Chocolate polvoron

It’s my daughters’ Christmas party in school today. Potluck style. My 13-year-old was smart. She volunteered to being the juice. All we need to do was buy about half a dozen boxes of juice in pouches. But my 11-year-old had been regaling her classmates with stories of home made polvoron for months. She didn’t mind helping out in the kitchen to make them.

chocolate polvoron chocoloate polvoron for my daughters' class party in school

Because it’s easier to wrap the polvoron after they have been chilled (minimizes crumbling), we made the polvoron last night, stored them in an airtight freezer container and wrapped them early this morning. My daughter was already halfway through the sifting of the dry ingredients last night when I suggested dividing the mixture into two portions and adding to cocoa to one. Variety would be nice and chocolate polvoron–especially for kids–sounded like a grand idea.

Chocolate polvoron is still the same basic polvoron except for the addition of cocoa powder.

Ingredients :

2 c. of all-purpose flour
2 c. of powdered full cream milk
1 c. of white sugar
4 tsps. of coco powder
3/4 c. of melted butter
a pinch of salt
24-30 pieces of 5″x5″ pieces of cellophane paper

Cooking procedure :

In a small sauce pan or skillet, toast the flour over medium-low heat. Stir continuously to avoid burning. When the color of the flour turns beige, turn off the heat. Cool the flour for 10 minutes then sift it, with the pinch of salt, into a large mixing bowl. Sift the sugar and milk together in another mixing bowl. Combine all the sifted ingredients and stir well. Or, you can sift them all together. Pour in the melted butter. Mix well.

Fill the mould with the mixture. Press the mixture into the mould well using the back of a spoon. Release the polvoron and stack them in an airtight freezer container. Chill (we prefer to freeze) for a few hours or until firm.

Wrap in pieces of cellophane paper.

  • Chevee

    I made cheese and graham polvoron using your previous polvoron recipe (I’ve been offline for three weeks so I didn’t see this one till after Christmas), and they were scrumptious! Much thanks for the excellent recipe =)

    Is it okay if I post my variation on my blog? I will link to your original recipe, then add the variations I made and post the pics my sis took, if that’s okay.

    Btw, my sis bought chocolate polvoron from an officemate–aside from the cocoa powder, they were also coated in chocolate. Total chocoholic heaven *_*

    • Maya

      what kind of cheese do you use? and how did you do it?can you send me the recipe? thanks

    • elona

      Hi chevee,
      Can you share it with me your cheese and grahams polvoron recipe. I love try making that one.
      Hope to hear from you.

  • Connie

    “Is it okay if I post my variation on my blog?”

    Of course! That’s your recipe. And so that So we can all try your version. Gosh, my kids love cheese and grahams. Can’t wait. :-P

  • Chevee

    Thanks! I posted it already =) I might try using bigger molds next time though…because eeny-weeny polvoron is a pain to wrap, hehe XD

  • Connie

    Yo, Chevee, that’s right. The small ones can give you finger cramps hehehe

  • Cherleen

    Hello Sassy!

    I have always wanted to make polvorons, but I cannot find a good molder. Where do you suggest I can purchase it? Any brand?


  • Connie

    Cherleen, most supermarkets sell them. I don’t think they come in brands. Just generic polvoron moulds. :)

  • Dot

    I love, love polvoron! What kind of mold do you use and where can I find one?

    Love your website! Thank you for all the hard work you do to maintain it.

  • Dot

    :oops: Ooops, I didn’t see the question above mine. Sorry about that. I don’t think I have ever seen any polvoron molds here in Alabama or Georgia. I looked for them at the asian markets but no luck.

  • Connie

    Thanks ok, Dot. :) Anyway, maybe they’re only sold in the Philippines? Perhaps polvoron isn’t made anywhere else?

  • Chevee

    Probably. I’ve never seen ‘foreign’ versions of polvoron. Maybe because it’s just too labor-intensive :lol:

  • delius

    HI dot, here’s a cool moulder for your polvoron. In the shape of a walnut. Just put a spoonful of polvoron in your palm, and press hard. WA La! It’s a walnut shaped polvoron!

  • cris

    Helo, I plan to teach kids how to make pulvoron, but im not sure on how to cook the flour. Ive read recipes online and they dont say much on how to cook the flour in the pan. Can someone elaborate if i should add anything else aside from the flour? do i include the sugar and milk into the pan and how long should i heat the flour?


  • Connie

    Just the flour, Cris. When it turns a little brownish, it’s done.

  • karen

    i did not know you were supposed to chill the mixture to avoid crumbling. that just solved my wrapping woes. thanks :)

  • Lenor

    wow! ive been making polvorons for onths now, but crumbling was really my problem..

    thanks for the tip of chilling the mixture before moulding. Ill try it.
    can’t wait to make another batch!!

  • Mommyogie

    Hi, sorry to sound ignorant, but when you say melted butter. Melted to soft and gooey or melted to liquid state? Thanks in advance!

  • Connie

    you’re welcome, karen and lenor. :)

    Liquid, mommyyogie, BUT before the cream separates from the oil. :)

  • Liza

    Do you know where I can find the Polvoron Mold. I live in Utah and can’t find it here is there a website I can order it from?

  • Connie

    Sorry, Liza, maybe one the readers can help you out.

  • K’sMom


    Here’s the website where you can get the Polvoron Mold in the U.S.

    Have fun!

  • Jennifer

    I’ve got a great mold idea…use a non-stick mini muffin pan! much quicker (makes 12 at a time) than a real polvoron mold I would think :-) I fill mine with mixture then pat down hard with my fingers/heel of my hand then flip onto a cookie sheet. If you want an absolute flat bottom, I suppose you can use a juice bottle lid or something. A hard tap on the back will help to drop the polvoron. Hope this helps :-)))

    I made 3 flavors tonight: chocolate, vanilla… and my favorite MATCHA (japanese green tea) yum

  • angelus

    hi! i’ve been trying to make a chocolate coated polvoron but for some reason the melted chocolate separates from the polvoron.:oops:
    can you please tell me what should i do? i really love the coated recipe and its a bit frustrating coz i’ve tried it several times na pero mali pa rin. :cry: thanks!

    • http://yahoo Emil Lanon

      Hi there my name is chef Emil, maybe i can help you make the choco coated polvoron. here we go.. after making the povoron you have to chill it until it will become firm. then melt chocolate bar let cool, then arrange the polvoron on the screen or grilled tray poor the melted chocolate and let it settle for a while chill if needed. invert the polvoron up side down and poor the chocolate on the remaining part..chill again. then the product is ready. the same method for the Zebra polvoron or coated with white and dark chocolate.. enjoy and Happy Baking…

  • armina

    Thanks for the recipe Connie! I’ve tried your recipe and it was good.. I tried to modified it and taste even better… :-)

    I added 1 cup of toasted grated peanuts, 1/4 cup more butter, no salt, replaced the half of the sugar with refined sugar and more coco powder :D

  • Connie

    wow, armina, thanks for the tip, especially the ground peanuts. makagawa nga ng polvoron hahahaha

  • shik

    nyumshhh! am getting hungry!:grin:

  • lucil

    hi! my ate and i want to make chocolate coated pulvoron.. can u help me how? thanks!:eek:


    I tried my best so many times to make a chocolate coated polvoron but I can’t get the technique how to mix the coated chocolate or I say the procedure of the coated chocolate and how to mixed it with the powdered polvoron in a moulder, please answer me immediately because I have been selling polvoron since I resign in my job. I want to have another variety of polvoron since it is saleable. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • cayie omnes

    can someone tell me how goldilucks made their polvoron, i mean chilling it is nit enough to make it more hard i tried it several times but it always crumble a few minutes after chilling it. is there any ingriedients that they are mixing into the polvoron so that it does not crumble when I eat it? hoping for your reponse soon thanks for your concern

  • http://google rose

    hola to you l. iam a from the province of mindanao and i really enjoyed reading the responses and at the same time learning from it. next week i’ll try doing the polvoron…and in case i will seel the polvoron, how much will it cost if i’ll sell it by a dozen? thanks for your help…via con dios.:grin:

  • http://google rose

    hola to you all. iam from the province of mindanao and i loved reading the responses and at the same time learning from it. i’ll try doing the polvoron it sounds fun…any idea about how much the polvoron cost if i’ll sell it by the dozen???thank for your help. via con Dios.

  • Connie

    cayie, if it does not crumle when you eat it, it isn’t polvoron.

    rose, depends on how much your ingredients cost.

  • Sarah

    Hi! Does anyone know the recipe for Ube Polvoron? Thanks!

  • mimay

    elo! ngtry ako ng chocolate polvoron kagabi & ang SARAP tlg (kayalang kulang p butter ko, hehehe!). ska wla akong mahanap n pambalot ng polvoron d2, ano po b alternative n pambalot? tnx! ;-)

  • mimay

    Hi! Ako ulit…problematic ako s Polvoron ko, until now hubad pa rin cya. Huhuhu! Ala akong mahanap na pambalot (dito ako sa Belgium), try ko wax paper pro matigas kya ndudurog p rin ung polvoron kpg ibalot. Any tips, alternative wrapper? Dank u wel!

  • miray

    hiya! i have tried ur recipe and baked it but it still crumbles. i have tasted a baked polvoron in bohol and i would like to know how to make them too. do u have an idea what to add to the recipe so that it would hold them together? ta.

    • http://yahoo Emil Lanon

      Hi Miray …maybe i can help… try to add more butter and mix it properly after shaping it chill the polvoron before wrapping.

      Chef Emil

  • Connie

    mimay wag mo na balutin, stack na lang sa airtight container then freeze.

    miray, BAKED it??? no wonder it crumbles. FREEZE it instead.

  • Jenna

    Ever since I read this, I’ve been looking for polveron molds (moulds, makers, presses, whatever!) everywhere online. I cannot find them offline at my local supermarket or asian food market. I even checked Tatak Pilipino Online (from K’sMom’s suggestion comment above) but it looks like their website is down. Finally, I found a couple molds at a little obscure website called artisan applications estore. I ordered two from them and they seemed to work pretty good. They are just like the ones we used while growing up in Manilla. Ahhh the fond memories and smells of toasted flour and buttermilk!!

    if you’re looking for decent polvoron moulds the URL is

  • nueva

    hi poh! HELP!!!i trying many times to create a great polvoron with coated chocolate kaso ayaw kuminis ng coated chocolate dun sa polvoron, what should i do? can you teach me to good of my recipe kc gusto ko mapaimpress ang love q na kya ko gawin ung may coated, may kailangan b q bilhin o gawin para maging maayos ang coated chocolate sa polvoron saka ano bang mgandang combination nilang flavored can u pls… help me pls… para i have a girl power para maging masya cya, pls… help me pls… pano ila2gay ng tama po ung coated cholate sa polvoron and pano maging makinis ito, i know u can help me, tnx…

  • abi

    hi…i wud like to ask how can i coat chocolate into the polovoron…thanks

  • maricar

    hi!!! i’ll tried ur recipe of chocolate polvoron? masarap sya!!! my kids love it. i taste some flavored polvoron in goldilocks, it tastes good and my kids like it too, but it is too expensive. i would like to ask, kung meron kyo recipe ng flavored polvoron. i would like to try to cook for my kids. hope u can send me recipes for other flavor ng polvoron.

  • maricar

    does any one can teach me how to make ube polvoron and other recipe of other flavor of polvoron…

  • Rosanna

    Hi ,Can i also use your polvoron recipe. Thanks so much and God bless you.


  • jann

    hi i need to make a “new to the world” flavor of polvoron for my product development subject, the flavor of polvoron that i should make must be new and unique and that i am the first one to create such flavor, i was thinking of putting mango zest on it or cereal prhaps…. i really dont know, it’s my first time to make polvoron.. can you help me pls? or can you suggest something that i can use to make my polvoron something new. thanks….

  • sharon

    hi,i’ve just subscribe here. i’m very interested with chocolate coated polvoron. how could i get it’s recipes. do you have it. please do e-mail it to me. thanks

  • http://yahoo jessica

    can you help me to etend my knowledge in cooking.. i want to know how to cook the chocolate coated polvoron.. can you help me.. thanks

  • Josie

    Connie, re Mimay’s pambalot question: I use gift wrapping tissue paper (comes in different colours) Hindi ba papel de hapon ang tawag natin dun? This Christmas I will use cellophane as in your above photo.

    I mentioned to you in an earlier post that I think I have an idea on how to make the chocolate covered polvorones. But, after reading some of the comments above, I think my “self-confidence” is waning a bit. lol

  • LENG

    Hello!please help me…need to know how to make the graham polvoron…need the recipe please!even the basic and chocolate…. my kids want and luv it! thanks for your help….

  • Edgar Sevilla

    My son got interested in polvoron and he has been eating them since. He is making a project for school to bring polvoron for his classmates. However, to project also state that the student have to provide a report regarding the items student brings.

    I’ve got everything i need for the report except for one thing. What is the history of polvoron, such how did it start, did it really originated from Philippines or was copied from somewhere elese. Basically, i need the history of how polvoron came about. Any help would do.

    Thank you.

  • Joan

    Hi… read all your posts… have the same problm… my polvoron always crumbles…=

  • Connie

    Joan, add more butter; chill before wrapping.

  • Josie

    Connie, I’m curious about the added cocoa powder. Ito ba yung ginagamit natin sa champorado or hot chocolate? May pagka-ignorante yata ako because I always think of cocoa as “hilaw”. I roll my truffles in instant choc powder (like Nestle’s Quick). Maybe I can dust some with cocoa powder next time. Thanks.

  • Janete

    Hi Connie!

    I added more butter on mine & it worked in getting it not to crumble so much. I also froze it for hours and it really made a big difference. I am planning on giving the polvoron away for Xmas. I live in the US & I found that the best & economical way of wrapping the polvoron is the gift tissue that comes in different colors. Meron din Xmas decorated gift tissue which is perfect for the holidays. I am still experimenting on the different flavors. So far these are the flavors of my polvoron: peanuts, ube, pinipig, grahams, vanilla, chocolate. Thanks for your recipe Connie! God bless.

  • Lyn

    I learned a lot! I want to try making polvoron also since my husband and I are starting a small business of espasol and tikoy. I think next in line for us would be polvoron!

  • Lyn

    But wait, wanna ask again if the cocoa that you mix for the chocolate polvoron could be that of Ricoa used for baking? do you toast it with the flour since it’s still uncooked?

  • anne

    successful ang naging business ko about choco coated polvoron the first time i made it parang it’s really perfect for me, i dont have any formal training from anyone and this is the very first time i make polvoron…i have lots of flavors avaible like whte chocolate coated polvoron,cookes n cream,cheese, peanut butter, strawberry, buko pandan, ube and butter milk and my best seller talaga is the coated polvoron aside from that best seller din ang cheese and cookies n cream…

  • mina

    miss connie,
    the very first i make polvoron i found the recipe here and i make some research on how to make it better and make my own recipe..because honestly i can afford the super mahal na training sa iba i want to make a business but i don’t want more gastos….then after that i start my own business and made it so far so good…i also have white choco and choco coated polvorons and other 7 flavors…and i have some suggestion para hindi po kyo mahirapan mag wrap you can use small cups like the one we use sa mga macaroons and cookies..if you want to know i can share my own recipe and you can email me..thanks and god bless you more…

    • elona

      Hi lyn,
      Can you share it with me your polvoorn recipe. I love try making that one.
      Hope to hear from you.

    • Nancy Arganoza

      Hi Lyn,
      Ps. share your polvoron recipes.
      Hope to hear from you.


  • Connie

    Josie & Lyn, I don’t understand what you mean by cocoa being “hilaw”/uncooked.

  • taj

    suggest ko lang,for those with “crumbling” problems try nyo add some more melted butter or cooking oil for the mixture to be compact. for heavy duty, good quality pulvoron molders go to Divisoria.
    all shapes and sizes meron doon.
    it’s easier to wrap the molded pulvoron using imported cellophane kasi yung local mas manipis and medyo lumalaban pag fold mo.

  • lyn

    Dear anne and mina, could you share with me different variations of your polvoron? I am also starting a small business of polvoron here in quezon…I’d really appreciate it if you do. God bless!

  • mj


    hi! where in divisoria can you give me the exact place?ksi gusto ko maging unique ang mga shapes ng molder ko,what is the difference sa imported and local cellophane?ksi ung bnibli ko 7.50 from bookstores and groceries…thanks!

  • Janete

    Hi Anne and Mina..ako din interested in knowing the different variations & technique of chocolate coated polvoron. I wanted my sister to have an income while at home & I think maganda mag start ng polvoron. Thanks so much!

  • mina

    hi lyn,no problem if you want i can email it to you..thanks!

  • mina

    janete and lyn,
    here’s how:


    4 cups cake flour
    2 cups powdered milk
    2 cups white sugar
    1 or 2 cups of butter/margarine

    toast flour in moderate heat for 15 mins.
    or until light brown,stirring constantly,add powdered milk,toss for 5 mins. cool add sugar and melted butter.
    mix well.
    if you want para madali syang i mold and ibalot i ref mo muna overnight.for commercial use 5 cups all purpose flour and 1 cup powdered milk.after na mix mo na lahat or before mo ilagay sa ref you can add flavorings….pwede mo syang haluan ng dinurog na cream o , sa mixture na to 2 packs of cream o ang nilalagay ko13.50 lang sya each pack sa grocery.(cookies n cream flavor)if you want ube,starwberry,buko pandan bumili lang kyo ng pearl shakes mixtures and ihalo nyo lang sya polvoron na ginawa nyo..
    for white choco and choco coated polvoron i dip nyo lang sa melted white choco or chocolate na may cocoa butter substitute nabibili rin to sa ibang bake shops and mura lang din sya haluan nyo lang ng 1-2 tablespoon tanggal ang lapot ng choco and makintab pa sya after i dip and madami pa kyo magagawa pag nilagyan ng cbs hndi sayang ang puhunan nyo..then after that i ref nyo lang ng 2-5 mins pwede nyo ng ibenta ang choco dip polvoron nyo…gumamit kyo ng fork or dipping stick para walang sayang pag nag dip and ilagay nyo sa baking pan para madali syang matanggal and hnd madkit pag lumamig..i hope nakatulong ako…sample naman pag gumawa kyo….he..he…joke…thanks…
    kung metro manila lang kyo my suggestion ako kung san kyo pwedeng makabili ng murang ingredients or you can text me or e mail me if you have some questions…thanks!

  • LENG

    Hello Mina!I read your answer to Janete…could you also please help me and e-mail also the basic recipes and chocolate coated polvoron…I’ve sent messages on this site asking for the recipe but to no avail! my e-mail….I hope this time there will be a favorable respone….Thank you for your help!

  • taj

    Mj, imported na nga siguro yung 7.50 na cellophane sa bookstore,makapal kasi yung imported.i bought my molder a long time ago sa Divi nga.Pero my sis-in-law discovered a new store NEW SINKIAN HENG CORP. address: C. Palanca near Quinta market.
    MINA, i’m also interested sa recipe ng choco polvoron.can i also get a copy of your recipe? thanks

  • Josie

    Pareho pala kami ni Lyn. I was used to “cooked” cocoa as in mixing it and simmering with the rice when we make champorado; also, I remember my mother making hot chocolate (niluluto). So mixing it as it is with the other polvoron ingredients is something new to me – but I would like to give it a try. Just asking, Connie, to make sure. Thanks.

  • Connie

    Josie, the chocolate for making hot choco drink, the one that is cooked, is not cocoa powder. They are cacao tablets.

  • Josie

    That, too, Connie. I am looking at a tin of cocoa right now. Outside the tin is this hot cocoa recipe: “Blend 1 tbsp cocoa with 1 tbsp sugar or more to taste. Mix in 1 tbsp cold milk until smooth. Stir in 1 cup hot milk.” This was probably the hot or cooked cocoa I remember. Anyway, as long as we’re talking about the same cocoa, my chocolate polvoron will be okay. Thanks again.

  • mina

    leng and taj,
    hi! i already place here the procedures and ingredients, also all the flavors that i have..thanks!

  • LENG

    Super thanks talaga, I received na your e-mail..can’t wait to cook for my two kids…Will keep you posted if successful yun ginawa ko…hehehe Btw, yun graham ang ingredients to make polvoron- would you know also? thanks ulit!

  • Libay


    Thank you very much sa info. You’re so generous to share your recipe. I wish to contact you thru your cel kung di makakaabala. What about the store selling cheap ingredients? I’m from Quezon Province but I often go to Manila too. Thanks and more power in your polvoron business.

  • mina

    hi!no problem im just so happy lang po kasi na sobrang okay ang start ng business ko kya i’m also happy to share it sa lahat ng gusto rin po na mag start ng polvoron business…you can email me if you want so i can answer some of your questions…thanks and god bless!

  • Jemmie

    Hi Connie,
    I just want to ask if it’s ok not to chill the polvoron after I wrapped them? Hindi ba sya masisira since I chilled it before wrapping them? My question also goes with yema balls since I also chill them before shaping.
    Thanks so much.

  • Connie

    Jemmie, yes, but they will be more difficult to wrap. Bakit sya masisira if you chill before wrapping? With yema balls, they might be too firm to shape once chilled. Cooling to room temp is ideal in my experience.

  • Jemmie

    Thanks Connie for the reply, but I guess I didn’t phrase the question well (sorry =P). What I meant was diba for easier wrapping, it’s better to chill the polvoron first. But after chilling and wrapping them, is it ok if i just stock it at room temperature for days?

    Naisip ko lang kasi baka parang tulad sya ng mga leftover foods na dapat ay nilalagay sa ref para hindi masira. Although I know na un mga tinitindang polvoron ay wala sa ref, pero naisip ko lang since commercial un baka may nilalagay silang preservatives or something.

    Thanks again and sorry for my ignorant questions. Hehe Please bear with me. =P

  • Connie

    Ah okay, I get it now. Well, considering that there’s milk in polvoron, I don’t know if that’s advisable. Milk can keep for a few months if stored in an air tight container. But if it has been mixed with butter… I’d be scared of storing them at room temp.

  • Jemmie

    Oh ok, thanks so much for answering all my questions and of course for the wonderful recipes. =P

  • Libay

    mina, i texted you. did you receive it?

  • Elcee


    i just can’t find a store here in our place selling CBS, and even baking chocolates are rare. Any suggestion where to purchase it? Thanks so much.

  • Buntis Mom

    According to Mina, she bought her CBS sa chocolate lovers sa P Tuazon in cubao area….

    Miss Connie, tried your mango cheese pie… sobrang sarap po! promis hehe……

  • mina


    yes, i received your text but sad to say they only have 2 branches here in metro mla. and i dont think meron po sila other branches outside metro..thanks!

  • Elcee

    Chocolate lovers in cubao? Where is the other branch? is it in makati area?

  • che-che

    ask ko lng po,anu ung CBS?first time ko ggwa ng chocolate coated pulvoron,actually first tym ko tlga ggwa ng pulvoron hehe,have no idea pa,sana mag work sa first try ko.pnu icocoat ung chcolate ng hnd hnahawakan pra wlang maiwang mark??im from baguio.. pls answer back,gusto ko tlga maimpress mother in law ko..=)
    tnx in advance!=’)

  • don


    san mkkbbli nun dip stick….????

  • don

    anyone po…

    pano po ba gumgawa nung chocolate na pangcoat…??

  • michelle

    what powdered milk po b ang pede nyo isuggest… kc po first time ko po ggwa ng polvoron. thanks!

  • Connie

    Birch Tree, Michelle. :)

    • ghen

      bircg tree po tlga?

      • ghen

        i mean birch tree? hehe sowie po

  • Jimmy

    Thank you po sa recipe. Do you use the sifter for the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, powdered milk)?

  • Connie

    Jimmy, my four sifter is a recent acquisition and still unused. When we made that batch of polvoron, we just used an ordinary wire strainer (salaan).

    • alicia l. fernan

      Dear Connie and evryone, me ur recipe of chocolate pulvoron and graham flavored and all the other flavors too..pls,pls,pls, I have just retired from my work and i want to have a buss.of my own at home.
      Thank you very much for your help..GOD BLESS.
      My email add is

      • Connie

        There are printable versions of every page. You can just print them out for personal use.

  • Josie

    Happy New Year to you and your family, Connie!!! Polvoron was one of my giveaway gifts again to friends this Christmas – but not just the regular polvoron this time. I made your version of the chocolate polvoron, and also made some with ground pecan nuts. I coated them with light/milk chocolate and white chocolate, all inspired by your tips and ideas. I found bars of coating chocolate at the store and just melted them away. My first batch did not look as good as the ones you bought from Vieux Chalet pero puede pasar na rin (I’ll email you a photo). I made a lot of polvoron and kept some in the freezer, and last night I coated some again and they looked smoother this time. They looked great wrapped in cellophane but I didn’t find this wrapper too pliable, so I shifted to giftwrapping tissue. The process of coating was quite tedious, kasi paisa-isa, but the result was satisfying. (There must be a way of coating multiple polvoron.) Also, wala pa ditong chocolate coated polvoron kaya “hit” ang regalo ko. Maraming maraming salamat saiyo, Connie.

  • massie

    Reading the suggestions and comment was encouraging. I am into business and I operate a small canteen but originally my goal was into food production. We already have soya products and yoghurt. I want to have a new product to introduce. Wala po ang chocolate coated polvoron which is actually my next target so my research brought me to this site. Now, gusto ko ring subukan. I am from Bontoc, Mountain Province, isa pong akong igorota. I hope your tips, comments and suggestions can help. Thank you guys!

  • DV

    dear ramina and to everyone:

    thanks to all of u!

    mina, can u pls email me ur recipe of chocolate pulboron and graham flavored as well as the other flavors?

    thanks so much for ur great help!

    my email add is

  • marie

    hello everyone!
    please email me a recipe o chocolate coated pulvoron.

    i really want to try it and start a buss.
    thanks and God Bless you all.

    my email add is

  • jhazz

    Dear Mina and Ms. Connie.

    i wud like to ask wat is CBS? anong chocolate ang gagamiting to coat the polvoron? pwede na ba yung hersheys na cholate then imet lang? wala na bang idadagdag dun?

    and abt the cocoa powder to use in polvoron, same din ba yun sa coco powder na inihahalo sa chocolate cake? like hersheys?

    thanks po in advance for the enlightenment…

  • melai

    hi everyone please send me recipe of choclolate coated polvoron. I would like to make kc wala sa samar nito.thjanks in advance hope you can help me guys

  • Karlin

    Hello to all who reads!

    My mother taught me how to make polvoron when I was a child. Back then I just used a large tablespoon as a mold, but thanks to an earlier post, I found a mold to order online, and will even try the mini muffin pan method. I’m pretty creative when it comes to cooking and am looking forward to trying new twists with polvoron. However, I don’t speak the language and understand only little (which I blame my mother for not teaching me!), I am wondering if anyone would mind sharing some of their creative polvoron recipes with me … in english. I see a lot mentioned of the chocolate coated ones that I’m really excited to find out more! Has anyone tried chopped or slivered almonds in theirs?

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to hearing from anybody.

    Salamat Po! (See? I know just a little. I just hope I spelled it right!)

    And God bless!!!

    P.S. My husband and children love the few filipino dishes I cook for them, I want to surprise them with dessert now!

  • Roselle

    Hi i learned a lot in this. Pano ba pumunta sa CBS sa cubao from farmers plaza. Kung pwede din pong makahingi ng lahat ng recipe ng ibat ibang flavor na polvoron.

    Anong klaseng butter anggamit nyo?

  • Roselle

    Quote from ms.mina

    for white choco and choco coated polvoron i dip nyo lang sa melted white choco or chocolate na may cocoa butter substitute nabibili rin to sa ibang bake shops and mura lang din sya haluan nyo lang ng 1-2 tablespoon tanggal ang lapot ng choco and makintab pa sya after i dip and madami pa kyo magagawa pag nilagyan ng cbs hndi sayang ang puhunan nyo..then after that i ref nyo

    Ms mina i copied this in your comment last nov 2007. di ko lang po masyadong maintindhan. ano po ung ihahalong 1-2 tablespoons? and ano yung pag nilagyan ng cbs? pasencia na po..

  • Roselle

    by the way dis is my email add

  • Toniette

    oreo cookies is also great panghalo in making polvoron and white chocolate-coated polvoron is d best…

  • http://pinoycook lyn

    pls. send me a copy of your Polvoron recipe.Thanks!

  • lae

    i wnt to know the ingrdts of polvoron with chocolate because i love it…tnx po

  • mark

    salamat po sa recipe.

    exempted ako sa exam dahil sa polvoron recipe u.

    i ilove u so much connie

  • joanne

    magkano ang selling price ng choco coated polvoron?

  • cris

    Sorry, but it seems I didn’t get the meaning of cbs. Also, can you please send me the recipe for chooco coated polvoron?

    Thank you

  • Amy

    Hello po! Pwede niyo po bang i-send sa akin ung recipe ng choco-coated polvoron? I’m trying to sell it kasi sa classmate ko eh. Pangdagdag sa allowance ko! hehehe…


    Thank you po!!! I’ll be gladly waiting!

  • Krystelle

    tita connie,, its coco powder,, or cocoa powder,, asK k0h lang p0h,,

    maraming salamat !

  • Krystelle

    excuse me ate Amy..

    ..nasa page 2 p0h ung recipes and pr0cedures..

    ..paKi look nLng p0h !

    mamaTszz !

  • Connie

    cocoa, Krystelle. Typo. :)

  • Charlotte

    If you are ever in Manila, look for HOP (house of polvoron). Their polvoron is really really good.

    I always make sure to get boxes of those things when I’m back home.

    i believe they also have choco coated.

  • YHNA


  • bianx

    hi!:) it’s my first time here…and i’m a bit into polvoron right now…i’ve read most of the comments and it’s really helpful…:) i’ll be making choc coated polvoron next week and i hope that it’ll be a success:) do you have any suggestions aside from the usual ingredients?:) thanks…:)

    one more thing… where can i actually buy the “cbs” here in manila?


  • mark

    please teach me how rto make different flavored polvoron

  • josie

    hello po good day pwede po ba mnghingi ng recipe ng choco polvoron n others recipe

    thanks n god bless


  • Airish a. Cajolo

    good day! i’m fond of making polvoron. u know im so happy when my polvorons are sold cousins really love it..can you give me a recipe of polvoron coated with chocolate? im here in Palawan..u can send me. my email add is ..thanks in advance!

  • Airish a. Cajolo

    mina, thank you for your comment here. i read it..i will try to make a polvoron coated with chocolate. gusto ko ito maging business. what is the brand of chocolate and white choco that you used? during my college years, gumagawa n ako at ngbebenta sa school canteen at bookstore ng university namin. But now, i stop cooking and selling. mdyo busy sa work…gusto ko gumawa ulit..problem ko din yung boxes, saan ba s manila pwedeng mgpabili coz a have a sister there at makati. thank you in advance! my email

  • gerlie

    hi connie!
    do you any idea how to make a polvoron malunggay? can you email me… thanks connie

  • cecile


  • lea

    Ms. Connie,

    Hello po. I’m Lea, and I’m 17. A high school senior pa lang.

    May project po kami and I was wondering if it’s a good idea to add malunggay powder to pulvoron. I’ve read in my internet article sites that there is such a thing as “malunggay pulvoron.”

    I’m still confused with the cocoa powder. Eto po ba yung as in hindi pa luto? I remember I tasted cocoa powder before at hindi pa siya matamis as I thought it would be. Is it available in the grocery?

    Hoping for your answer. You can e-mail me at

  • Connie

    Lea, I don’t do readers’ school projects, sorry. You’ll have to experiment on your own about malunggay.

    Re cocoa powder. You use it right out of the container. As to not being sweet, if it were sweet it wouldn’t be pure.

  • lea

    Was just getting your opinion. :) I didn’t intend to make you do it.

    Anyway, what is the difference on the polvoron if confectioner’s sugar were used?

  • Connie

    “what is the difference on the polvoron if confectioner”?s sugar were used?”

    Try using it and you’ll know and have answers for your research. :)

  • Minnie

    hi! im gonna use ur recipe po ha… kasi i have to help my mom in her business and im looking for ways to have a variety in the foodies that she’s selling online… best selling po namin leche flan but a lot of people are asking for polvoron.. they would usually ask if it taste like goldilocks.. ehem! mas masarap ang homemade noh! hehehe… Thanks for the tips & God bless!

  • Joni

    Hi Ms. Connie! I was just browsing around for recipes to make polvorons (i used to do them before kaya lang naging busy sa work :)) I’m trying to refresh my memory on how to make them. they are a great idea for giving this Christmas. I’ll follow your recipe, i hope you don’t mind. :)

    For those asking what if confectioner’s sugar was used… i’ve tried it before, what happened was the polvoron doesnt hold as much as when regular sugar was used. It’s more “powdery” when it crumbles. The white sugar granules gives that extra texture to the polvoron, making it more enjoyable to eat. :)

    Hope this helps!

  • reynante advincula

    _ate connie pwede nyo poh b email ang pggawa poh ng coted milk and chocolate polvoron../?????????kng anong milk at chocolate poh ang gagamtin?????????Gagamitin lng poh namin s feasibility pati n rin poh ung history….tnx poh more power!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jane

    If I would make polvorons with different flavors such as cheese, strawberry, and pandan, do you have any suggestions on what to add to the ingredients to taste like cheese, strawberry, and pandan polvorons? What kind of flavorings should I use? Thanks!

  • arnil

    hi..ate..gud evening..henge ako advise sa inyo po sana..gusto ko sana mag negosyo ng polvoron..meron po ba kayong ma esuggest sa akin?mahilig ako sa luto2x…plano ko rin sana pong mag peanut rolls, torones de mani…studyante po ako eh..ur suggestion would be of great help to me…thanx..

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  • princess

    hi to all of you! i’m princess from NY. gusto ko po sana gumawa ng polvoron. can i please have the recipe of the chocolate coated polvoron pls? at how po maglagay ng mga flavors like strawberry, green tea. etc?

    my foreigner friends love polvoron at wala po kami Goldilocks dito & they would prefer homemade. i want to learn to make it para i can bring them to parties.

    i hope matulungan nyo po ako

    this is my email add po:

    thanks a lot!

  • kate

    What in the world does CBS stand for? I tried searching for it in google…and I could only guess that it means chocolate bittersweet? And in making the chocolate-coated polvoron, are there special tools that one can use to coat both sides? I read all of the above posts and one mentioned about using a fork and dipping stick. I can’t imagine how they can work. Is the polvoron coated or dipped because those mean different things (method-wise). Has anyone successfully figured out the coating/dipping process yet? Thanks.

  • ghen

    ..hello po!! ask ko lng kung pwede rin po ba ako gumamit ng chocolate bar and then tutunawin ko nlng sya at ipang cocoate ko sa polvoron? do i need to use the CBS? kya lng minsan natry ko po parang naccra ung polvoron ko, dapat po tlga my CBS sya?

  • theresa

    hi..just want to asked. how long the polvoron will last?

    • Connie

      If you freeze them, they can last for a few weeks.

  • phoebe

    i really want to know how to make coho milk coated plvoron…

    pls email it to me…. thanks!

  • Mylene R.

    hi Ms. Connie,

    hi Mam! marunong na po ako gumawa ng pulovoron, pero di ko po alam kung pano ang procedure ng pagcoat ng cholate.

    Andito po ako sa Dubai now, nagsassideline ng kaunti, baka po pedeng makahingi ng procedure on how to coat choloate sa pulvoron.

    Maraming salamat po.


  • Camille

    hi Ms. Connie can I use cake flour instead of all purpose flour?

    • Connie

      The texture will be different.

  • Camille

    Thank you…

  • princess


    if i make pinipig polvoron, can i just replace the cocoa powder with pinipig powder? same quantity and no need to cook the pinipig powder?


    • Connie

      You can try and let us know how it turns out. I can’t guess the results of things I haven’t tried. :)

  • cheryl


    am interested in venturing homemade polvorons (for my sideline). appreciate if you can email me recipes on different flavors such as pinipig, cookies in cream, those w/ nuts i.e pili or whatever flavor variation you have. My email add:
    Thanks in advance.

  • Kristine

    Hi! ask ko lang kung may suggestion kayo kung anong masarap na milk ang gagamitin? thanks..

    • Connie

      Birch tree. :)

    • http://gogle klarissa_cute

      i thing its condence milk right??

  • desiree

    hi ms connie! my daughter is starting her home based business & for starters, she’s making polvoron & pastillas. Her first batch of polvoron & pastillas was such a hit that I suggested we create different flavors. Luckily, I stumbled upon your website & is very pleased with the variety of recipes you have. I can quite relate to your story since my father also loved to cook & experiment new dishes. Like you, I was also the designated “kitchen helper” in the family. My love of food & cooking is now being enjoyed by my daughter who’s taking up Culinary Arts. May I request for the recipes of cheese, graham flavored polvoron. What flavors can you suggest for pastillas? Also, do you have the recipe of yema balls coated in caramelized sugar(?) that’s how I remember the yema we used to have :)
    Thanks so much & more power! God bless!

    • Connie

      What’s in the blog is what I’ve got. Good luck to your daughter. Entrepreneurship is a great thing. :)

  • http://gogle klarissa_cute

    its so interesting to know how 2 learn a cooking just for a kids like mee…

    its not hard and u can do it just follow the ingredients


  • mye

    i love polvoron talaga pero di ako marunong gumawa..pls email nmn po ng recipi ng polvoron. gusto ko mag try magbusiness. i want the coated polvoron..please email me at…ty po

  • precious

    where did you export that product? i need it to my assignment…

    • Connie

      O, ngayon?

  • mary grace wang

    Hi to Ms. MINA i have 3 kids who are polvoron eaters..pls nkindly send me your recipe..cookies and creams,chocolate,coffee diff.kinds i will cook for them
    every weekends.thanks and GOD BLESS!

  • lea

    hello, what’s the pinch of salt for? does it add to the taste or just prolong the life of the polvoron? thanks.

    • Connie

      It’s to prevent the polvoron (or any sweet dish) from becoming cloying.

  • sen

    Hi Ate Connie,

    Please send me your pulvoron recipe and other variations ie. Graham and cheese or ube etc. Also the chocolate covered pulvoron recipes please. I’m want to experiment if this will be good give away for Christmas time. Salamat po!


  • sen

    Dear Ate Connie,

    Can you please send me recipe of variety flavored, original and chocolate covered pulvoron recipes. Wanted to see if this could be a hit in America especially in Christmas season. I appreciate it. Sorry if this is my second email to you. Unsure it first one sent out successfully. Salamat po.

    -senen espiritu

    • Connie Veneracion

      Hi senen, well, what is posted in the blog is what I share. I can’t accommodate individual requests, sorry.

    • http://yahoo Emil Lanon

      Use the basic recipe you have just add the flavor you wish to do… and adjust the sugar and the butter to mentain the consistency that depends if you add more powder ingredients plus minus 10 percent adjustmen..
      Good luck…

      Chef emil

  • Krd

    How long do polvorons last? Must they be stored in the fridge?

    • Connie Veneracion

      They can be frozen for a week or two.

  • Dada

    Thanks for sharing how to make polvoron. We are actually in the polvoron-making business and it’s doing very well. Polvoron is really an all-time favorite pasalubong and gift of Filipinos. =D

  • Maye

    Hello everyone…I’m planning to have my own small business and this polvoron thingy really gets my interest. Can I ask for the complete recipe especially the chocolate used for coating the polvoron? I just hope all of the ingredients could be found in the the grocery store. Thank you..

  • liza

    hello.. can you teach me how to make polvoron firm?? ng lo loose po kase… thx. . .