Brown rice: the big shift

It’s something that we tried to do when the girls were still in grade school — shift to brown rice. We bought a few kilos on trial, the girls all but spit out the rice and that was that. Not that we blamed them. Ten years ago, there weren’t many brands of brown rice to […]

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  1. Julius S says

    I use brown rice for health reasons.
    I have type 2 diabetes.
    According to my body’s response with
    White rice, it causes spikes in blood sugar
    as much as 60 – 80 mg/dl when my body
    converts carbohydrates in White rice into sugar.

    I find that brown rice to have a controlled
    spike in my blood sugar levels after a meal.


  2. Christine says

    I’m lucky to live in the West Coast of the US where we can actually buy 25 lb bags of Jasmine Brown Rice. Tastes just like white rice to me and so much healthier for you.

  3. TRose says

    From my experience, a good way to introduce children or even adults to brown rice is to mix equal parts of cooked white rice and cooked brown rice. After a few times of this, then you serve just the brown rice and it won’t be noticed. Brown rice taste different from white rice, to me brown rice has a nutty taste to it which I like. But not everybody likes the taste.

  4. Blackwidow says

    I tried serving brown rice, but the kids did not like it, so we are back to white.

    There is a very good brown rice variety- the organic upland brown rice, but boy, it is very expensive- like P100 a kilo. It is that expensive because they only plant and harvest so little of it. It tastes good. It is also called dirty rice, because it is colored dark brown, black and violet- a combination of all 3 colors.

  5. Fai says

    My husband thinks brown rice curbs down his appetite which encouraged him to eat more brown rice than white. And i notice too that since its high in fiber, it keeps you fuller longer. I love brown rice for its nutty taste esp. Jasmine brown rice.

  6. Midge says

    have you tried the black rice? it has the same texture as the brown rice and more nutritional as I’ve read. THough when we tried it is not so pleasing to the eyes.. :(

  7. geri says

    I actually like brown rice to white rice now, it has the nutty texture of fried rice. So I pretend I am eating fried rice without the oils =)

  8. says

    TRose, we did that some 10 years ago and they still found the rice funny. At any rate, they’re 19 and 18 today and eating brown rice with gusto. :)

    Blackwidow, too bad that I threw out the packaging of the organic brown rice I bought. It’s about PHP56.00 per kilo and no rough mouth feel. Next time, I’ll remember to keep the packaging long enough to take photos.

    Fai, true — the fiber keeps you feeling full longer.

    Midge, yes — the sticky kind. Made it into Thai style dishes (link).

    Geri, Sam gets a sensation of “sweetness” because of the nutty flavor. So I said I’ll try adding a sprinkle of salt next time to balance the taste.

  9. says

    We shifted to brown rice years ago! We also started the shift by combining white rice and brown rice until we graduated to brown rice all the way! But lately we’ve also been patronizing red rice. You are right in saying that anything that you do with white rice can also be done in brown (and red) rice. My favorite remains to be fried rice, we add beans, carrots, green peas and then when cooked, sprinkled with sesame seeds. … Hay, ano ba yan. nagugutom naman ako!

    • May says

      We started mixing equal parts brown and white rice for health reasons. I still prefer white rice because the brown rice takes some getting used to. And yes, we add an extra cup of water when we cook it. But I’m going to try soaking it to improve the flavour. Thanks for the tip!

  10. says

    We shifted to brown food 2 years ago–brown rice, brown bread and brown sugar. Since then, my bowel problems are long gone hehehe. And also, with just half a cup of brown rice I feel full already. I think this maybe the reason why I was able to maintain my weight.

    I never knew you have to soak it before cooking. I use the ratio of 1.5 cups water to 1 cup rice then cook it straight away with a rice cooker. I will try soaking the rice tomorrow and see if there will be any difference with the texture.

  11. says

    I like brown rice too. Healthier and makes you full easier than white rice. I think it wasn’t a problem for me to like this since I also prefer wheat bread than white bread.

  12. Chini says

    When someone comes home from our home province, Samar, during harvest season, I always buy red rice (at least half a sack) and have them bring it over. :-) Much like brown rice, I guess, it’s also healthier than white rice. It’s a little rough to the tongue but we have gotten used to it so it no longer bothers us. But I love the nutty flavor. :-)

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