Churros con chocolate

Spanish in origin, churros are fried strips of dough. They may be dipped in thick chocolate or sprinkled with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon. The churros in the photo were made with a ready mix. It’s something new in the market from Antonio Pueo, maker of the chocolate tablets that are melted to make the hot chocolate drink traditionally served on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The first time my kids tried churros many years ago, they enjoyed them so much although I suspect that 90% of the enjoyment was in dipping the hot churros in thick and gooey chocolate. When I saw the box of Antonio Pueo churros in the supermarket (it even comes with a mixture for the chocolate dip), I checked the instructions at the back of the box, decided they were straightforward enough and I figured it was something that my kids would enjoy making. churros

It was my 13-year-old daughter, Sam, who cooked the churros the other day. The instructions include the use of a piping bag with a star-tipped nozzle. The same instructions say that in lieu of a piping bag and a star-tipped nozzle, a plain plastic bag (like a sandwich bag) can be used–just cut off a corner and press out the dough as though one were using a piping bag.

After mixing the dough, Sam put it into the piping bag. Unfortunately, after piping out about three churros into the hot cooking oil, the piping bag split open (it’s a cheap piping bag :razz:). So she took out a sandwich bag, cut out a corner and transferred all the remaining dough into it. She cooked the rest of the churros using the sandwich bag sans the star-tipped nozzle–it’s a screw type nozzle and there was no way to keep it steady in the cut out corner of the sandwich bag.

I used to think that using a star-tipped nozzle was just to give the churros a more attractive appearance but we discovered that it wasn’t the case. See, when piped out using a star-tipped nozzle, there is very little dough at the center. The pointed star tips, the grooves and the distances between them all came in contact with the hot oil resulting in crisp churros. The ones piped out from a sandwich bag were shaped like plain cylinders. The centers were still soft and the texture can only be described as soggy.

Since my kids love churros, and Sam enjoys making them, I just know that I’ll have to buy a better replacement for the cheap piping bag that went into the garbage can. And, next time, I’ll encourage her to start from scratch instead of using a ready mix. I found a recipe online that she can follow. Actually, the churros dough appears quite similar to the dough for making cream puffs. That shouldn’t be difficult.


  1. says

    I love, love, love churros con chocolate!

    Next time I visit Manila, I should buy lots of this churros con chocolate ready mix in the supermarket. (I always opt for the shortcut procedure, hehe. But thanks for sharing with us the online recipe here. Baka sipagin din ako, who knows?) :-)

    My sister bought me some churros when we had merienda at Taco Bell. Okay naman.

  2. says

    I’ve tried that mix already. I didn’t use their piping bag. Since I ice cake, I use grease paper , formed it into a cone (just like what your daughter did) and cut a hole for the star tip. That’s what most ice decorators use. So I think using that for churros is just a great substitute. I’ll try that recipe too. Thanks for the tip.

  3. says

    Jayred, you can fill your suitcase with boxes and boxes of churros ready mix and not pay for excess weight on your baggage. They’re so light!

    It was ok, TheAngel. But I’m kinda challenged doing it from scratch if my daughter doesn’t.

    Noemi, that sounds like you should consider starting a food blog. If you can ice cake you can’t be a novice. Sige na, join us food bloggers,,,,

    Stef, Ateco is the brand? I’ll look for it. Best bet would be specialty shops. I doubt I’d find it in supermarkets. Thanks.

  4. says

    hi ms. connie, can’t hide my grin=) sam’s splitting piping bag experience happened to me twice as well. the last time it did i ended up forming my churros into balls. and ur absolutely right, the star-tipped nozzle sure serves a purpose=)

  5. naoj12 says

    i’ve only tried churros from pricesmart, can your give more details or specific name of the churros so the next time i’m manila i can get one. can’t wait to try it!

  6. says

    puFF, my daughter will be so happy to know she wasn’t the only one.

    naoj, you mean the ready mix? the name is on the box in the photo. :) ready-to-eat churros are called churros in the Philippines. No other name.

  7. says

    poor me :( haven’t tried churros yet. connie punta ako diyan ha para makikain. i am not sure kasi if there’s a ready mix available here. how are you nowadays?

  8. says

    Beng!!!!! Maloloka na ko. Since the kids’ summer break started na parang it never was dahil sunod sunod ang activities nila. May soccer, may theater… at party nang party. ang gulo gulo na ng sked ko–wala na yata akong sariling sked, sunod na lang sa sked nila. :( Ang bloghop ko, 1 blog a day na lang yata. :( :(

    Pero kung darating ka, ipapagluto kita ng churros, promise. :)

  9. says

    hahaha, i know it so well my dear dahil ako din ang ginagawang taxi dito kapag bakasyon ng mga bata. nakakahilo but talagang ganun ang papel ng isang ina. minsan i teased them and said i wanna quit :D.

    o sige, churros and market market ha?

  10. says

    Ay sorry nakalimutan ko yan ah. Thanks for reminding me. Hmm, I have an additional recipe for the two of us to bake :)

  11. says

    Actually tama ka, cream puffs, churros and French crullers are all made from the same dough. The difference is just the shape and the cooking method. If you want to make French crullers at the same time as making churros (I usually do dahil naiinis akong maubusan sa Dunkin), just use the same piping bag/star tip and make big fat o-shapes on squares of foil. Drop these into the hot oil one or two at a time, and …tada!! By magic the foil comes off when the cruller is cooked. To glaze, make an icing with confectioner’s sugar, vanilla and milk and dip the tops. Just thought I’d share. Yummy, must find Antonio pueo here.

  12. Felipe says

    Me alegro de que los norteamericanos no consiguieran erradicar la cultura hispana en la Perla de Oriente. Lástima que la mayoría no hable castellano. Es increíble que aún se conserven tantas costumbres españolas en el archipiélago.

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