Chicken mami (noodle soup) chicken mami (Chinese style noodle soup)This is a hurried-up version of chicken mami or Chinese style chicken noodle soup. If you want the more complete version, click here.

I read somewhere that it is only in the Philippines where Chinese style noodle soup is known as “mami”. That was after a Chinese immigrant put up Ma Mon Luk in Manila, a humble restaurant specializing in noodle soups and siopao (steamed dumplings). Anyway, I had this for lunch today. My husband was home sick but didn’t feel like eating lunch. I brought him some chicken broth and green tea in the bedroom and then I had a huge bowl of Chinese mami in the kitchen.

Ingredients :

2 c. of broth
a few slices of chicken breast
fresh egg noodles
a few stalks of pechay (pei tsai or bok choy)

Cooking procedure :

You need a very flavorful broth to make this dish work. I actually boiled a whole chicken with lots of vegetables in preparation for dinner (the immortal nilagang manok or boiled chicken and vegetables). I just cut off a few slices of meat from the beast to make my chicken mami. For more detailed instructions on making a rich and flavorful broth, see my entry on homemade broth.

Place the fresh egg noodles on a strainer and pour boiling water on them to remove the excess oil and salt. Place in a bowl.

Chop the pechay and add to the noodles. Arrange the slices of chicken breast meat on top.

Heat the broth until it boils. Pour immediately into the bowl. Let sit for two to three minutes to wilt the pechay before eating. :)

Note: For added decadence, you can crack a raw egg into the bowl right after pouring in the broth.

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  1. says

    that is so sweet of you! Ma mon luk is so good. Miss k na, lagi me eat dun. But yours has vegetables which is more nutritious and appealing to the eyes.

  2. says

    ah, so eto pala ang chicken mami na tinatrabaho mo kahapon. yum, perfect comfort food. my mom prepares this for the sickies too, and even my kids jump for joy when Mama (Lola) prepares mami for them. hope your hubby’s feeling better.

  3. Trosp says

    If I’m not mistaken, even siopao is not called by that name in Singapore and Hong Kong. Instead it is called “pao”. In Singapore, you may order a small pao or a big pao.

    For mami, the nearest I could remember with that word being related to noodle dish is “mee hon”. I just forget if it is the one with soup or the dry one.

    Chicken soup always come into my mind everytime I’d like to eat mami. For me, masarap yung sa Chow King kaya lang kokonti yung chicken as compared to Luk Yuen.

  4. molly says

    hi i just love opening your website everyday and find simple but tasty recipes all the time. with the chicken mami, we usually add boiled quail eggs and top the mami soup with fried garlic bits,fried shallots and spring onion. they taste really good. it’s comfort food to my family. :-)

  5. says

    one of my fave comfort foods. my mom used to make this a lot when i was way younger.

    haha i told her a while ago “mama, gawa ka uli g mami! may nakita akong picture sa net eh.”

    and you know what she said?

    “ang laki mo na. kaya mo na ‘yan.”