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When I made some French toasts for breakfast a few days ago and took so much pain taking photos, I did wonder what I was going to do with all the photos. I was sure I have more than one French toast entry in my blog but I took the photos just the same. I’m glad I did. I scanned my archives and it turned out that although I have three French toast recipes, I don’t have any entry with the basic recipe. What I do have are the cinnamon-flavored French toast and two rather fancy variations — the ones stuffed with cheese and ham and another which is a variation of the classic Monte Cristo sandwich. So, the following is as basic a French toast recipe as it can get. It is based on the recipe on the backside of the carton of Alaska sweetened condensed milk. french toast

The following is good for about 4-5 slices of bread.

1. Whisk together one egg, 1/4 cup of sweetened condensed milk and 1/3 cup of water.

2. Dip both sides of the bread in the milk-egg mixture.

3. Fry in hot butter until golden brown, flipping the bread over to brown the underside.

And that’s it! Of course, if you want to be fussy about the presentation, there are a few other things that you can do. You can cut the crusts off the bread and cut each slice diagonally to form triangles like I did. Or, you can be more creative if you’re trying to please some hard-to-feed children. Nigella Lawson cuts the bread using a star-shaped cookie cutter. Prettier, right? And if you have cookie cutters with more interesting shapes… you get the idea. You can even make circles without a cookie cutter by using the rim of a drinking glass and twisting it into the bread. Or you can place the inverted glass on the bread and use a small knife to cut around it.

Oh, and don’t worry too much about the trimmings. They don’t have to go to waste. They’re great for making puddings. :)

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13 Responses

  1. Bruce says:

    I make my French toast the same way, except I use milk instead of water and I add abut a quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract.

  2. Fred says:

    By using sweetened condensed milk, that would make it sweet and would substitute using maple syrup. Right?

    Sounds interesting, I am going to try it.

  3. Connie says:

    I never tried using syrup in lieu of milk. It used to be sugar and milk until I discovered that the thickish condensed milk delivered better results. :)

  4. Trosp says:

    Something I have to tell my wife to make on our Sunday’s breakfast…

  5. Connie says:

    Trosp, why not make breakfast on Sunday instead and surprise your wife? :smile:

  6. Hush says:

    I know how yum is this! As in! Though my husband just request this once in awhile coz he’s a cereal lover for breaky. But you mentioned pudding here….ohhh…hmmmm….i’m still speechless! I made it yesterday, and we only have half left! kc 2 lng po kmi…once hubby goes back home, he cant wait to have dessert.
    I dont have pudding steamer, instead I cooked it through oven…but ohh gosh! we love it Tita! I tried wholegrain para dna ko la2bas…lam mo po prang my nuts! Its really delicious!

  7. Hush says:

    Tita! (ehehe! feel na feel ko na ung tita!) One more thing! ehehe! I havent try the condensed milk on it but I think that is better…Tita try the normal milk (liquid) instead and lil salts and no water…then on serving, try to put tomato sauce…think Heinz is more popular in pinas now. It’s good too! =D

  8. Connie says:

    You know, Hush, when I saw Nigella Lawson doing her version of French toast, her kids were dipping them in ketchup and I found it strange. So it’s not so unusual pala? Masubukan nga.

  9. Hush says:

    Yup tita that’s one of the things I’ve adopted from Australian does on their French toast and even pies that I mentioned to u..I think pra d maumay.

  10. erica says:

    I was looking for something fast and easy to make this morning, I ran into this recipe. So I decided to make it. And my family loved it!!! Even my husband who is really picky! Thanks alot!

  11. It was 1st time for me preparing French toast. I usually toast the bread and add butter. This is quite unique way of me preparing breakfast for my family thanks!

  12. Jo-Ann M. delos Santos says:

    i tried the condensed milk in preparing french toast for my hubby… he likes it so much!..thanks!

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