Doing the video thing

So, we’re finally doing videos for the food blog. Speedy is, actually. I just help with the captions. Sam, because she passed her Basic Videography course with flying colors, is the very critical critic. The order of the photos were rearranged after her critique.

My camera’s being serviced right now (cleaning!), I’ll get it back tomorrow and, after I do, we’ll be experimenting with more videos. With live audio instead of background music.

Click here for the full recipe of the tomato and basil risotto.


  1. Lori says

    Wow!! This is an exciting additional feature in your food blog. Thank you! I love it and I’m looking forward to future videos with live audio.

    I’ve tried a number of your recipes and so far laging hit ang new dishes sa hubby and kids, thanks for sharing..

  2. says

    Nice! Next thing we’ll know, you’ll have a family-run production about cooking, cocktails and then some social commentary.

    It would be a big hit I’m sure. :D

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