CASA Veneracion on Streamified

Two weeks ago, I told you about my partnership with Ziplist and how, through its wonderful service, you foodies and home cooks can now create recipe boxes and shopping lists that you can access anywhere via your phone or tablet — yes, even when you’re already inside the grocery!

I have a new announcement to make. This time, for readers who like to have all their social networks and favorite blogs lumped together in one convenient journal. I’m talking about Streamified. If you’ve ever used applications that allow you to view your social network streams (a.k.a. social media management dashboards) in one window, well, Streamified is something like that. Available on iPhone and iPad, you download it for free, you add your social network accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+ and LinkedIn are all supported) and you can post, reply and share away.

But Streamified is more than about the convenience of having all your social networks under one roof, so to speak, because you can also add blog “subscriptions.” So it’s a social media management dashboard and a RSS reader at the same time — and a beautifully designed one at that. Here, let me show you.

You have a list of your social network accounts and subscriptions on the left side and, to the right, each column is a stream. Column one, for instance, is your Twitter updates, column two is your Facebook wall, column three is your Tumblr dashboard, etcetera.

There is a plus sign on top of the left panel. Tap that…

… and a list of available services appears.

Scroll down and, below the list of social networks, you’ll find a list of categories including design, fashion, news, technology… The arrow on the right indicates a sublist of available subscriptions. If you tap the food category…

You’ll find CASA Veneracion among the supported subscriptions.

Tap CASA Veneracion…

… and this blog’s RSS feed becomes a new column in your Streamified window.

Click an item to read the excerpt. Click “Read original post”…

… to open a new window within the Streamified app itself.

Click the arrow on the top right of the screen…

… for more options including directly sharing the link to any of your social networks.

You can have unlimited blog subscriptions, by the way. Isn’t that cool? All your favorite blogs in your own journal with no copyright infringement.

I love Streamified! And thank you for including my blog among the supported subscriptions.