Chocolate chunk cookie ice cream

After Alex discovered how wonderful it is to mix home made vanilla ice cream with home baked chocolate chip cookies, she asked me to bake another batch of cookies that would do well for the purpose. That led to the huge batch of chocolate chunk cookies that I baked last Sunday. While the cookies cooled, I did as she asked and made ice cream. How I assembled the chocolate chunk cookie ice cream itself deserves a good story telling.

See, when I made the chocolate chip cookie ice cream, the only thing that I added to the vanilla ice cream were the chopped cookies. The chocolate syrup was added as a mere garnish when the ice cream was served. I did things differently with the chocolate chunk cookie ice cream. I drizzled the chocolate syrup in two layers before the ice cream went into the freezer to allow it to firm up. And the result was wonderful. You get a swirl of chocolate and chunks of cookie with every spoonful.


  • 1 recipe for vanilla ice cream
    4 chocolate chunk cookies, cut into a little less than half-inch cubes
    about 1/3 c. of chocolate syrup (I used Hershey’s but I really recommend melted and cooled dark chocolate)


  1. Make the ice cream (see the vanilla ice cream entry for details). During the last five minutes of processing, drop the chopped chocolate chunk cookies, in batches, into the ice cream maker.

    Stop processing while the ice cream is still in very soft stage.

    Transfer half of the ice cream into a wide freezer container. Drizzle half of the chocolate over the ice cream. Top with the rest of the ice cream. Drizzle the remaining chocolate syrup over the second layer of ice cream. Cover and freeze until firm.

    Serving suggestion: Place three scoops of chocolate chunk ice cream side by side in an ice cream boat. Top each scoop with maraschino cherry.


Cooking time (duration): 30 minutes (processing time in ice cream machine; excludes preparation and chilling of custard)

Number of servings (yield): about 5 cups

Meal type: dessert

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    • Connie says

      LOL That was in my wish list for a loooooong time. In the end, I had to pay for it at walang nag-regalo hahahaha

  1. conrad says

    That is so mouthwatering, ma’am, even for this relatively cold weather (around 25 degC?). Now I have a very good reason to buy an ice cream mixer. What brand is yours?

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