Fried breaded okra

Okra has a bad reputation in our house. So bad a reputation that I’m the only one that eats it. Speedy’s and the girls’ complaint? Okra is slimy. Okra makes them think of snot and that’s not edible. But okra is so good and I’ve been trying to convince them to try it. To no […]


  1. florisa says

    use the ala tempura style batter. sa Manosa I always order mixed veggies tempura and the okra and kalabasa are always my favorite.

  2. pinkytab says

    someone showed me a simple way of cooking okra. cut it like you did. heat up about a tsp. olive oil or even less on a frying pan, add the okra and toss every now and then (like how the chefs do by flipping the pan, no utensil) until a bit brown. add the salt, pepper and chili flakes just before you serve. it is not slimy at all.

  3. says

    This is a Southern thing that my nephews(born and raised in NC) love but my children don’t… This is like candy to some people here in North Carolina, :).

  4. says

    Marvin, pwede! Uso pa namang veggie chips these days. :D

    Pinkytab, that’s sounds tasty. And easy. Thanks, will try it soon.

    Dexie, yah, I read that okra is also called gumbo there… I was surprised to find out that gumbo is both okra and the soup.

  5. iskolar111 says

    I love okra. We had a vegetable garden when i was growing up in the province and okra was one of the veggies. Over here, i buy my frozen okras when on sale at 99 cents a pack and that is cheap compared to fresh ones. I microwave it for 6 minutes and presto! It’s slippery and yummy!

  6. A says

    You can also shred or julienne the okra with other julienned vegetables to form tempura patties. Granted, that would be sneaky, but its a good way to include cheap, nutritious vegetables in your diet. A slice of pumpkin, a bundle of okra, a little oil and flour should cost you less than a kilo of fish or beef, I suppose… :p

  7. Candy says

    Hi Connie! Discovered your blog two weeks ago, I love your recipes, simple and easy to follow. I live in the province where okra is a common household commodity. Try grilling the okra (charcoal grilling), then dip it in patis or bagoong with kalamansi or kamatis. The combination is just great :)

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