Crispy Pata

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Hello, my name is Connie Veneracion. I cook, I shoot, I write. But I don't do the laundry. I don't like housekeeping very much either... (more about me)

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  1. ogz says:

    i always cant get the skin to be so puffy, :cry:

  2. felixberto says:

    me too okz. i almost lost a tooth trying to take a bite off my pata. it felt like a piece of stone i can use for the intifada but i will keep trying.

  3. ogz says:

    :grin: I did it finally, with this recipe, okay na okay!!! Kaya mo rin yan felixberto:wink:

  4. marlon says:

    ano sa tagalog yung peppercorn and bay leaf?

  5. joseph says:

    O.K. I’ll try that.. my main problem over here at my place is they only sell pork every day only on Sunday in the chinese market..these are just some of those common problems over here… living in a muslim country.. they don’t eat nor promote port at all.. specially this year..”year of the pig” sigh………..

  6. joseph says:

    correction.. that’s pork..he,.he.he….sorry about that..

  7. vTa says:

    I went to the market this morning and the pata is in the pressure cooker right now … I hope I ll not miss it because it’s my first time ;) I ll freeze it and fry it tomorrow ;)

  8. vTa says:

    It was a sucess, looks a litle over cook after the boiling, but it went perfectly with the frying that makes it constitent and CRYSPY ! Mission sucessfull :)

  9. Yvette says:

    one thing i learned from my late mom was to add 7up or sprite when boiling the pata. she said it helps make the pata more tender!

  10. bing says:

    ilove crispy pata..

  11. Joey Tosino says:

    peppercorn = pamintang buo.

    bay leaf = dahon ng laurel

    tama ba?

  12. Joey Tosino says:

    tanong lang Connie, anong mas ginagamit mong bay leaf, yung FRESH or yung DRIED?
    hindi lang para sa pata na recipe ha.
    di ko sure kasi kung may particular lang bang dish na gamitin ang fresh or ang dried.

  13. Connie says:

    Dried, Joey. Hindi kasing aromatic yung fresh.

  14. nony says:

    i’ll try this recipe for my mom and dad…. thanks

  15. michelle says:

    you are the best connie

  16. michelle says:

    crispy pata is so delicious

  17. michelle says:

    i will try this receipe

  18. michelle says:

    i want to eat crispy pata

  19. luz says:

    hi guys….one tip to share in order to get a real crispy pata….after boiling it and freezing….its best u fry it in a not hot or boiling cooking oil….yup,common mistakes is that we wait till the oil is smoking hot but that will be a disaster
    if u want it crispy….frm the freezer….heat the pan without opil yet,then put in the oil and put it directly in the oil and cover it at once in medium heat….wait till u hear popping sound maybe about 5minutes then reduce it to smaller fire…slowly frying it in small fire for next 20minutes then turn the other side….guaranteed crispy and keeping the meat inside tender…try it out to find it urself and give me feedbacks too!

  20. julian says:

    hi Connie,

    i know how to cook crispy pata and i got the recipe from Nora Daza’s collection…but your tips are a big help too…thank you!

  21. Alex says:

    hi connie, can you prepare/cook crispy pata using turbo broiler? would appreciate your reply. thanks!

  22. ironchef says:

    i think it is really better to use pressure cooker, kasi sa loob ng mas maikling oras, lalambot talaga ng husto ang meat ng pata, tipid pa sa gas… i always use pressure cooker in tendering chicken, super lambot ng chicken meat and then i fry it, super crispy outside..

  23. carlos says:

    actually, you dont needs to freeze the pata to make it crispy, even after boiling it and cooking it on hot oil (which will make it crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside) will still be crispy. a tip on to make it puffy and crispy is to prick it with a fork before cooking.

    • Connie says:

      “you dont needs to freeze the pata to make it crispy”

      Agree. The freezing part is just old wives’ tale.

  24. melvin sia says:

    @LUZ: Thanks for the cooking tip..! I’m going to try the tip that you shared about making the real CRISPY pata tomorrow coz it’s my Ate Meliza’s birthday.. Promise, I’ll give you feedback….

  25. Marvin Dellosa says:

    hi connie, i always refer to your turbo broiled version of cooking crispy pata. i can’t seem to find it. the link above always brings me back to this page