How often do you clean out your fridge and your pantry? A story about blue cheese and marijuana. blue-cheese

Time was when refrigerators needed defrosting regularly. Along came no-frost models and defrosting became a thing of the past. But cleaning out the fridge has not gone out of style. At least, I hope not. Even no-frost refrigerators need to be cleaned inside and out regularly. Best way to do it? Take all the food out, pull out the shelves and drawers and give them a thorough washing, wipe the fridge’s floors and walls with a sudsy cloth then rinse out with a clean damp cloth.

This is a story about a house helper from long ago who cleaned out our fridge. And a father who got rid of what he thought was his daughters’ trash.

You know about molds, right? Even inside the fridge, molds can grow on food and we do throw out moldy food. Well, we had a helper once. She used to come in a few times a week to clean the house, do the laundry and the ironing. She was an experienced helper, the kind who didn’t need supervision. She was efficient, she worked fast and she really made the house spotless. In short, I never bothered standing around when she was working.

So, one time, I was doing my writing from my upstairs study while she did her cleaning downstairs. I heard her taking out the contents of the fridge, I knew she was going to clean it out and I was glad that she knew when the fridge needed cleaning out without having to be told.

When Speedy got home, he had veggies to make into a salad. He opened the fridge and started searching for the blue cheese. Because the contents of the fridge looked like they had been re-organized, he asked me if I had put the blue cheese elsewhere inside the fridge. I said I had not. I said it was the helper who must have because she cleaned it out earlier. To make a long story short, we never found the blue cheese. I suppose that it might have looked like a moldy mess to the helper and she had thrown it out. We asked her never to clean out the fridge ever again unless Speedy or I was present.

If you think that’s a sad story, there’s an even sadder one. Okay, maybe this one is funny rather than sad.

Alex loves tea and she is partial to loose leaf tea. Because it helps her digestion and makes threatened hyperacidity attacks dissipate, I put loose leaf tea in a plastic container and made her bring it to the condo. That way, she could make herself a cup of hot tea anytime she felt like it.

If you know tea, you’d probably be aware that loose leaf tea is much more expensive than the stuff in teabags. And loose leaf tea is only available in specialty stores (and in Chinatown). loose-leaf-tea

When the girls went on relatively long breaks from school (Christmas or summer), Speedy would make them pack and take home all food stuff from the condo so that the fridge could be switched off. Why pay for unnecessary power consumption, right?

About two Christmases ago, they did exactly that and when they got home, Speedy started inspecting all the food containers that they had brought home. Makes sense because the girls don’t always discard what should have gone into the trash can already. Speedy sorted out the containers, threw away what didn’t look edible and washed the containers.

Then, Alex started looking for her tea. When she asked me, I told her to ask her father instead.

What tea? Speedy replied.

The tea in the blue square Tupperware, said the upset daughter.

Oh, that…

Well, Speedy mistook the tea for marijuana so he decided that his daughters should never lay hands on the stash again. And he dumped into the trash can a bunch of very expensive loose leaf tea.

Lesson learned? It’s always a good policy to get rid of bad food. But whether you’re a house helper or a father, ask first before throwing anything away.

The blue cheese stock photo from Pixabay.


  1. says

    Hi Connie,
    Our household helper also cleaned our no-frost refrigerator withour my supervision. When my son was looking for his stash of kimchi (which was homemade and given to him by a friend), of course we had to ask our helper if she saw it in the fridge. She answered “Naku, tinapon ko. Mabaho na kasi, sira na.” :)

  2. Cecille B. says

    I have my own horror story to share: my helper scrubbed the Teflon pan and proudly declared: “Pinaputi ko po. Ma-uling kase!”

      • chall says

        I can totally relate with the Teflon incident, had the same experience too! and how about our helper uprooted all the carabao grass off our lawn, she was removing the “weeds”

        • says

          We had a helper once, not the blue cheese one… My family went on a vacation and she got bored while alone in the house. To ease her boredom, she cut off the grass — with sewing scissors. The garden looked like it had a run with typhoid fever when we got home. :(

  3. Jdawgg-a promed advocate says

    If that was a marijuana that your husband chuck away, it would have been a waste about ($50.00 USD). It’s widely used here in the States as a relief for any ailment that applies