First of all, it’s my husband who cooked this platter of calamares. I helped, but he did the actual cooking. We have a new agreement–he does the cooking on Sundays. We had been talking about calamares for days when last week’s episode of Nigella Bites on the Discovery Travel and Living Channel featured how to cook the very dish that we had been talking about. calamares

In the Philippines, when we say calamares, we refer to a dish of crisp, flour-coated squid rings. It is actually more popular as a pulutan (finger food that accompanies beer or other alcoholic beverage) rather than a main dish. Served with rice, the experience is similar to eating squid tempura.

Ingredients :

1 kilo of lumot (large squids)
2-3 c. of flour
salt (herbed, preferably)
2-3 c. of vegetable cooking oil

Cooking procedure :

Clean the squids. Pull out the tentacles with the intestines, ink sac, etc. Feel inside the cavity and locate the spine. Pull it out. Peel off the skin. Cut off the intestines from the tentacles. Wash well and rinse. Cut the squids’ bodies into rings about one-fourth inch thick. Lay the rings, and the tentacles, on a plate covered with several layers of absorbent paper towels. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cover and let sit in the fridge for about 15 minutes.

Some cooks prefer to season the flour instead of the squids. We prefer to season the squids. They taste better.

Heat the cooking oil in a frying pan.

Place about a cup of flour in a resealable plastic bag. Add about a third of the squid rings and tentacles and shake well. Pour the contents of the bag into a plate or bowl. Test the temperature of the cooking oil by dropping a squid ring into the frying pan. If it sinks and takes too long to brown, the oil isn’t hot enough. If it browns in 2-3 seconds, the oil is too hot. Ideally, the squid should cook in 30-40 seconds with the flour coating turning crisp.

Cook only a few pieces at a time, shaking off the excess flour before putting them into the oil. As the pieces brown, lift them off the oil with a slotted spoon and drain on absorbent paper towels. Do not overcook the squids or they will turn tough as rubber. When the first batch is done, put more flour into the resealable plastic bag and repeat until all the squids are cooked.

There are a lot of dipping sauces that can go with your calamares. Personally, I prefer sour cream with lots of finely minced garlic stirred in.

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  1. jhonas says:

    to have a tasty squid meat, i soak the squid rings in a lukewarm water, with salt, minced garlic and a few drops of vinegar for about 10 mins., to allow more taste to penetrate the meat. A quik trip to the hot deep oil, just enoug to make the coating crisp, makes my calamares crisp in the outside and soft and tasty in the inside. thanks//jhonas

  2. Ellen says:

    Removing the filmy “skin” would prevent the rubbery toughness of the squid.

  3. dexie says:

    that’s exactly how I cook my calamares. i learned it from Everyday Italian on FoodTV. the Italian host said the simple it is the better coz I guess people tend to go overboard with coating and spices.

    i like mine with marinara sauce :).

  4. Nash says:

    Hi Connie! Wow, you made me hungry again with this Calamares recipe which happens to be one of my favorites. Thanks a lot for sharing this with us. By the way, do you happen to have saved your recipe of Lechon Macau? I regret not having printed it before. I hope you still have it. :smile::smile:

  5. Connie says:

    Dexie!!!! How’s the baby coming along?

    Hi Nash, the recipe is posted with the title lechon kawali stew. :)

  6. dexie says:

    Hi Connie, baby is fine thanks. Still won’t let me eat chicken though.

  7. Connie says:

    awwwwww….. pero dexie, that’s okay na rin kasi may bird flu naman….:razz:

  8. emma says:

    Hey looking yummy!!

    Though I m vegetarian but still it is appearing tempting. Hey connie you are lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive husband. May god bless every woman a husband like yours.

  9. Connie says:

    LOL Emma, thanks. I’ll tell him that. :)

  10. Kats says:

    hello ms sassy,
    tagal nako di nag post, sorry busy eh…alam mo na…

    thanks for the recipe, wala pa kasi akong nakainan na masarap talaga yung lasa eh..:))

  11. Connie says:

    Kats, tagal ko na rin di naka-post. And init na kasi. Tortune minsan sa kitchen.

  12. emma says:

    Hello Connie!!

    How r u?

    Well what your wonderful husband is planning for the next sunday?:cool:

  13. Connie says:

    I think we’re eating out, emma. :wink:

  14. anne says:

    hello! please somebody teach me how to cook calamares. tnx!!! you can email me at tnx again

  15. belinda says:

    hello!! can you give me the recipe of calamares with the instructions how to cook it. you can email me at thank you again.

  16. Joey says:

    ahh calamares!
    pasasalamat ko kay giada de laurentiis sa pagluluto ko neto.
    difference lang yata sa dry ingredients, merong dinagdag na parsley flakes sa flour. laki din ng difference sa lasa. minsan gamit kong squids yung cut-up na in rings sa supermarket.
    pag nagluto ako ng calamares, nagdadagdag din ako ng shrimps using the same breading. nakupo ang sarap! allergic lang nga iba sa shrimps so sayang. anyway, dipping sauce ko dito, lights soy with chili oil. naglalaway na naman ako ah!

  17. maryjane C. Joson says:

    pls email me ingredients of calamares


  18. Lala Gaye says:

    Thanks for the nice tips on the calamares recipe, particularly how hot the oil should be. However, I was watching Martha Stewart’s show (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know she’s an ex-con) and her recipe called for soaking the squids in milk seasoned with garlic powder, salt and whatever other ingredients you want for about an hour. The rest is the same. I tried it and it works great.

  19. angelica says:

    what kind of flour though? will all-purpose flour be okey?

  20. chelle says:

    haha…mukang tanga nman yan…:lol:

  21. Connie says:

    ikaw ang tanga, chelle.

  22. felixberto says:


  23. Connie says:

    try placing the squid rings on several layers of absorbent kitchen paper before dredging them in flour.

  24. felixberto says:


  25. eyick says:

    helo poh..gud day!!!!pwede poh ako mang hingi sa rescipe sa calmares???thank you…

  26. Karen says:

    Looks great! What herbs do you use? I came across another Calamares recipe using a cup of cornstarch and Mama Sita’s Palabok Mix. Also good!

  27. amilah says:

    just want to know how to remove that black thing in the squid.

  28. marc wence says:

    hello po…pwede po ba makahingi ng complete recipes and instructions ng calamares and some more finger foods or pulutan?that will help me for my application as a cook…salamat ng marami…God speed!

  29. isabel says:

    hi. pwede din ba akong makahingi ng recipe ng calamares? favorite ng anak ko yung calamares sa italliani’s kaso di ko magaya. thanks

  30. Connie says:

    You pull it out, amilah.

    Marc and Isabel, you don’t need to ask — you just need to click the link to page 2.

  31. Zyhke says:

    hi! im a 17 year old lad, i just want to know, the exact ingredient and procedure in making a calamares and a gravy for calamares.tnx

  32. maiagabrielle says:

    hi. m starting to learn to cook and i love calamares. thanks for sharing the recipe. ur website is a great resource! =)

  33. sherilyn says:

    heloo ate connie ano2 po ba yung ingredients nang calamares..slamat poh??mwuah

  34. sherilyn says:

    helllo mga fwen pwedi po ba ako maghingi nang recipe sa calamares favorite ko poh kc yan eh..paki email nalang po…slamat poh!!!

  35. amiline says:

    connie ask ko lang kung alam mo yung recipe na manchurian calamares ng north park manamis namis na parang may luya yung sauce…. sana alam para na try ko gawin kc every time na pupunta kmi ng norhtpark yun palagi yung order nmin thanks!

  36. Connie says:

    sherilyn, click the link to page 2.

    amiline, haven’t been to north park in almost 10 years, sorry.

  37. Mervin says:

    Hi There… anyone who knows how to make the sauce? hehe

  38. carlos says:

    uhm, anyone of you know the history of “street calamares”? We kind of need it for our “linggo ng wika,” so if you know anything please email me at THANKS!!!

    ps. it would be good if you can reply ASAP. thanks again

  39. Connie says:

    Hello carlos.

    It would be good if you did your research instead of expecting others to do your homework for you. That’s what you’re in school for.

    P.S. It would be good if you weren’t so bastos either.

  40. lala says:

    hi i’m lala just recenlty turned 17 :)

    i saw some calamares street vendors dipping it first in flour (i think) then into this white liquid substance then dipping it back again in flour

    do anyone has any ideas what could this white liquid be?


  41. Lizette says:

    hi there connie,

    so very thankful i chanced upon this site…sobrang favorite ko talaga ang calamares…yun nga lang…did not try even once to cook it because of my friend’s experience…natalsikan siya ng oil sa face…
    each time that i travel (pihilippines lang..hehehe), hindi pupuwede na hindi ako oorder ng calamares sa hotel…pinaka-favorite ko is yung version ng Bacolod Business Inn…crunchy talaga siya..and yung dip…try niyo tartar sauce…but squeeze first calamansi on your calamares before hitting that dip.
    will try to cook na this weekend!
    what is the price range of squid lumot by the way?

  42. poala says:

    hi there,i love cooking and im very happy to see this site,hope i could get d recipe of a delicious calamares,thanks .poala

  43. lesley says:

    hi ms. connie! i’ll try your version of calamares…it looks so masarap! GodBless! :-)

  44. fern says:

    hello po pwedi po ba ako maghingi nang recipe sa calamares favorite ko po kc yan eh..paki email nalang po…slamat poh!!!

  45. brenda says:

    hay naku pipol…. for those who are asking Connie to email the recipe, please read this:

    “Except for personal use, or as legitimate RSS feeds with link back to this page, no part of this entry may be reproduced in any manner, whether individually or as part of a collection, without the owner’s written permission. This blog is a FREE service. Help maintain it by respecting the author’s copyright.

    Some entries have multiple pages. Most recipes are on page 2; others, on page 3 or 4. Click on the pagination links to view them.

    Some entries DO NOT contain recipes.

    Sorry, I don’t e-mail recipes.”

    Wag kasi click lang ng SUBMIT BUTTON agad. Magbasa naman kayo!

    Sowee Connie. Affected ako eh!

    Anyway, ako ayaw ko na magluto ng calamares kasi ang dami kong talsik sa braso pagkatapos. Dunno what I did wrong, maybe because the squid was wet. But I still love eating calamares.

  46. Connie says:

    brenda, dapat nga yata every other comment eh i-post yan — sa lahat ng thread. mga tao, grabe, magbabasa na lang, ipipilit pa rin ang katamaran.

  47. carl's jr. says:

    calamares – wow this is one of my favorite food to cook, not that good though, i want to be perfect. thanks for sharing it.

  48. moki says:

    pno po b ang timpla ng calamares ex 1 kl pusit
    ilang grams ng asin,paminta,vetsinitlog,arina,
    ano b ang ginamit n pusit ung pula po ba o itim?
    mag kano po ba ang 1kl?

  49. moki says:

    ano po b ang pinaka masarap n recipe? o ung masarap gamitin arina b o starch mga flavor mix pwede din b lagyan? mag negosyo ko bka may gusto mag partner? 09279588278

  50. jeffrey says:

    hi, maam connie, this is my frst time to post, i would like to ask about this recipe on cooking calamares with egg para dumikit yun flour… itried it but, it doesnt look good.. and second question, hope u dont mine… can u give me an advice using vetsin, genisa mix sa pagluto,, do u used it ba.. kc i feel lyke were slowly posioning our food… ask lang

  51. Connie says:

    jeffrey, try this: pat the squid dry with paper towels. dredge in flour, dip in beaten egg then coat with crumbs.

    i don’t use vetsin and i don’t use ginisa mixes.

  52. Mariecel says:


    I love calamares! :D I sooo love it that I volunteered to make some for a friend’s shower party even if I haven’t tried cooking it yet. Haha!

    I’ll try to follow your recipe and I’ll give you an update later. Madaming salamat!

  53. susan says:

    Dear connie
    Grabe sarap ng calamares mo! God Bless you for sharing your God given talent.

  54. Josie of Qatar says:

    Hello Miss Connie
    Thanks God I found your site, i am really looking for the calamares, although i was cooking calamares before when we were in our home Philippines. But hindi madalas so i have my own notebook a list of recipes i didn’t usually cook, kaya lang di ko rin nadala, so look for the pinoy site, and its i am here now. I read your story since you’re a child, nakakatuwa, you are really fond in cooking although you finished your own course, still you are fond in cooking adventures. Anyway first of all thanks alot for your recipe of calamares, i will try this later for our lunch. nakakatuwa ka naman you’re so detalyado talaga sa pagtuturo ng mga tips. I appreciate those very much, talagang makakatulong. syanga pala we’re here in Qatar with our youngest son 5 yo. because of my husband. I have husband visa, so i’m here sa bahay lang with our kid Yuri, kaya madalas nasa harap ng laptop, lalo na kapag tapos na trabaho dito sa bahay. I’m really fond of cooking too, we have a restaurant in T.M,Kalaw before, since were very young, ’til i reach 20. We operate it solely, hands on by our parents and with us too. So , thats all muna , Miss Connie, maybe one day i’ll give also some tips from my own experience also, so madaldal ba ako, sige i edit mo na lang, sana next time makita ko yung response mo dito sa letter ko ha, next na lang ibang kwento, thanks sa mga recipe mo, im still looking for beef and chicken recipes kasi wala ditong pork, nakakainis nga e.. sige na…bye bye GOD BLESS… Josie of Qatar

  55. hi mam connie, i’ve been craving and wanting to cook calamares on my own. good thing to have seen this one on your website!

    pwede po ba kung ok lang magpost ka din kung panu po gumawa ng dip nito? :) thanks po.

  56. pia domingo says:

    hi connie!

    thanks for posting your calamares recipe!

    i will be using it tonight for my party and hoping it will be the perfect fry!

    (backgrounder: my calamares has been either, wet, mushy or rubbery… your suggestions and tried and tested feedbacks are very reassuring for me to serve them tonight!)


  57. mich says:

    hi connie! you’ve shared the easiest way of cooking calamares, it’s my son’s favorite but i always make excuses of preparing.

    more power!

  58. Aneika says:

    this is yummier than the other recipe i followed…

  59. Junior says:

    Hi! Connie can you send on my e-mail add ng recipe ng dip fry calamare please..pati na yung dip sauce nito para naman ma-impress and kumpare Christmas mo na sa the way I like to greet you ng Happy holiday’s more power..bye’

  60. Connie says:

    Junior, why do I have to email it to you when you can just print the recipe which is already given in the entry above?

  61. emz says:

    elow! tnx poh at natagpuan ko ang website nu. i want to ask the complete recipe of yummy of calamares.

  62. Kathleen says:

    Hello Connie. I was given several 4ox. tins of GOYA brand Cuttle fish fillets in own ink. They are also in a tomato,onion,spice,veg.oil sauce. I don’t know if these are already cooked (similar to sardines?) or raw. Otherthan eating as is or making a soup by adding more stock or rice; what can I do with them? Thanks in advance for your suggestions and help…..Kathleen

  63. rodz says:

    hi! poh amm… pwede po bang makahingi ng recipe ng calamares.. hehe

    salamat poh.. hope for your reply..

  64. bebe says:

    ang kulit ng mga comments sa post na ‘to hehe, ms. connie, i’ve been browsing your site since 2006 and have tried most of your recipes and have even made my own variations… just want to say thank you, sobrang dami kong natututunan and you’ve been helping me a lot in the kitchen na ‘di mo man lang nalalaman so I thought to let you know. keep it up po! God bless you and your family.

  65. Alisa says:

    Salamat talaga Ms.Sassy sa mga recipes mo.Hate ko talaga noon magluto, until I discovered your site and the world of different food blogs. When I need a quick recipe, pinoycook talaga ang puntahan ko.Sana magkaroon ng pinoycook restaurant :)

  66. espie says:

    hi there mam Connie. I have browsed a few calamares recipes on the net in preparation for my birthday and I really have to try all the batter I have read. I am particular with the crispiness of the squid, result…. your recipe turns out to be the most crispy among all, the taste are almost all the same. I just notice nga lang na lahat nung ibang batter sa ibang site are with eggs which made me conclude na nagpapabawas paa ng crispiness ang paghahalo ng egg… Do u have any recommendations thougn ng dried herbs na pwedeng ilagay para mas presentable and more tasty xa apart from the parsley flakes which I read from one of the comments?
    Thanks much

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