Some say that chicharon (cracklings), among other things, gives Filipino cuisine a negative image abroad. Deep fried fat… guess, it can’t get worse than that. But, hey, chicharon is only a small part of Filipino cuisine. I must admit, however, that we Filipinos have perfected the art of chicharon making. It’s big business here because, yes Maria, chicharon is delicious. Dip it in vinegar with a little salt, some chopped onions, garlic and crushed chili pepper and you’re on to a wonderful gastronomic experience. Don’t do it too often though. Like they say, life’s greatest pleasures are few and far between. chicharon

Above is a photo of a chicharon stall in front of the supermarket at Robinson’s Metro East selling various kinds of chicharonchicharon bulaklak (pork omentum), chicken skin, chicken intestines and pork skin (rind). Unfortunately, the resolution isn’t too good. I had to take it with my Nokia 3360 cam phone since cameras are not allowed inside the supermarket.