Colette’s buko (coconut) pie Colette's buko (coconut) pie

Time was when we had to go all the way to Laguna to buy a decent buko (coconut) pie. It used to be one of my childhood’s guilty pleasures, an excuse, really, to go on a road trip with my father. Colette’s, based in San Pablo City in the province of Laguna, was not the original buko pie outlet. The first was D’Original Buko Pie which still sells the best buko pie in Los Baños in Laguna. However, Collete’s was the first to experiment with various versions of buko pie. It introduced macapuno pie (made from a special strain of coconut that is sticky and thick) and ube-macapuno pie (a combination of macapuno and purple yam), among others.

Colette’s now have many outlets, including one along Mindanao Avenue in Quezon City and, our latest discovery, an outlet along Sumulong Highway right here in our hometown of Antipolo.

In the photo, the still warm buko pie we bought from Colette’s last night–tender coconut and custard in an unsweetened flaky crust. Delicious!


  1. Linda says

    I love your website. Very informational and the pictures of the food are great! The buko pie looks delicious! Do you have a recipe that you could share? I remember going to Los Banos for a road trip just to get buko pie at D’Originals. Haven’t been there for a long long time… the last time I went home to the PI was 7 years ago.



  2. _UaNe_ says


    where caN i fiNd the history of colette’s? caUse i nEed it foR a ResEarch prOjecT in t.L.e. faMous fiLipiNo eNtrepReneuRs,,:grin:


    pLease repLy in my emaiL ad..

    THANKS!! :mrgreen:

    i need it befOre sEpt. 18..:sad:

    soRry fOr bEiNg so deMandinG..:???:

    iTs jUst iMportant.. :lol:

    • eric yeban says

      panis ang binibenta nyong buko pie, porket mga dayo ang bumibili sa inyo, at alam nyong wala ng pagkakataong isoli o bumalik mga panis o sira na o expired na ang binebenta nyo , mga pinatitikim nyo lang sila ng masarap tapos un take out mga panis na buko pei ang binabalot nyo, makunsensya naman kayo

  3. says

    _UaNe_, if you spent the time playing with the caps and small letters searching Google instead, you might have found better use for your time. I don’t find your lettering cute. It’s also important for me to tell readers to learn to do their research themselves.

  4. says

    Hi, I am from Quezon Province. When I was there in the philippines during my college days I always want to served colletes buko pie to my husband everytime he visit me there. He liked it so much. So now I want to cook buko pie coz he always ask me .Can you please send me a copy of Colletes Buko pie recipe. Thanks .

  5. anne says

    hi, id like to ask lang sana where i can buy a colletes buko pie here in quezon city? i work at fairview, i cant seem to find a descent buko pie here, and i really am craving to eat one

  6. debbie says

    hi we are from singapore and just tasted buko pie. A friend just got back from her country. is there a website where we could order and have it send to singapore. It is great and would like our love ones to try too. thank you very much.

  7. leah says

    i am a frequent traveler from bicol to manila.whenever i pass by San Pablo i make it a point to buy my mom Collete’s Buko Pie.This is what i did this morning Nov 23,2008.I arrived bicol at 4 P.M. and my mother cheerfully asked for her buko pie. so I opened one box ans sliced a piece for her. I was surprised that the inside of the buko pie was all soggy and I hesitated to give it to my mom being of old age.
    I am writing this comment so that people who would like to buy COLLETE’s buko pie will be more observant and meticulous about their purchase.So now I promise myself that I will no longer buy your buko pie.and i will tell my frends not to patronize same.Maybe you should train you sales people especially that you are selling food products.

  8. says

    Leah, you should address your concern to the store you bought the buko pie from instead of repeating the word “your” as though by posting your comment here, you are addressing the owner of the store you bought your buko pie from.

  9. ryan eranzo says

    hi gud pm… i just wanted to know, how much will it cause to franchise colletes buko pie… and what is the terms and conditions… thanks

  10. daJi says

    Hi Miss COnnie,

    Just in case you’ll find urself somewhere in Los Baños, you may also wanna try Lety’s buco pie. For my husband and my in-laws who live there, Lety’s buco pie is the best :) way better than collete’s if you are gonna ask me ;) mas sikat nga lang talaga ang collete’s pero mas masarap ang Lety’s :)

    • says

      We’ve tried Lety’s. There used to be an outlet at SM Megamall. Gone now but at least we were able to try the buko pie. And the espasol too. :)

  11. says

    Im dying for bukopie… me my mom, my sister, my cousins, my dad.. we’re indonesian.. and drooling for bukopie like hell.. hahaha..

    we dont know when are we going to manila again.. but if there’s anyone kind helping us to mail frozen bukopie from lety’s lolol..

  12. Arman says

    Hi Ms. Connie,

    Are you open for franchising (Novaliches, QC area)? If so, please advise all the details to my personal email as provided.


  13. says

    Halu po.
    Maroon po ba kayong recipe nitong Colette’s Buko Pie? Kahit yong “more or less” the same lang po…


    – Jack –

  14. Tracy says

    Wow, some pretty interesting comments on this blog… :)

    I have never heard of buko pie until today. I absolutely love coconut and all coconut pies, so I will definitely have to find a recipe and give this one a shot!