Frozen strawberry daiquiri

The main ingredients of daiquiri is rum, lime juice and sugar. But there are many, many versions of this cocktail drink and the lime juice is sometimes substituted with other sour ingredients. Like strawberries.

If daiquiri is served with pulverized ice, as what happens when you dump all the ingredients with ice in a blender and process everything, it is called a frozen daiquiri. Frozen strawberry daiquiri

This is Speedy’s frozen strawberry daiquiri, based on a recipe from Food Network, and made with fresh strawberries, local rum, lime juice cordial and Triple Sec. It’s one of the best cocktail drinks he has mixed and I love it! Frozen strawberry daiquiri

Start by wetting the rim of a margarita glass with lime juice. Place some sugar on a saucer and dip the wet glass rim on the sugar.

To make the frozen strawberry daiquiri, you will need:

crushed ice
2 parts white rum
1 part Triple Sec
1 part fresh strawberries, trimmed
Lime juice cordial, to taste
whole strawberries, for garnish

Place all the ingredients in the blender, puree and pour into glasses. Pierce the whole strawberries in wooden toothpicks and place a strawberry in each glass.


  1. emyM says

    Wow!That will cost bet.$5-8 here.
    Looks like it’s easy to make that I want to try it.
    Excellent photos!!

    • Connie says

      The flavor and color will be different. Dark rum is made for less refined molasses and aged in charred oak barrels, as far as I know.