Chocolate fudge brownies

The old chocolate fudge brownies recipe published on November 6, 2008 was loved by many but I have discovered an even better recipe so I am relegating the old one to page two of this post. This new recipe, based on Martha Stewart’s in her Baking Handbook, is fudgy and slightly chewy too, characteristics which, for me, make a brownie perfect. The brownies are great just plain but you can top them with chopped nuts to make them more festive and special, and good enough for gift-giving. If you’re not a fan of nuts, you can drizzle melted white chocolate over the brownies or sprinkle them with powdered sugar.


  • 500 g. of dark chocolate, cut into small pieces
    250 g. of butter, cut into small pieces, plus 1 tbsp. for greasing the pan
    3 c. of sugar
    1 tsp. of salt
    4 large eggs
    1 tbsp. of vanilla extract
    1-1/2 c. of all-purpose flour
    1/4 c. of chopped pecans
    1/4 c. of chopped walnuts


  1. Preheat the oven to 350F.

    Lightly butter the bottom and sides of a 13″ x 9″ x 2″ pan. Line with baking paper, leaving a two-inch overhang. Butter the baking paper.

    Place the chocolate and butter in a large glass mixing bowl. Heat in the microwave, at MEDIUM heat, for three to four minutes or until softened. Alternatively, use a double boiler and melt over hot water. Beat the chocolate and butter until smooth. Cool.

    Add the eggs, one at a time, mixing after each addition.

    Add the sugar and salt. Mix. Stir in the vanilla extract.

    Add the flour. Mix until smooth. Pour into the prepared pan.

    Sprinkle the chopped nuts over half of the brownie batter.

    Bake for 50 to 55 minutes at 350F or until a toothpick inserted at the center comes out with very few crumbs. Underbaking the brownies a little helps keep it chewy and fudgy.

    Place the pan on a rack. Cool.

    Using the overhanging baking paper, lift the baked brownie in one piece and transfer to a cutting board.

    Cut down the middle to separate the half with the nuts and the plain half.

    Cut the half with nuts into two-inch squares (or whatever size you prefer — you may even cut them into bars). Place each piece in a cupcake paper liner.

    Cut the remaining half into two portions. Sprinkle one portion with powdered sugar. Drizzle melted white chocolate over the other portion. Cut everything into squares or bars.

Quick Notes

If you intend to give away the brownies as gifts, I suggest variety with each box containing brownies with nuts, brownies with powdered sugar and brownies with white chocolate topping.

If you intend to store the brownies, I do not recommend using the powdered sugar topping as it may absorb moisture.

Cooking time (duration): 1 hour and 30 minutes

Number of servings (yield): 60 to 70 squares

Meal type: snack

The old chocolate fudge brownie recipe from November 6, 2008 is on page two.

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    • Nikita says

      Hi! Based on the instructions, should the ingredient “pancake mix” above be changed to pancake syrup? And what brand do you use?

    • farrah says

      hi miss connie?i just want to ask if i can substitute honey in lieu of pancake syrup. that’s what i have kase..tenx so much

        • lorie says

          hi connie. i intent to bake this for my niece’s 18th bday. do you think it will come out well if i freeze it for a week or two or does it have to be freshly baked when served? thanks.

          • says

            I don’t know, Lorie. These brownies are rather moist inside and out and I’m not sure if freezing them won’t turn them watery.

          • greenpoison says

            Hi Connie,

            i’ve tried to make this and it turned out “oohhh soooo yummy” super super very nice indeed!!!

            and ing and everyone, i have used honey instead of pancake syrup, and hmmmm it was perfect!!! and used assorted toppings such as pecan, macadamia, mallows and even white choc chips…but i adjusted some of the ing but all was great… :) im making this again and will sure use honey everytime…


          • LINGAY PAREJA says


          • Roma Agtarap says

            Hi Ms. Connie,

            Just want to ask where can i buy 9 x 6 cake pan that you use in your chocolate fudge brownies.

            Thanks in advance.

            Roma Agtarap

          • Roma Agtarap says

            Hi Ms.Connie,

            Sorry i’m so kulit, I just wanted to try your brownies. I already asked Gourdo’s and Cooks’ Exchange but the size of 9×6 is no longer available, you mentioned supermarket and market, can i know what supermarket and market?

            Thanks so much in advance!


          • says

            Meron sa Shopwise. You can use another size like an 8″x8″ pan. Some adjustments on the baking time might be in order though.

          • Roma says

            Hi Ms. Connie,

            Bought a cake pan with the size of 9 x 5, anyway, if ever i will adjust the time, will i lessen the required time or add some more?

            Thank you in advance again.

          • Roma says

            Hi Ms. Connie,

            Tried the recipe already it was good and it came out so fudgy, na parang icing daw when i ask my officemates to try it, but they liked it. Is it because I used brown sugar instead of white? And I have another question can i make this recipe chewy? just like the brownies in KFC? if so how will i do it? or any recipe for chewy brownies?

            Thanks so much for your help.

          • says

            “And I have another question can i make this recipe chewy?”

            You’ll need another recipe and procedure for that. I have one but am not happy with it. Still tweaking. :)

          • Newbie says

            Hi Ate Connie,

            I am newbie in baking and I am based here in Wellington New Zealand. It was great that I stumbled on to your website as it contains a lot of easy to cook meals that I can do on my own.

            I apologize for this newbie question but is it possible to cook this brownie using the “fan forced” setting in my oven?

            thanks in advance

          • Roma Agtarap says

            Hi Ms. Connie!

            Thank you for sharing your recipe, I’m just wondering if i can use other size of baking pan perhaps 8 x 8, since when i was looking for the 9 x 6 pan, its not available what they have is 9 x 3 and its a round pan.

            Thanks in advance and God bless.

          • says

            9×3 round pan? You mean 9 inches in diameter and 3 inches high? I’m pretty sure you can but you may have to adjust the baking time.

          • Roma Agtarap says

            Thank you for your quick reply, since what i have now is the 8 x 8 baking pan, can i just use that since i don’t have the 9 x 6 cake pan?

            Thanks again.

  1. says

    Yes, Nikki, I inserted a link in the list.

    Nikita, yes, it is syrup. It was a typo and I edited it already. :) Brand… brand… I think we have Clara Ole right now but we keep changing brands hehehe

  2. says

    Syl, haven’t seen that around. Mostly, it’s Ricoa and Hershey’s and that terrible brand endorsed by Heny Sison. Forgot the name… Will watch out for bensdorp though, thanks.

  3. says

    Wow!!! This is definitely one of your recipes that I am going to try…. just by looking at the photos, I could sense na super sarap and fudgy ang brownies mo, Ms. Connie!!! Another suggestion when you make it next time— you can use the Betty Crocker frostings that are found in supermarkets (also Duncan Hines) and then drop some white chocolate morsels. They will look so pretty too! Thanks again!

    • jennie says

      I just tried this recipe after i read your entry this morning, but i used light corn syrup instead of pancake syrup and walnuts instead of almonds…really good! thanks a lot!!! I finished baking at around 12 noon, allowed it to cool at room temperature for 2 hrs, then i chilled it for 2 hrs as you indicated…..i intended to pack it as my kids’ snacks for tomorrow, but the baking pan is almost empty now…
      Thanks again and God Bless you more!

        • syl says

          Bensdorp cocoa are usually sold repackaged in plastic packs nowadays… Bensdorp is produced by the company which makes Van Houten chocolates. But it’s cheaper than Hershey’s cocoa. Yes, duncan hines frosting is yummy on brownies!

          • dhayL says

            thanks for the recipe, my sis likes to bake brownies, but often she’ll just by the ready-made, and almost all the time they’re over baked, hehehe, maybe she’ll get lucky on this one, thanks!

          • my 1st brownie says

            hi! thanks for the recipe. this would be my first brownie and it turned out quite good considering that i did not have an oven and used TURBO BROILER, whoa! :) the brownie turned out good, crusty on top but fudge-y inside… i just need to adjust the cocoa (i used ricoa) and sugar next time (to sweet for me). thanks again!

    • maria says

      OMG, I tried this recipe, but didn’t have any almonds/walnuts/nuts at home. I did have snickers chocolate bars from the kids’ trick or treat. Label says it has peanuts, caramel and nougat so I chopped them and used them as my “nuts”. I used 3 whole bars for this recipe. Utang na loob–super sarap!!!

  4. maria says

    I’m kinda new posting here so I don’t know if there’s a thread for requesting recipes so forgive me. Is there anyone here who has a recipe for the Cookie Monster chocolate cake? I remember them as a young kid where they were sold in Campos Rueda Building in Makati or SM Makati. I’ve since moved to the US, but still remember how yummy those cakes were!!

  5. says

    maria, whole chocolate bars sound great! haha what an idea!

    Sorry, though, no recipe requests. I only post what I cook and that depends on my family’s preferences. It’s my quality control — I can only recommend what I’ve personally tested and tasted. :)

    • Glendz says

      Ms Connie,

      I have a very big problem :( What kind of oven should you buy if you want to start baking.. i first thought Microwave oven then after thinking through can’t be. What should I look for in an appliance center if I’ll buy one.. What brand do you suggest and what should be the specs (like a cellphone?) I know it is a private thing..but can u post a picture of what you are using? I actually wanna see all the utensils that you have.. would be nice if you have here somewhere in your site. I’m desperate..i wanna learn so I can make healthy goodies, pastries for my baby and husband. More power to you and thanking you in advance for your response, hopefully soon! Thanks!

  6. belle says

    This was well worth the chocolate induced migraine I got. Mmm…yummy! You should try the truffle brownie recipe from the Food Network’s Partyline show. It’s easy and insanely delicious!

    • says

      I will be baking this today… hehehe… I made sure to have the ingredients yesterday. Will report to you, soon as I have the finished product! And judging from the feedback from the others who have tried the recipe, I may also be doing this recipe again and again. I am so excited!

        • arlene says

          Waah! What did I do wrong? Mine turned out packed and bready, huhuhu! Maybe our flour is pangit. Or is it the corn syrup? The helper suggested I should add baking powder! Waahh! Kainis. Tapos she refused pa to make tikim. Suplada.

          I’ll do it again. Dapat alone na lang ako sa kitchen…

          • beng says

            made this twice! an both are really good. 1st was naubos agad, hinakot ng friend ko pauwi. 2nd, dinala ko sa ofc yun iba at un half dinala ko sa friend ng mom ko. winner! marami ng ntuwa and best of all, i think i’ll make this as christmas present. personalized na and surely masarap pa! thanks for sharing your recipes connie. i’ve been visiting other recipe/food sites pero favorite kita, yours are simplier and madali hanpin ang mga ingredients.

        • says

          Arlene, adding baking powder will turn it rise and cake-y and the fudge-y texture will be lost. At tama, dapat ALONE ka sa kitchen. Pumapalpak pag maraming nakiki-alam. :)

          • says

            hi, ms.connie! have been visiting your site for quite a while already. in fact, when my hubby looks for something new to eat, he visits your site and tells me what he wants for me to cook. yeah, your site has been like a list of menu in a resto! char! thanks for the help, anyway!

            hmmm, ask ko lang about pancake syrup. can i use hersheys syrup (chocolate flavor). thanks again!

  7. michelle says

    I tried this recipe today . I cut down on sugar , syrup and cocoa but added marshmallows.. It turned out really good. My kids loved it..Will bake this for the school bakesale donation next week. Thanks Ate Connie ;)

  8. arlene says

    I got it! Perfect!
    I had to use pine nuts kasi naubos ko na yung almonds sa first try. Thanks Ms. Connie. Grabe, ang sawap-sawap!

    I like marshmallows. I think am gonna try the same and add marshmallows. Thanks to Michelle for the suggestion.

    • says

      thanks for the quick response. ms. connie, ive seen pancake syrup maple-flavored. is that the one i should use?
      thanks again. im all excited about this!

  9. says

    cel, I’m not so sure about the chocolate syrup. The brownies might turn too dark and too dense and too sweet. If you decide to try, let us know ha. Who knows, you might create something 10 times better. :)

    Arlene, that’s great! And I’ll note that pine nuts work well for these brownies too. Thanks.

  10. michelle says

    hi ms. connie! just wanted to ask, where do u buy the chocolate morsels? and what brand of pancake syrup do u prefer? tnx! :)

    • says

      Hi Miss Connie! I am going to try this recipe later this afternoon! I am so excited! I have always been a fan of your recipes because I believe in them. By the way, your coconut macaroons are a hit! I think I’ve made around 4 batches already in a stretch of two months! Super in demand sila! I gave them away for Christmas :)

      I have also tried your corn muffins and food for the gods and likewise have received fab comments! I get 1 million ganda points from my bf’s family! :) Yeey! I’m going to blog about this later, and you can see mine at :)

          • mary jane toribio says

            mam connie can i use canola oil instead of corn oil.thank you po and more power.

          • Heaven says

            Hi Ms. Connie,

            My first time here in your site and I can really smell and taste your delicious bakes and meals..
            Tamang-tama, Christmas is nearing na naman. I guess, I have enough time to try all these brownies to perfection before Christmas noh? You’re a blessing, Ms. Connie! Thanks! Love na kita agad… :))

          • says

            Hi Miss Connie,

            I tried making this tonight. I haven’t tasted it yet, I’m still allowing it to cool.

            Muntik na mag epic fail kasi I placed it too near the cover (I’m using turbo), nasunog tuloy yung chocolate morsels. :( I was thinking about throwing it away, but decided against it. Instead, I made some chocolate frosting and poured it over the brownies, to counter the slightly bitter taste of the burnt top.

            I hope it works. Hehe. I’ll let you know kung fail pa din tomorrow. Hehe,

          • disneykity82 says

            Hi Ms. Connie,

            I really love your site. I learn a lot. I would like to ask when to but the 250g of butter. Thanks.

          • Connie says

            In the third paragraph of the instructions: “Beat the chocolate and butter until smooth.”

  11. jennica says

    hello maam connie i try this recipe.. first time ko po kasi magbake.. tanong ko lang po kasi medyo palpak hehehe prang lumubo po yung top nya..kasi may selector dial po yun oven namin san ko po ba don ilalagay don po kasi ako nalilito sa selectoer dial cguro kya minsan palapak yung gawa pero sarap apa din khit medyo palpak…. thanx po…

        • Connie says

          Possible. I suggest you use a separate oven thermometer too so you don’t rely on the oven’s own temperature reading.

          • Sheryl Fletcher says

            In the brownie recipe you use grams for the first 2 items and for the rest of the items you use cups and teaspoons. Is there a reason to use both types of measurements? Thank you for your recipes.

          • Connie says

            The chocolate and butter come in 500 and 250 g. packs, respectively. So their labels say. I retained the measurement-according-to-the-label for accuracy.

            The rest of the ingredients, I measured with cups and spoons. So, they are enumerated that way. :)

          • iris diane says

            hi connie!i have followed some of ur cooking recipes way back in im back in phil and i am settling down so i wanted to start baking.can i use cocoa powder if i cant get a dark chocolate?
            and by the way do you know this course type of flour?i have seen it in czech republic and they call it MOUKA HRUBA?they usually use it to make a KNEDLIKY(national food)and i want to try it here to impress my hubby..

          • Anna Z. de Perez says

            Hi Connie!

            I used honey instead of pancake syrup (which is not available here in Uruguay) and it came out very well. :-))

            More power to you always!

          • llopez says

            hi ms connie! Im new to baking and was wondering what kind of dark chocolate you used? Is it the baking chocolate kind or any dark chocolate we eat? Thanks and happy holidays!

            P.s. I find unsalted butter quite expensive. Can i use regular butter like dairy cream and the like for my other baking needs? Thanks :)

          • llopez says

            hi ms connie. Thanks for the reply. Is dutche ok? Ive been using cocoa powder for my brownies ksi (specified nman) and have no idea if ok ung baking chocolate ng dutche and ricoa?

            How about other butters like baker’s best (im not even sure kung tama ung name) and the like? Not really dairy cream (i still find it expensive khit stick lng). Mejo expensive ksi for an unemployed amateur baker like me ang unsalted butter. What would you suggest? Thank you.

          • Judith Garcia says

            Happy Holidays, Ms Connie!

            I did this twice and both times all 4 sides rose making it thicker than the middle plus all the nuts migrated to the center. I wonder what I am doing wrong. Thanks again,


          • Connie says

            @Judith Garcia The four sides will be higher than the center, not thicker.If the nuts sank, they are too large. Chop them into smaller pieces. Tossing them with 1 tbsp. of flour before stirring into the batter will help.

          • Judith Garcia says

            @Connie Hi again! Yup, my mistake…yes the sides were higher. Glad to know that just “normal” :). The nuts didn’t sink into the brownies, they remained on top yun nga lang all clumped towards the center. so all 4 sides were higher and were devoid of nut toppings for about 2 inches from the edge. How do i remedy this? Thanks again. Thanks also for the flour tip.

          • Connie says

            @Judith Garcia Clumped at the center? Oops, first time I’ve heard of that issue. Well, if you want nuts in all your brownies, you might want to just stir them in in all the batter.

          • Frances says

            Hi. I want to try your recipe but I don’t really know what dark chocolate to use. Could you please specify the brand that use for your recipe? I really want to have an outcome as good as the one you did. Thanks! :)

          • says

            You know, as my brother-in-law would say, it’s not the pana, it’s the pane-er. :) brand is irrelevant. It’s all about how you execute the recipe. I suggest you go to a baking supply store, or even the grocery, and choose what you like the best.

          • Masha Tansiatco says

            Dear Ms. Connie,
            I have been making brownies for the past months. At first, they turned out the way I wanted to, fudge and chewy with flaky top. But now, whenever I’m baking, it turns out with a sticky top but still with a fudge and chewy inside. I have been using the same recipe since I started and I dont know why it doesn’t come out with a flaky top anymore. I want it to be with a flaky top. Would you know how?

            Thank you very much.


          • says

            Masha, in the first place, I don’t know what recipe, ingredients and oven you’re using. Even if you use the same recipe but switch brands/quality of ingredients, the result will vary. Ovens need to be calibrated too from time to time.

          • Feelingera says

            Hi Ma’am Connie,

            What kind of chocolate would be perfect to melt? What I bought was chocolate compound daw.. Kaso parang pang mould lang cia… Tumigas after cooling down.. Pero okay naman cia pag labas ng oven.. I’ll try the dulce de leche cheese cake tomorrow, can i add some butter to soften the brownie for that, tomorrow? It taste good pero ang problem ko is tumigas like choco bars :))

          • Feelingera says

            Oh, maybe that’s why.. I’ve just read that compound chocolate is for candy making or coating only? Do you have any other articles on chocolates?

            I will just try this next time.. Or if I found some baking chocolates tomorrow.. Thanks Ma’am Connie!

            Sorry for my very basic question.. I’m just new to baking..

  12. Joana says

    Merry Christmas, Ms Connie!

    This is superbly delicious! After all the successful recipes that you shared, maybe you should have your own cafe. Haha.
    Thanks for sharing this! :)

      • Joanna says

        Thank you very much for your quick reply, Connie.
        By the way, I asked about height baking pan in your buttery cupcake page thinking that I was on this page. Sorry about that.
        Thanks again!!

        • Nikki says

          Hi po.. I just made choco fudge brownie this m0rning based on this recipe and it was really great.. Thank you po for this. They thought i would be starting my business..

  13. Joanna says

    Hi maam! In your recipe for the Chocolate Fudge Brownie,can i ask for the baking pan that you use? I was asking around for the 9″x6″ pan but i was asked for the height. Hope to hear from you.

  14. curioser says

    Hi! Thanks for this recipe. I tried it once (though I only used goya dark chocolate buttons) & got rave reviews from my family & friends.

    I found bensdorp cocoa powder. How do I incorporate this in your recipe since it calls for choc to be cut in to pieces? The in-house baker at the store I bought it from suggested that I add 3T of Bensdorp cocoa powder to 1T of oil = 30g of dark chocolate. Combine these to make up to 500g (which is what the recipe calls for). Then add with butter & melt in double broiler.

    Is this what I should do?

  15. Menchie says

    Good morning, Ms Connie! I’ve been trying to save the recipe to my ziplist app. The link for the save recipe button is broken po yata. :)

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