Fondue pot and forks

If you’ve been wondering why no new recipes have been posted during the last couple of days, it’s because I’m gearing up to introduce a new kind of cooking. Last Saturday, I was able to purchase a ceramic fondue pot and a set of fondue forks. fondue-forks

The pot with the stand and plate cost P400.00; the forks went for P280.00. fondue-forks

Two days later, we were in the bookstore and my daughter Sam showed me a book called The Fondue Bible and I’ve been poring over it since. Got it for half the price too. It was the last copy, frayed around the edges but good in every way.

After all the reading, I have learned that there are four basic kinds of fondue — cheese, dessert, broth and oil. Heating can be by candle or alcohol burner. Ceramic and earthenware pots are okay with both kinds of heat but metal fondue pots are required for oil fondue. Well, that’s okay because, at this point, I am really not interested in oil fondue. I’ve been dying to do cheese and dessert fondue, and learning that broth fondue is just as interesting and versatile is a nice bonus.

What’s so special about the fondue anyway? It’s fun. It’s like eating in a campfire albeit in the comfort of one’s home. A new way to enjoy food and a whole new way to get creative too. So, watch out for the fondue series. Meanwhile, recipes coming up in the morning. Midnight here and I have to get some shuteye.

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  1. rona says:

    hi po!i would just like to ask where did u buy your fondue pot and forks?thanks po

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