Indulge yourself: have a coffee float

It’s a very simple drink to make and yet a lot of people find it intimidating. Coffee float is simply hot coffee topped with a whopping scoop of ice cream. The coffee isn’t sweetened and cream is not added because the sweetness and creaminess of the ice cream are meant to take the the place of sugar and cream. And the thing about coffee float is how you’re really not supposed to stir the ice cream into the coffee. You allow it to soften and melt (most of it will stay on top), then you drink the coffee so that, with every sip, you get coffee and ice cream which get mixed inside the mouth. The sensation is alternately hot and cool, bitter, sweet and creamy — a kaleidoscope of flavors and textures that you experience but only for a few passing seconds, teasing you take another sip, and another, and another… Coffee float

The trick to a sensational coffee float is to combine good quality (and rather strong coffee) with an ice cream flavor that goes well with it. In my case, I like vanilla in my coffee just as much as I like nutty aromas and flavors. Ergo, vanilla praline ice cream was perfect.


  1. 1/2 c. of strong coffee
    1 very generous scoop of ice cream


  1. Pour the coffee into a glass or mug. Drop the ice cream in. And that’s it! Just wait a bit for the ice cream to become drinkable and enjoy.

Quick Notes

The ice cream was store-bought. I haven’t had a chance to make ice cream in weeks as the freezer is always full and my ice cream maker requires the bowl to be frozen for 24 hours prior to use. But, if you want to try your hand at making ice cream, click here for the basic vanilla ice cream recipe.

Cooking time (duration): 1

Number of servings (yield): 1


  1. Sharon says

    Mmmm looks yummy. The Italians do something similar called an ‘affogato’, but they use espresso coffee instead of regular.