Cold Pizza at Sebastian’s Ice Cream

We were at the Mall of Asia earlier today because I wanted to go to Living Well to look for fondant and a pasta maker. Unfortunately, Living Well was holding its annual inventory and was closed to the public. Wondering what to do while waiting for the sunset (we also wanted to take photos of the Manila Bay sunset and the breakwater behind the Mall of Asia offers a great vantage point), we decided to have coffee and sweets. We passed by Sebastian’s Ice Cream parlor, the oversized photos of the items in the menu were impressive, so we went in. Cold Pizza at Sebastian's Ice Cream

We ordered cold pizza: a dessert pie with cookie dough crust, ice cream filling, your choice of toppings (nuts, fruits or cookies) and your choice of white or dark chocolate drizzle. Oh, it was heavenly! Sebastian's Ice Cream

Sebastian’s Ice Cream parlor is not very large. In fact, it can only seat six people at one time. I think most customers buy ice cream in tubs and go. But it was a warm afternoon and the airconditioning was more than welcome. Sebastian's Ice Cream

There were a lot of items in the menu but it was the cold pizza that intrigued us. Like I said earlier, cold pizza is a dessert pie with cookie dough crust, ice cream filling, your choice of toppings (nuts, fruits or cookies) and your choice of white or dark chocolate drizzle.

Speedy chose pistachio, macadamia and M&M’s for his toppings and dark chocolate for the drizzle. Cold Pizza at Sebastian's Ice Cream

My toppings were walnuts, brownies and maraschino cherries and I chose the dark chocolate drizzle as well.

My goodness, we haven’t had dessert this good in a long time. The cold pizza is just to die for.

The price of the cold pizza? P195.00 (that’s a little over 4USD at today’s exchange rate) per order.

Oh, we had coffee too — cappuccino for me and cafe Americano for Speedy. Was the coffee good? Heck, I don’t remember. I don’t think I noticed. My full attention was on the cold pizza. So, so good.

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  1. says

    oooohhh… looks interesting!

    I’ve always loved Seabstian’s. It’s my favorite ice cream brand. You should try their blue cheese ice cream.

    I like how they innovate tired ice cream variants. Love!

    • Connie says

      Thanks for the tip; will try the blue cheese next time which is probably going to be very soon since we want to bring the girls there. :)

  2. Nikita says

    There’s Sebastian’s in The Block at SM North, Trinoma and Podium, fyi, though I don’t recall cold pizza on their menu. Try their Chilly Burgers too. I will definitely try their pizza next time we go there.

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