Chocolate polvoron

It’s my daughters’ Christmas party in school today. Potluck style. My 13-year-old was smart. She volunteered to being the juice. All we need to do was buy about half a dozen boxes of juice in pouches. But my 11-year-old had been regaling her classmates with stories of home made polvoron for months. She didn’t mind helping out in the kitchen to make them. chocolate polvoron chocoloate polvoron for my daughters' class party in school

Because it’s easier to wrap the polvoron after they have been chilled (minimizes crumbling), we made the polvoron last night, stored them in an airtight freezer container and wrapped them early this morning. My daughter was already halfway through the sifting of the dry ingredients last night when I suggested dividing the mixture into two portions and adding to cocoa to one. Variety would be nice and chocolate polvoron–especially for kids–sounded like a grand idea.

Chocolate polvoron is still the same basic polvoron except for the addition of cocoa powder.

Ingredients :

2 c. of all-purpose flour
2 c. of powdered full cream milk
1 c. of white sugar
4 tsps. of coco powder
3/4 c. of melted butter
a pinch of salt
24-30 pieces of 5″x5″ pieces of cellophane paper

Cooking procedure :

In a small sauce pan or skillet, toast the flour over medium-low heat. Stir continuously to avoid burning. When the color of the flour turns beige, turn off the heat. Cool the flour for 10 minutes then sift it, with the pinch of salt, into a large mixing bowl. Sift the sugar and milk together in another mixing bowl. Combine all the sifted ingredients and stir well. Or, you can sift them all together. Pour in the melted butter. Mix well.

Fill the mould with the mixture. Press the mixture into the mould well using the back of a spoon. Release the polvoron and stack them in an airtight freezer container. Chill (we prefer to freeze) for a few hours or until firm.

Wrap in pieces of cellophane paper.