Egg (custard) pie

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Hello, my name is Connie Veneracion. I cook, I shoot, I write. But I don't do the laundry. I don't like housekeeping very much either... (more about me)

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  1. dexie says:

    looks delicious. the last time i had egg pie was when I visited Baguio. that was like 12 years ago…lol. i better make my own soon. thanks.

  2. Connie says:

    12 years? that’s too long! LOL

  3. Janet says:

    Nakakagutom! I love the way you take the pictures because it really makes it more appealing to try it. My mouth is watering! Thanks!

  4. brenda says:

    wahhhhhhhh….. ang sarap…parang gusto kong kainin ang monitor screen ko! i wish i had the nerve to bake just like you. am planning of doing the pudding recipe this weekend. hangang pa-steam steam lang ako muna…

  5. ria says:

    ang galing talaga, ni tita connie! mana ako sa iyo hehehehehhehehe

  6. Luz says:

    Hi Connie,just want to know is it okay if I will not include
    honey or is there a substitution?Thanks

  7. Connie says:

    Janet. o di ba, unnecessary ang food stylist? :)

    Brenda, re nerve. Ah most times, before I start baking, I psyche myself up and I say to myself, “You can do it, you can do it. You won’t ruin it.” LOL

    Sige, ria, paramihin ang lahi natin hehehehe

    Luz, you can just double the amount of water and sugar and boil them to make the syrup.

  8. Gail says:

    Wow, sarap!!! I think baking this is still beyond my powers though… Bili nalang muna ako sa Baker’s Fair :)

  9. Queen B says:

    That happened to a friend once when she tried to cook her leche flan in a loose bottomed pan, half na lang ang nadala niya sa party :D

    What timing, I just bought a pyrex pie dish and still debating if I should attempt an apple pie this weekend, I might just try this instead, thanks for sharing the recipe! :)

  10. joe ann says:

    hi ms connie
    ask ko lng if i can use microwave oven in my baking especially cheesecakes? i have no experience in baking yet but i wanna try to bake. ty

  11. joe ann says:

    hi there ms connie
    ask ko lng if i can use a microwave oven in baking? like a cheesecake? ty!

  12. Jaecel says:

    Hi Miss Connie! :)

    I really missed reading your baking recipes. I’m really eager to learn how to bake myself, especially when my mom has finally agreed to buy me the electric oven I wanted. However, when we went to Home Depot in Alabang to check the Elba electric oven that I’ve been drooling over for a long time (I’m afraid to use gas range. Kind of crazy, I know. Childhood trauma :P ), the electric requirements seem a little too scary and too much for our fuse box to handle. :( It has a very mean-looking plug. Good thing I checked the unit thoroughly before buying it right then and there. I was depressed on the way home. :(

    I would just like to ask what kind of oven you use. Do you think a convection oven will suffice for baking? Thank you in advance! :)

  13. Jaecel says:

    Hello again Miss Connie! :)

    Pasensya na po sa kakulitan :P but I just searched your site and I now know that you use a built-in Ariston convection oven. Do you think a portable convection oven also works? I remembered seeing a few of them in one of the stores in Home Depot. Similar to the one in this site:

    Thank you once again! :)

  14. Jaecel says:

    Hello again Miss Connie! :)

    Pasensya na po sa kakulitan :P but I have just finished searching your site and I now know that you use a built-ion Ariston convection oven. Do you think a portable convection oven will work as well? I remember seeing those in one of the stores in Home Depot.

    Thank you once again! :)

  15. bing says:

    hi ms connie, iÃ?”?Ã?´ve been cooking your recipes eversince i found your blog at ang palaging sinasabi ng(foreigner)husband ko ay to stop cooking because he can hardly fit into his jeans(hahahaha!). eventually that happened, i give birth and i donÃ?”?Ã?´t have time in the kitchen anymore but then you started baking! i can do it at night when my baby is fast asleep. i baked the chocolate cake for the 2nd time this afternoon but in the middle of it my baby wake up and the batter is still a batter after getting out of the oven! i have no idea what happened! i spent the afternoon accepting that im a moron in baking and i give up. then tonight i saw your egg pie(my favorite). then i told myself, okay one more try in baking(i couldnÃ?”?Ã?´t resist your pie, sa picture pa lang parang ang sarap sarap talaga). by the way, thanks for sharing your recipes ha.

  16. Connie says:

    Jaecel, that will work. :)

    bing, sabi ng asawa ko kasalanan ko daw kaya sya tumaba hahahaha so i can imagine what your husband must be going through. :)

    baking is still a hit-and-miss thing for me but learning is a good thing. makukua yan sa practice.

  17. madel says:

    hmmm…. sa picture plng natatakam nko con.. lam mo favorite ko yan custard pie…. yum.yum yum..hehehehe… bata pako kpag dadaan kmi sa bakery lagi kmi buy ng mom ko cusrard pie.hehehe.. fav.ko tlga yan.. thanks con. at nag post kng recipe ng custard pie.:) gusto ko ng i try lutuin tom.. yummy! :) npagaling mo tlga! :) god bless!

  18. Jaecel says:

    Thank you Miss Connie! :) We will canvass again for a good portable convection oven. ;) Happy Mother’s Day! :)

  19. Luz says:

    I hope it will come out good,It’s still in the oven ,Medyo maliit lang yata yung pan na ginamit ko yung bang from the
    ready crust that you can buy from the store,but i made my one crust from your recipe.Kaya may extra fillings ako I will make another one later.Thank you once again for the recipe.

  20. Jaja says:

    Thanks Connie!

    I would try your recipe out since my husband loves egg pie=) Thanks again! :D

  21. jun says:

    I´m just want 2 know if u try already 2 make egg pie with puso ng saging and crispy cheese and chocolate.

  22. Connie says:

    jun, no, i haven’t. and i never will.

  23. madel says:

    hi con.. i made it!heheh… absolutely delicious..yummy! un nga lng wla ako pie pan kya binake ko sa round pan..pero ok. prin..:) wla kc akong mabilihan dto ng pie pan..:)kya i used round pan. anyway, thanks for the recipe.. god bless! :)

  24. Connie says:

    great, madel! easy lang, di ba? :)

  25. mike says:

    i love egg tarts and this pie looks yummy! another must-try for me since i’m trying to get myself into baking these days.

  26. jherry roxas says:

    hi miss connie, it’sbeen a long time, nawalan ako ng access sa yo……….ang tagalkong hinintay ng eggpie recipe…………..i willtry this tomorrow tamang tama b-day ng isang kaibigan pwede ng ipang regalo……….ha ha haha sana ………..good luck for me

  27. Angel says:

    Hi Miss Connie,gumawa ako kanina ng Egg Custard Pie. Unfortunately palpak po sya :-( mga 30 minutes na syang nasa oven nung chineck ko lumolobo po sya. sinunod ko naman po ang procedures. tpos nung tinikman ko po lasa po syang fried egg na matamis. saan po kaya ako nagkamali? yun po bang egg means whole egg or egg yolk lang po?

    Thank you po sa mga recipes nyo nagawa ko na po ang iba sa kanila at ang sarap po. Hit po ang recipes nyo dito sa bahay namin. :-)

  28. Connie says:

    Angel, if I remember correctly, I used whole eggs — meaning including the egg whites. That’s why I blog right after cooking, so I don’t forget.

    Re “lumolobo”. Ovens have different settings. The setting should be “bake” means only the bottom heat is on. If both the top and bottom heat are on, yun lumolobo. Plus, if you’re using an oven toaster, well, that would be the result too.

  29. susan says:

    Hi Ms. Connie, thank you very much for sharing this recipe. actually last two days ago i made my first apple pie and it turns out very good according to my family. now, i’ll try this egg pie naman. maraming salamat ulit dahil most of your recipes are very well explained and easy to follow. God bless you!

  30. mai says:

    hi conie! i’ve been trying to cook some of your recipes and they were all successful & delicious but this time the egg pie was not good,i noticed the center part of the crust is wet, and there were bubbles in the custard. i don’t know where is my mistake. i want to make it as good as in the pictures you posted..pls help, tnx.
    PS. your cassava recipe is fantastic! :-)

  31. Connie says:

    mai, i can’t tell where you went wrong because i did not witness how you did the recipe.

  32. mai says:

    i did every instructions but that’s the result…i’m also thinking why it became watery at the bottom. do i need to beat the eggs well?? at lumobo siya..i’d like to do it again pls help,tnx

  33. susan says:

    hi ms connie, thanks again! i made it….and its yummy my children love it…

  34. lea says:

    Hi Ms Connie,

    Im planning to bake this egg pie and I just bought a pie shape Non-stick flan mold. Im not really sure if this is the pie dish that your saying, is it the same? my worry po kasi is how to remove the pie from the dish without destroying it :-) thanks po!!!!

  35. Connie says:

    mai, if it turned watery, it might be from overbaking — the cream curdled and separated from the liquid.

    susan, that’s great!! :)

    lea, that was my worry too hence i used a loose-bottomed pan. you can line the pie plate with baking paper with a little overhang so you can just pull the whole thing from the pan after it has cooled.

  36. gie says:

    ang sarap naman ng eggpie, sana matutu din ako magluto… pwde ba naman paki send naman ang tamang procedure sa pag luto ng eggpie? pls…. nman and share naman more types of cooking preparation… tnx

  37. Honey says:

    hi ms connie, thanks for this very yummy recipe!!! makakakain ulit ako ng egg pie its been too long since i’ve had one. finally kahit wala dito sa amsterdam, i’ll just make my own. question lang ms connie bakit hindi ko maaccess ung link for the crust?

  38. Connie says:

    Honey, I fixed the link. :)

  39. Honey says:

    thanks ms. connie! :-)

  40. Resha Kunimitsu says:

    Thanks for the recipe! It’s so informative and all! :P I made my very first egg pie using these guidelines and guess what- I got a grade of 97 in my baking class! Domo arigato gozaimasu! It really helped me a lot!

  41. leng from netherlands says:

    hello ms. connie! its almost 12pm here and im just having a slice of your egg pie and it does taste nice…atat ako kse first time ko na gumawa ng pie crust hehe! i was really intimidated of doing one.

    i encountered a problem when i mixed the syrup with the egg & honey mixture. nag-crystallize ung syrup ko. so i what i did is i got the crystallized syrup & put it back in the pan on low heat just to melt it and i added the egg-honey mixture. and it worked haay…pero ms. connie did u cool your syrup first before adding it?

    lomobo din ang aking pie but when i brought it out of the oven nagsubside naman sya. :) buti na lang i read the thread kse if not baka i wouldnt have used the setting for botton heat :)

    thanks for sharing, ms. connie!

  42. Halley says:

    Hi miss connie! i just made my first egg pie today – and just as i expected, i knew it wouldn’t be perfect, hehe. it actually turned out weird. It tastes great though, the custard is glossy but not smooth like yours in the picture. It got brownish on the sides but not on the center, and the most disastrous part is, one side of the custard expanded like an inflated balloon! haha!

    I really don’t know which part of the process was not done right when i did follow your instructions step by step. Could it be our oven or the temperature? im using a conventional oven without a timer (worst)! Or if it doesn’t have anything to do with my oven, is it the egg being overbaked? i can’t blame the overbaking in this part since the filling is still wiggly. or maybe my dish (2 inches) is too deep that it’s not easy for the heat to penetrate or something? Or do i have to cool the sugar-water syrup first before adding it to the egg mixture? (bcoz what i did is i poured the syrup hot, but not boiling, to the egg mix).

    Hmm, i dunno what the problem is, but i desperately want to at least if not perfect, make it right. Please help me Ms. Connie!

  43. Connie says:

    Leng, no, I didn’t cool the syrup. If you cool it, it will harden and you won’t be able to pour it.

    Halley, I can’t guess. I don’t know the condition of your oven or the dish that you used or whether the sugar-water mixture reached the syrup stage. Sometimes, it just takes practice.

  44. Halley says:

    Hi Ms. Connie!

    Yeah I think it just takes practice. By the way, I thought of adding your site in my blog coz I’m actually a frequent visitor here, although I don’t leave comments that much. Hope that’s fine with you. I’ve also posted there the picture of my very first egg pie. Hehehe.

  45. Connie says:

    Halley, I just saw your blog. The Cafe Bars had me drooling. Ooh la la. LOL

    • Chris says:

      Hi Ms. Connie,

      I’m curios if what kind of milk u used here. I used powdered milk and fortunately it was succesful… I might try evap milk next time… I just baked it @ my turbo broiler..and it was good.

      I baked peach mango pie as well.

      My wife brought it at her office and we got an order of 2 peach mango pie and 1 egg pie..

      THanks for these!!!


      • Connie says:

        If a recipe says “milk” it generally means the pour-and-drink kind in cartons. :)

  46. ellen says:

    looks real yummy!!! i hope to learn how to bake too. ovens seem to intimidate me…parang kakatakot gamitin…waaahh!

    just would like to ask if apple pies are available here in metro manila? what about ice cream cake? i’m dying to taste one. thanks and have a nice day!!!

  47. Connie says:

    Apple pie is available in many bakeshops. The best one: Hizon’s (P. Faura, Manila). Ice cream cakes at Dairy Queen.

  48. Patti Russell says:

    Why does the crust on my egg custard pie sometimes come through the middle while cooking? Sometimes on pecan pies, too.

  49. Connie says:

    Patti, you mean the crust rises and gets mixed in with the filling? Blind baking the crust before pouring in the filling might help.

  50. Antonio says:

    Hi miss Connie, I tried your egg pie recipe, but when I pour the syrup into the egg mixture it crystallized. I boil the sugar and water for 15 mins. until the bubbles subside. Do I need to mix the syrup immediately after I boil it into the egg mixture?

  51. TiN says:

    Hi,I’m one of your avid blog viewer ^_^.I’ve tried some of your dishes like the smoked milkfish,mushrooms and tofu spring rolls and the chicken,tofu and kangkong w/ chili garlic sauce. Both are instant hit w/ my family!I’ve just added/replaced some of the ingredients,like in the first dish I added kinchay and carrots and the second one I topped it w/ chicharon . I made a print out of your recipes and include it in my menu planning,thank you so much and more fab and delicious recipes to come ^_^!

  52. TiN says:

    I’m actually looking for a pudding recipe and bump into your custard recipes,I’m also afraid to bake on my own..usually I have my sister/s w/ me because they’re the expert in that area. But my love for custard might be the solution and will be the start for me to bake on my own hehe (so help me God)=)

  53. karla says:

    I just pulled the pie out of the oven and could not resist having a taste. It’s good but I don’t think my taste buds are used to honey. I’ll use less honey and more of the syrup next time. But these are really good. thanks

  54. Skup Pasaway says:

    Hi Ms C., can i use a ready made crust???

    • Connie says:

      I’m not familiar with ready made crusts so I really don’t know. If you’re referring to prepared graham cracker crusts, they won’t work.

  55. Elaine says:

    did you use an electric mixer for this recipe?
    i really want to try this but i’m afraid it might not come out the same as i don’t have an electric mixer.

    • Connie says:

      Don’t use an electric mixer. If you do, bubbles will form and the custard will not be as creamy.

  56. miA says:

    hi ms connie! :) ilang inch ng pie pan ang ginamit mo?

  57. Lea says:

    hi miss connie, i tried your recipe of perfect custard cake, but unfortunately ung gitna paranang d naluto,pero luto n ung top at bottom. Bakit po kaya?

    • Connie says:

      Underbaked. Either your pan was too small or your oven temp was too low. Ovens need calibration occasionally. The reading isn’t always the correct temp.

  58. chiquie says:

    what if i don’t have oven at house can i baked this trough microwave?

  59. jett says:

    Thank you for the Egg Pie Recipe. I just baked this and it turned out looking exactly like yours, however I was disappointed with the taste. The honey was overpowering. Anyway I shall try and experiment your other Dishes. Thanks again Ms Connie.

  60. Hazel says:


    I’m planning to bake this over the weekend, was just wondering if the crust for the egg pie is the flaky kind? If not, how can I make it flaky?

    Thanks and more power!

  61. irish says:

    haayz.. ginawa ko to ngayon, and it was a disaster! nakakaiyak! :-( sarap na sana ng crust kaso ung custard nagmukang scrambled eggs na may syrup.. hehe.. meaning di sya firm.. don’t know what went wrong.. i follow every step naman.. though.. i substitute honey with pancake syrup..hehe..
    is it because of the hot syrup, kya po prang naging scrambled?
    also i want to thank you for your wonderful recipes, dami ko na rn po nagawa, like baked mac,custard cake, etc.. ung iba succesful, pero ung iba disaster..pero nauubos pa rn naman.. :-)

    • Connie says:

      “nagmukang scrambled eggs na may syrup”

      That means there was curdling. It’s usually caused by wrong temp or improper mixing.

  62. mel says:

    Hi Connie,

    I tried this egg pie recipe and I think it was overcooked that’s why it was watery. What is the best milk I can use? Should I use evaporated milk or the ready to drink milk?


  63. anna says:

    can i make egg pie without the pie crust? like i will make the filling and put them in ramekins and bake them. will it yield the same result just not without the crust. thanks

  64. anna says:

    last question po. the “bottom only heat = oven setting means bake”, does this also applies to baking cakes or only for this egg pie? thank you!

  65. ana says:

    how do make leche flan or custard pudding ms connie? thanks.

  66. maybel says:

    miss connie pwede bang un mixture ng pang leche flan ang gawin eggpie?tnx

  67. charry says:

    Ms. Connie ,magandang araw po. avid follower po ninyo ako.thank u po sa recipe.
    gustung-gusto po ng mga anak ko. ask ko lng po, ano po ba dapat na temp. at ilang minutes kung gagawin ko pong mini eggpies gamit ang 6 pc.muffin pan. portable convection oven po ang gamit ko.pwede po bang isabay na i bake sa lowest rack at second to the lowest rack if 12 pieces ang gagawin ko na mini egg pies?

    thank u po. sana ma-reply po ninyo kc baguhan lng po ako sa baking….

    • Charry, hindi naman nagbabago ang temperature. Yung baking time, hindi ko masasagot at hindi ko pa nasubukan gumawa ng size na yan.

      Saka… yung “6 pc. muffin pan”, alam mo, iba-iba size ng holes ng muffin pan. May small, medium, large at extra large.

      Yung two racks at the same time, depende yan sa oven mo. Hindi ko alam kung ano specs ng “portable convection oven” kaya hindi ko masasagot yan.