Cake balls, two ways: rolled in toasted coconut flakes and crushed peanuts Cake balls rolled in toasted coconut flakes and crushed peanuts

So, I had this batch of dry and spongy brownies baked with cocoa powder and oil. It’s been lying around for a day, hardly touched, and I was sorely tempted to dump the brownies into the trash. But then that’s food and money totally wasted… Encouraged by readers’ comments, I salvaged them. I crumbled the brownies, mixed the crumbs with butter icing, formed the mixture into balls and… voila! Moist and super tasty cake balls.

If you’ve seen photos of cake balls on the web, you might have noticed how 99% are dipped in melted chocolate. I almost did the same. But I tasted the mixture after the crumbs and icing had been mixed, and it was so sweet already. I figured that coating the cake balls in chocolate would just make them cloying. So, I dared to be different. I rolled the cake balls in toasted coconut flakes and crushed peanuts instead. Fantastically good result.

This was how I made the cake balls. cake-balls11

First, I crumbled the ugly brownies. cake-balls10

Then, I made butter icing. That’s 1/4 c. of softened (not melted) butter, a cup of powdered sugar and about a tablespoonful of milk. Mix the butter and powdered sugar until smooth; add the milk last, using only as much as is needed to make a silky smooth icing. cake-balls9

I mixed the crumbled brownies and icing together. I tasted the mixture. Too sweet. I could have used less icing but the brownies were very dry so I went all out with the icing. So, how to cut down the cloying taste. A generous pinch of salt. I tasted the mixture again. Better but not quite there. Enter Kahlua and creme de menthe. A generous splash of each. I tasted again. Perfect! cake-balls8

I used a scoop to measure each ball. cake-balls7

I still rolled each ball between my palms to make them smooth. cake-balls6

I rolled half of the cake balls in crushed peanuts. cake-balls5

I bought the peanuts already crushed — see the details. cake-balls2

And the rest of the cake balls, I rolled in toasted coconut flakes — see the details. cake-balls3

And then, I woke up Speedy who was napping on the couch and handed him a tray of cake balls. They were more than enough to wake him up and to encourage him to make coffee to pair with the cake balls. Cake balls rolled in toasted coconut flakes and crushed peanuts

And that is the story of how I turned really bad brownies into super delicious cake balls.


  1. says

    WOW! They look yummy. Who would think that these pretty cake balls are made from “ugly brownies” LOL!
    Ms. Connie, you’re a kitchen genius talaga. By the way, magkano at saan po ba mabibili yung kahlua and creme de menthe? Their names sound expensive kasi e. :-)

  2. lalaine says

    what a great idea. I think I’ll try them with cream cheese frosting as I am not a big fan of butter icing.

  3. says

    Grocery, Theresa. I don’t know the new prices after the sin tax law took effect.

    Crisma, oh yes, very happy. From “untouchable” brownies to “can’t keep my hands off” cake balls hehehehe

    Lalaine, great choice. I would have too but we’re out of cream cheese. :)