Chocolate mint coffee

If there is one noche buena tradition in my husband’s family that I never really got the hang of, it’s drinking chocolate. If the noche buena meal consisted of bibingka and puto bumbong only, then an accompanying chocolate drink would be marvelous. But when the dishes in the meal are quite heavy — ham, chicken, fruit salad — drinking chocolate is simply too much for me. Besides, I’m a coffee drinker and I drink coffee for the caffeine. A few days ago, I discovered a great way to combine chocolate with coffee.

No, I didn’t nibble on the chocolate while drinking my coffee. I took two pieces of Andes chocolate mint and dropped them into my very hot coffee. I stirred, made sure the chocolate bars had melted, then sipped my coffee. Oh my goodness, I’ve had lots of good coffee before but never coffee this good. But then, of course, I love mint and Andes chocolate mint is my favorite chocolate in the whole wide world, and that’s probably a significant factor why I loved the combination so much.

Even if you’re not a mint fan but you love flavored coffee, or if you’re not a chocolate drinker but enjoy the chocolatey texture and flavor in your cup of coffee, you can experiment with different chocolate bars. I don’t think that those with nuts and fruits will work but I bet that orange and cherry flavored chocolates will go well into a hot cup of coffee. :)


  1. elaine says

    I’m a huge coffee drinker and an andes mint fan. But of course, coffee does vary in flavor and hate anything acidic/or sour type(aka starbucks). So I truly go for freshly brewed benguet coffee and I think a combination of andes mint and a good cup of coffee would work perfectly well. I would tend to enjoy a homemade fancy coffee like this than in some rather expensive coffee shop. Happy Holidays!

  2. Shey says

    Andes chocolate mint is really delicious!!! So I bet this is a great combination. I think Starbucks has a selection of mint flavored frap or coffee. Orange flavor is a good one too, I have tasted something with peanut butter as well and it tastes good. Maybe you should try coffee with Reese chocolate, do you think it would render the same flavor??? Let’s see…

  3. Marie says

    hmmm sounds yummy…. personally i really like chocolate mint in ice cream and of course in chocolate bars…the ones i tried yet is the after eight of nestle…they come in separate packaging very thin dark chocolates with mint filling. i just want to ask…your version of the chocolate mint coffee…do you serve it with milk or you enjoy it black? thanks for the idea!

  4. cel says

    mmm… i love mint chocolate. we always have mint chocolates here at home because it helps ease bruce’s migraine and any other aches and pains. as for me, it’s another excuse to have more chocolates. then again, i dont need any excuse to eat chocolates anyway. i will definitely try this. hehe. btw, i made lechon sa hurno for our noche buena last night. oh boy, was it ever good. everyone loved it. salamat sa recipe. i also recommended your blog to my mom-in-law who loves pinoy food. merry christmas and happy new year!