Gifts that a foodie will love and treasure colorful silicone salt shaker, egg separator and bottle stopper in fancy shapes and colors

When I wrote about replacing my baking pans with silicone ones, I didn’t think the replacement process would go beyond baking pans. But for our wedding anniversary last year (or, maybe, it was for Christmas?), Alex and her friend Chesca surprised us with silicone kitchen tools so pretty that I am now tempted to go silicone all the way, baking pans and beyond.

But the gifts are really more than gifts. The gesture is really much sweeter than that.

Last year, a group of students pooled enough money to produce a play. Alex was among them. Of course, because they’re students, the money was really put up by us parents. So, we were like investors in a theatrical production. The play was a commercial success and our investment quadrupled. After deducting expenses, the profits were split among the students who contributed money. When she got her share, per our agreement, Alex returned the amount that we put up and the rest became her first earning. These pretty silicone kitchen tools were the very first purchases that she made. I was so touched.

Okay, let me now show you what Alex and Chesca surprised us with. The way I understood it, two are from Alex and one is from Chesca. Which is which doesn’t really matter — I love them all. silicone-kitchen-tools2

The first is a spiky cactus salt / pepper shaker. Even before she said it, I was sure that Alex chose this one because of the color. Yellow is Alex’s favorite color. silicone-kitchen-tools3

A salt shaker tip: To prevent moisture from ruining the salt, add rice (uncooked, of course). The rice will absorb the moisture and keep the salt dry. silicone-kitchen-tools4

The next is a red whale bottle stopper… silicone-kitchen-tools5

… and pourer. Just pull the yellow “water” to reveal the whale’s blow hole. Very cute. silicone-kitchen-tools6

And, finally, the escargot. silicone-kitchen-tools7

It’s an egg separator. Makes separating the yolks from the whites more fun.

The gift came in a Hobbes and Landes bag but the items are not locally made. I checked each for inscriptions and they are all made by Gift Concept, a Hong Kong based company.

Alex has been asking if I wanted the potholders, I said yes but I didn’t add anymore that, actually, I like almost everything in the product catalogue. And I didn’t ask her to buy them for me. I’ll just let her surprise me again. Next time.

Thank you, Alex and Chesca. We love our cactus, whale and escargot.


  1. gracegab says

    oh, such cute items stir the kid in us!
    reminded me of my play kitchen when i was a little girl.
    awesome find indeed!

  2. Chi says

    ang cute!!! I especially like the whale bottle stopper.
    there are some silicon potholders (but they’re really just for the fingers and do not cover your hands completely) in Japan Home/Saizen (forgot which!) you might want to check out if you happen to drop by a branch. They’re not as cute as these, though. :-)