Dan Eric’s: ice cream without corporate pricing

WeÕre not ice cream cup people. What I mean is that we prefer to buy our ice cream in half gallon containers rather than in cups or waffle cones with fancy toppings. There was a time when I considered buying a home ice cream maker. I had two reasons: 1) Magnolia ice cream was already boring (too commercialized), Selecta was too expensive (probably because of the imported ingredients) and, the best tasting of them all, Arce (native flavors and ingredients), was too hard to find; and 2) They are all expensive. In the Philippines, those are the ice cream brands one can find in supermarket freezers. Of course, there are imported brands as well with ÒimportedÓ prices to match which do not make them too palatable as far as my budget goes.

Out in the streets, there are carts of Òdirty ice creamÓ. Why they are called ÒdirtyÓ, I really do not know. But Òdirty ice creamÓ refers to homemade ice cream sold by ambulant vendors. They arenÕt sold by the gallon but by the scoop. I donÕt really care about the ÒdirtyÓ label. I mean, it could have been started by the big companies threatened by a bevy of burgeoning home businesses. But I do care about quality. Most times, Òdirty ice creamÓ is just too watery. Not enough milk. Not enough variety either.

So, ice cream isnÕt a mainstay in our freezer at home. Unless thereÕs a new flavor being introduced that looks too good to pass up on, we donÕt buy ice cream. Until lately, that is. 

casaveneracion.com Dan Eric's ice creamOne Saturday evening, during our weekly dinner get-together with friends, someone brought two gallons of ice cream. The brand was unfamiliar but the taste and quality were superlative. The labels said Dan EricÕs. Surprise, surprise. Dan-EricÕs ice cream is sold in Antipolo. There is a store not two kilometers away from our house. And the best part? They cost about 60% less than the brands in the supermarket. Some of the flavorsÉ buko pandan, buko melon, cheese, strawberry, mangoÉ maybe IÕll list them all down next time we go to the store.

I donÕt know if Dan EricÕs have other outlets but the two in Antipolo are along : 1) Circumferential Road (almost across Unciano Hospital) and 2) Sumulong Highway near the Marcos Highway intersection. 


  1. amir rodriguez says

    Hi I jsut wanted to know the contact number of Dan Eric’s kasi I’m planning to sell it in my place