Chicken, shrimp and pasta salad |

Chicken, shrimp and pasta salad

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3 Responses

  1. maruh says:

    tamang-tama! ahhh i am actually looking for a recipe with shrimps coz i almost forgot the 250G cooked shrimps in the fridge that i bought and i had leftover boiled chicken yesterday na isinama ko sa lugaw yesterday dinner. Pasta nalang ang iluluto then solve ang lunch ngayon. thank you very much for sharing!!! bon appetit! :)

  2. Lerker says:

    Uyy like ko ang mega-colorful na stripey na table cover. Maganda yan at colorful para hindi depressing. Nakaka-depress kasi usually ang mga salad coz it means you’re on a diet. :( In a perfect world, nakaka-taba ang vegetables at nakaka-sexy pag puro baboy kinain mo. Gosh.