How to eat a sandwich with style

You’ve probably heard it said that the proper way to eat soup is to scoop it with the spoon away from you. In the West that’s what the spoon is for. It is not for scooping up the rice off the plate. If you remember the controversy in Canada two years ago, that was what got Luc Cagadoc in trouble. In school, he ate with a spoon and fork the way we normally do here and he was told by the principal that it was disgusting.

But table etiquette differs from one culture to another. And people have personal styles too when it comes to eating. So, this entry is about how to eat a sandwich made with two slices of loaf bread. Note that I didn’t eat this particular sandwich this way just for the heck of blogging about it. This is really how I eat my sandwich — how I’ve eaten sandwiches for as long as I can remember — but only when it is made with two slices of loaf bread. If it’s made with a bun, I have a different style. Tuna and cream cheese sandwich

Start by eating the corners. How to eat a sandwich

Like so… sandwich

Then, bite off the protruding parts… white loaf bread

…all four of them. watching Lara Croft

Nibble on the rough edges… Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider

… all around… Tomb Raider

… until you have a perfect circle. Watching DVDs in the family room

Then, eat the sandwich like any other Juan and Juana would. Illuminati

Bite it on the top… Cat smells the tuna sandwich

… or on the sides. Hold the sandwich up high between bites in case the cat comes in because she smelled the tantalizing tuna filling. No more sandwich

And that’s it. If I were a kid in school and some principal punished me for eating my sandwich that way, I’d tell him he’s just envious because he doesn’t have personal style. :mrgreen:


  1. belle says

    i eat the edges of the bread first too, so when i get to the middle part, that’s where all the “palaman” is!

    anyway, i took a spanish friend of mine to the Filipino restaurant here. she liked the food, but what really surprised her was our use of spoons. she said in her country, it is considered rude to use a spoon except for soups. i told her it was perfectly normal in the Philippines. she asked “so you mean, even the president of the Philippines eats with a spoon?” her shock was genuine and non-judgmental, and i can tell that to her, it is really out-of-this-world.

    i even went on to tell her we also eat with our bare hands. her eyes were as big as saucers, but said she admired that we can eat without any pretensions.

    i guess it’s really a cultural thing, like my office mates can’t believe i eat rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every single day. it’s good that the people i’ve met so far are not rigid and are open to new things and ideas. as long as nobody gets hurt, i believe everyone should mind their own plates! =)

  2. peterb says

    Haha….nice Connie! Do you remember why you started eating it that way? Now i realize that how boring i eat my sandwich. Eating a sandwich tomorrow for breakfast will really make think about this post.

    Eating a sandwich with style while watching Tomb Raider. Right?

  3. says

    Belle, that’s it — it’s like saving the best for last so the edges get eaten first. HAHAHA O, di ba, it makes sense. :grin:

    peterb, no, I can’t remember anymore. When I was still working, people in the office thought it was weird. LOL And, yes, that’s Tomb Raider. My daughters are down with some bug. Actually, we all are. Colds, cough, scratchy throat, slight fever… :sad:

  4. Nikita says

    Very interesting! Like peterb, I will be thinking about you and this article the next time I eat a sandwich. :-)

    I hope you and the girls start feeling better ASAP.

  5. says

    Thanks, Nikita. Speedy brought home the bug last week. He was unable to go to work for 4 days, grabe. At least ako, I can still move around. The girls… naku, so many food requests but they hardly eat. :sad: