How to grow and propagate basil

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  1. peterb says:

    Have you ever considered a small greenhouse for the herbs? I saw one at Manila Seedling.

  2. peterb says:

    I saw them at EDSA Garden House, outside their big greenhouse by the parking area. It’s relatively small, can’t recall the exact dimensions but something like 2.5m x 1.5m x 2m. I think there are 3 sizes to choose from.

  3. misao says:

    One of the staff at a garden centre here told me that since basil is an annual plant. Once they flower and seed, they will stop growing and will eventually die. So I guess it makes sense to cut off the flowers before they produce seeds – trick the plant into prolonging its life cycle.

    • Weird, isn’t it? With most other plants, we want the seeds. But with basil, it’s easier and faster to cut the stems and replant than wait for seeds to germinate.

  4. peterb says:

    I’m excited for you!:) I wish i could have the same…but sadly, i’ve got sunlight and space issues.

  5. Have you tried growing basil in pots and placing the pots on windows? It works, actually, although cuttings will have to be planted in separate pots.

  6. peterb says:

    Got the greenhouse yet? :)

    Yup, pots in windows…my most successful attempt. It’s just that some are overzealous in watering the herbs. I’ll probably let the rainy season pass before i attempt again.

  7. They weren’t there anymore when we went two weeks ago. :(