Chicken and asparagus eggdrop soup

This is an updated version of a recipe first published on May 9, 2006.

I was first introduced to chicken-asparagus soup in a Chinese restaurant in Caloocan City called Boy Ching Woo. Some twenty years ago, it was the only Chinese restaurant with decent food on the street where we lived. But since most of its customers were beer drinkers who enjoyed the Chinese dishes as pulutan, very rarely did we dine there. Most of the time, we ordered “to go”. Since it was only a five-minute walk from our old house, take out grub was almost as good as dining in. The distance was so short that the food did not have the chance to acquire the taste of packed food.

One of the items we often ordered was the chicken and asparagus soup. Boy Ching Woo’s chicken asparagus soup had canned asparagus spears; I make mine with fresh baby asparagus. chicken-asparagus-eggdrop-soup


  1. entire back of a small chicken
    250 g. of fresh baby asparagus, cut into 1-1/2 inch lengths
    2 cloves of garlic
    1/2 onion
    1 egg, beaten
    patis (fish sauce) and pepper to taste


  1. chicken-asparagus-eggdrop-soup

    Boil the chicken with the half onion and garlic cloves in about eight cups of water for about 30 minutes. chicken-asparagus-eggdrop-soup

    Scoop out the chicken, cool, pick the meat and discard the bones.

    Strain the broth to remove any impurities (you can leave the garlic and onion though).

    Beat the egg.

    Reheat the broth and bring to the boil. Add the chicken meat. Season with patis. Add the asparagus. Cook for a minute. Turn off the heat. Pour the beaten egg in a thin stream. Do not stir for about ten seconds to allow the egg to set partially. Then, stir. Season with freshly ground black pepper. Serve hot.

Cooking time (duration): 45 minutes

Number of servings (yield): 4


  1. says

    Hi, I have been eating lots of asparagus lately. It’s excellent and very healthy. A year ago I was in the Philippines and love the food there. I like tilapia, crispy danggit, bangus, and other fish. Wish I could find those fish here in the USA. Guess I’ll have to visit the Philippines again.

  2. says

    Hello sassy..As most of our meal, when we make soup meal… i love asparagus… white with vinaigrette… and green asparagus warm with mayonnaise.

  3. says

    That would be nice, Scott, visiting again. I’m sure you’ll discover more culinary delights when you come back. :)

    relly, my mother-in-law once did a canape using white asparagus and mayo on bread (for my daughter’s christening party 13 years ago LOL). it was delicious.

  4. Doddie says

    Dear Connie,

    Hi I am a filipina living in Korea for the past 3 years now with my American husband and our 2 boys. I wanted to tell you how much I value your website/blog as I have used it a lot as a reference for my cooking.

    Anytime I get homesick for Filipino food I just log in to your site, find the recipe and fix it for me and my family. The last recipe I tried was the Pork Asado recipe that you posted. It is a big hit with my boys and my husband. I make a lot so I can put asado slices on top of mami noodles.

    I would like to be friends with you if you don’t mind. It would be nice to have somebody to write to and share recipes with.


    Doddie Householder

  5. says


    ate there once and i felt i was in back in time stepping into an old neighborhood resto you grow up with

    everyone should have a place that serves home cooked chineese food without tasting like its take out

    grabe ka connie- know i said it before pero your articles really bring back good memories

  6. says

    Sassy, but the difference is my taste, i enjoy white asparagus with vinaigrette and never enjoy the mayonnaise with it. Just my own opinion… green and white asparagus do not have the same texture.

  7. says

    hi sassy! my hubby’s lola (r.i.p.) who grew up in a Spanish convent in manila makes a darn good chicken-asparagus-egg drop soup. funny, before i met my husband, i never tasted one before. then hubby says he grew up on it because his lola made it every week. i’m like, where have i been? i so love it that i now make it for my little boy all the time.

    speaking of asparagus, we had them for dinner last night. hubby grilled them for less than 5 minutes after which i drizzled them with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled salt and freshly ground pepper. the thing i noticed is that if i go to the local chinese farmer’s market to buy the asparagus, i have to cut off half of the stalks and throw them away because they’re so tough. but yesterday, i went to Whole Foods (a grocery for yuppies as i call them) and noticed that i didn’t have to. the stalks were huge, about an inch in diameter so i was thinking they’d be hard to eat but i was surprised they were so tender. wonder if the place you buy them has something to do with it. hmmm?

  8. rose z says

    cooked it this morning for lunch! ubos. brought some in the office as baon. used thigh fillet. candidate for school baon. dali kasing maluto. tamang tama for rush hours na lutuan. :) thanks!

  9. says

    Hi doddie, I never say no to someone who wants to be friends. but i’m not very good with correspondence. my mailbox gets swamped and sometimes i dont get to see all the mail until after a month…

    richard, so you lived in caloocan too? still does?

    relly, food is always a matter of preference. personally, i think i can eat any veggie with mayo. well, except perhaps for ampalaya hehehe

    nice to read you again, purplegirl. long time…

    thanks, Aaron, and queer chef. nice food pics in yours.

    ayos, rose z! :)

  10. says

    i wonder where you lived. boy ching woo is just across the street from my parent’s house where i grew up. Anyway, Boy Ching is still there.. with their newly renovated store.

    i loved their buttered chicken, and pansit shanghai.

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