Chocolate cupcakes with crème brûlée frosting Chocolate cupcakes with crème brûlée frosting

Chocolate AND custard. Plus a little crunch from the caramelized sugar on top. Can you imagine? It’s not a new idea. If you Google “crème brûlée cupcakes”, you’ll get quite a number of pages in the result. Most, however, use yellow or vanilla batter for the cupcakes. Why did I go chocolate? I was inspired by a photo on Bakers Royale. I won’t prolong the suspense as too much suspense can be painful.

First you bake the crème brûlée and the cupcakes. You can use whatever recipe you like; I used my tried and tested recipes for crème brûlée and chocolate cupcakes. For best results, cool both before assembly. And, to make sure that the crème brûlée is spreadable, do not overbake it — take it out of the oven while the center still wiggles a bit when the ramekin is lightly shaken. Chocolate cupcakes with crème brûlée frosting

When the cupcakes are cool, use a melon baller to scoop out the centers. How wide and how deep the holes should be, well, there is no rule on that. It’s up to you. I started with pretty small and shallow holes, then, Speedy took over the scooping job and he made wide and deep holes — he likes a lot crème brûlée in the cupcakes. Chocolate cupcakes with crème brûlée frosting

Using a teaspoon or a small offset spatula, fill the holes with crème brûlée. You may spread the crème brûlée to cover the tops or you may prefer to keep it near the middle. How high the mound of crème brûlée should be — again, that’s up to you. Chocolate cupcakes with crème brûlée frosting

Sprinkle with crème brûlée with sugar then use a kitchen torch to caramelize the sugar. Chocolate cupcakes with crème brûlée frosting

It’s quite okay to sample your work before you finish frosting all the cupcakes. That was what happened last night. I frosted three cupcakes, I gave one to Speedy to try, he came into the kitchen, I asked him to scoop out the centers of the remaining eight cupcakes and scoop them out he did with wide and deep holes. Chocolate cupcakes with crème brûlée frosting

Darn, these cupcakes are so, so good. And the crème brûlée and chocolate combination makes so much sense.

Obviously, you need to keep this cupcakes in the fridge because the crème brûlée will spoil fast at room temperature especially in hot and humid weather. Keep them in a covered container to prevent the cupcakes from drying out.


  1. housekeeper says

    Mmmm… that looks so delectable! Big holes for more creme brulee – I don’t blame Mr. Speedy!

  2. says

    gosh..why oh why i saw this now that I can’t bake…our oven was submerged in flood during that 22-hr non-stop rain!!! for the first time in 30 yrs our house was flooded and the oven was one of the few things we were not able to move toa higher place ‘coz it’s wall mounted…hay…still waiting for the service technician…:)

  3. natzsm says

    Mr. Speedy knows his desserts. Reminds me of the perfect custard cake and the cassava cake with custard topping. YUMMY!