had to sell the goods meant for that buyer. Got the cell number of one of the sales assistant from my friend. I think they join tiangges. you may wish to get in touch with her to ask where they are. Her name is Fely 0908 1998880. By the way, their goods are sold at the closing out prices (about 80% off).

    • leng crisostomo says:

      Hi!!! would you know if cardinal ceramics is open for consignment. Would love to sell their products in different bazaars. Hope to receive prompt reply. Thanks

  2. ann sianson says:

    my mom love’s the company sooo much…she had sleepless nights when cardinal had closed…more than 30 yrs of service is really painful to bear…But we had so many souvenir items, from little figurines up to big plates…beautiful products..unfortunately comes to an end…

  3. shawee says:

    cardinal ceramics in cebu is already closed too! waaaaaaaaaaah mahirap na talaga maghanap punta pa ako ng manila for that huhuhuh! my mom and i are really into their great pieces, along with my boss who is now based in taguig. we would give beautiful pieces to my aunts for christmas… sayang last year di na kami nka bili. will be checking out this post for updates on where they are now.

  4. sha says:

    my candle holders are so heavy and sturdy.. swedish crystals, Orrefors and Kosta Boda. They are timeless pieces.

    shame no all these local products wala na sa market.

  5. Beveled crystal is gorgeous if you live in a place that’s not so dusty. But in the Philippines, you’ll probably spend more time cleaning it than using it.

    I think they sell Orrefors in a shop at Shangri-La. But I’m sure the prices will give me a heart attack LOL

  6. Mila says:

    Oh no, that’s terrible news! I will go check if the Makati outlet is still around in a few weeks and let you know. I hope they have merely moved to a new location.

  7. andeeeng says:

    we also have a couple of kosta boda tea light holders at home. now they have a large crack from the inside, possibly from the heat of the candles because they’re really overused, but until now they’re just cracks. so yeah they are pretty sturdy.

    try looking for designs that won’t collect so much dust. ours are irregularly rounded ones that look like they have a rough finish, but they just look that way, they’re really polished smooth so no dusting required. good luck!

  8. Oh, great! Miss na miss ko na hehehe

  9. malen says:

    I checked yesterday the Cardinal store in Makati and it is already torn down. The security guard said Cardinal already closed. Now I really miss Cardinal. I hope they just moved to another location. Will appreciate any information.

  10. Boo says:

    Hi Connie,

    There IS a Cardinal ceramics outlet, in BF Homes Paranaque.
    My mom gets all her serving dishes, tealight holders, bowls, ‘katol holders’, doggie bowls etc from there. It’s in Phase 1, where the commercial centre is. Christmas finds our home loaded with gifts to distribute, bought from Cardinal Ceramics.

    Take care. Hope you will find what you’re missing there, and although it’s faaaaar from where you live, i’m sure you’ll make a trip down south one of these days…. =0)

  11. Wow, that’s far! Like an out of town trip. :sad:

  12. malen says:

    i called the coffeeshop beside the Cardinal Ceramics outlet in BF and they said Cardinal moved probably at the Alabang Town Center. If any officer at Cardinal Ceramics is reading this, I hope they can clarify where their current location is.

  13. emyM says:

    From what I read, Cardinal produced porcelain dinnerware
    for Dansk.I love the simple blue and white Dansk dinnerware
    and some designs were discontinued.The round platter sells
    for $69.95 online but I got lucky when I bought 2 platters
    for $3.00 each at a thrift store.

    I think dinner plates are good buy.You can mix and match
    the blue and white patterns.One dinner plate here cost $12.00,
    that’s the new Dansk and one place setting cost $29.95.
    The butter dish sells for $24.99.

    So,if you can find it….buy it.Love your vegetable dish.