Cathedral’s window (a.k.a. Christmas jello) Cathedral's window (a.k.a. Christmas jello)

The dessert made famous by Goldilocks Bakeshop in the Philippines. If you only knew how easy it is to prepare this tri-colored jello dessert at home, you’d wonder why you ever thought you needed to go to Goldilocks to enjoy it.

The name of the dessert — cathedral’s window — is obviously a description of the appearance of this dish. Brightly colored cubes of jello embedded in a creamy mold. I used a silicone Bundt pan for the mold but you can use any deep bowl.


  • 2 90-g. packs of clear unflavored gelatin
    1 90-g. pack of red gelatin (flavored or unflavored; I used strawberry flavored)
    1 90-g. pack of green gelatin (flavored or unflavored; I added a few drops of pandan essence to mine)
    1 c. of cream


  1. Cathedral's window (a.k.a. Christmas jello)

    Empty the contents of the red and green gelatin into two separate sauce pans. Pour 400ml of water into each pan. Stir to dissolve the gelatin granules. Cook over medium heat, stirring often, just until the mixtures start to bubble. Pour into two separate trays and allow to cool and set.

    When the green and red gelatin have set, cut into one-inch cubes. Pour into the mold. Stir lightly to distribute.

    Empty the contents of the two packs of unflavored gelatin into a clean sauce pan. Place the cream in a measuring cup and add enough water to measure 800ml. Pour into the sauce pan, stirring to dissolve the gelatin. Cook over medium heat, stirring, just until the mixture starts to bubble.

    Pour the white gelatin into the mold. Do this little by little so that each time you pour, a few of the red and green cubes float. That way, the red and green cubes are distributed rather than remaining at the bottom.

    Cool and chill the gelatin for a couple of hours before serving.

Cooking time (duration): 30 minutes

Number of servings (yield): 6

Meal type: dessert


  1. Leny says

    I made this once maybe more than 20 years ago, since then I never tried it again because the jello here in Canada takes longer to set unlike the one there in the Philippines. I noticed it with the black powder jello which was sent to me by my brother. It really looks beautiful with the combination of different colors.

    • Zynnie says

      I hear ya, Leny. Agar is not easily available in in our area either. Maybe on the health shop, but it’s very pricey. The consistency of Jello is very different too.

  2. macy says

    i do my mom’s recipe of this and we put pineapple juice both to the colored jello and the white cream. it’s soooo good. family favorite.

  3. ging says

    my mama used to make this when i was in elementary and i lllovved it.

    But my sisters hated it soooo much and kept complaining until my mama stopped making it altogether. however i hung on to the plastic mold (it was the whole type with a bottom that could be changed with different designs- santa claus and holly leaves for christmas i remember so well) for so long hoping she would make it again. Kinain na lang ng ipis ang plastic so i had to throw it away.

    My mama used to make it softer than the Goldilocks version so it sort of melted in the mouth. Extremely refreshing! She also placed fresh fruit juice and not artificial flavoring. Sometimes she would put in sweet corn.

    The Goldilocks version i’m not fond of because i find it hard and lumpy and it breaks in chewy clumps in my mouth..

  4. Ginnie Macatangay says

    Hi Connie,

    I love your blog and the recipes you post really helps in the decision making of what to cook!

    Quick question, do you pour the hot milk gelatin directly onto the mold with the colored gelatin?

  5. vicki klemm says

    instead of all purpose cream, can i use
    vanilla cream which is already sweetened.
    one thing more, we do not have unflavored gelatine here. are you familiar with wackel pudding (that’s what we have here in Germany), thanks.

  6. vicki klemm says

    i really wanted to try this dessert. just let me put it this way, if the all purpose cream is sweetened, then it would be heavier compared to a normal cream, that is how vanilla cream looks like. could i use it to dissolve the unflavored gelatine?

  7. vicki klemm says

    thanks frau connie, will try that. if it does not work, will just use the all purpose cream. just wanted to use the vanilla cream not as an extra sauce but mix already with the jello. will try it today and when it’s a success then it’s my surprise birthday dessert this sunday.
    more power to you.

  8. marge says

    hi! happy new year.. I ask my friend about this recipe, i was just wondering in her recipe she mix the all purpose cream and evaporated milk… is there any difference?? thanks

  9. nina says

    miss connie, i hate to ask this because i feel it’s a stupid question… i’m intrigued with gelatine and panna cotta. is it just a difference in their names ‘coz the ingredients and method of preparation is the same.

  10. Natalie says

    Hi Miss Connie! I want to try this recipe. But do you think it’s okay to just buy red and green Jellyace instead of making the gelatin cubes?

  11. mary joy dolor says

    ., hi!!! connie were using mr.gulaman. can we substitute APC from condensed milk? but the gelatin were using is already sweetened? tnx….

    • says

      You know, I always say that when you want to make substitutions, you should just get a feel of what adjustments need to be made to the other ingredients. I can’t make an informed opinion on brands or ingredients I have not used. :)

  12. Jamie says

    hi ms. connie just want to ask a few question po . for this instruction po “Empty the contents of the two packs of unflavored gelatin into a clean sauce pan. Place the cream in a measuring cup and add enough water to measure 800ml.” the 1 cup cream po is 250ml tapos il add 550ml of water to make it 800 ml.?..salamat po

  13. marianne says

    hello, thanks for the recipe. my mother in law from australia love to know this recipe. we will try this.. hope it will work.=)

  14. paris says

    we’ve been making this dessert and we enjoy eating cathedral windows very much. however, after storing the dessert in the ref, it becomes watery… why is it so?

  15. says

    Thank God you posted a recipe of this Ms Connie. My mom randomly requested that I make one tonight for dinner and I can’t say no to her so I searched ‘cathedral jelly casa veneracion’? Life saver, you are. ?

  16. ems says

    can i just use the readily made jelly ace in the store instead of cooking all the colors? thank you so much..will it not melt?

  17. jenny magpayon says

    hello! i just have a question, can i use my Bundt cake pan as a molder? thanks you so much. have a good day!


  18. jen magpayon says

    thanks Connie, sorry i missed the 2nd paragraph. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas in advance, Hope to make this , this coming holidays,. This will be my first time to make this, wish me luck. thanks again.

  19. MM says

    Hi Connie
    I’m using some of your recipes and were all successful until I tried the catheral jello aka goldilocks gelatin.
    I just used half of the unflavored gelatin (90g) and .5C of
    cream and looked ok when I mixed it with the colored hellos. However, it turned out so hard :-( wondering what went wrong. Pls advise. Thanks.

  20. Marie says

    Heya Connie!

    This is the first time I’ve encountered a blog that caters to most things I want and need. Congratulations! I hope you don’t tire blogging.

    I agree with you on lahat mahirap sa tamad and madali sa masipag.

    My best regards to you and your family.

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