Bibingka and puto bumbong Bibingka, Filipino rice cakes baked in a special clay pot, lined with a piece of banana leaf, with live coals on top and underneath.

No Filipino Christmas is ever without bibingka and puto bumbong. They are inexorably associated with misa de gallo, the dawn mass on the nine days before Christmas. While they are more common as street food, they are so popular (even among tourists) that even five-star hotels serve them–using the traditional cookware–during the holiday season. Bibingka, Filipino rice cakes baked in a special clay pot, lined with a piece of banana leaf, with live coals on top and underneath.

Bibingka, above, is a rice cake similar to the Western pancake in appearance. In taste, texture and way of cooking, however, they are very much different from each other. Bibingka is made from galapong, baked in a special clay pot, lined with a piece of banana leaf, with live coals on top and underneath. It is topped with slices of kesong puti (white cheese) and itlog na maalat (salted duck eggs). The newly-cooked bibingka is spread with butter and sometimes sprinkled with sugar then served with niyog (grated coconut). Galapong is glutinous rice soaked in water then ground with the water to form either a batter or a dough, depending on what the cooked dish is supposed to be. Puto-bumbong is a rice cake in tube form made from purpled-colored ground rice cooked in bamboo tubes that are placed on a special steamer-cooker. Then, they are removed from the bamboo tubes, spread with butter and sprinkled with sugar and grated coconut

Puto bumbong is a dish made from purpled-colored ground rice cooked in bamboo tubes that are placed on a special steamer-cooker. Then, they are removed from the bamboo tubes, spread with butter and sprinkled with sugar and niyog (grated coconut). They are then wrapped in wilted banana leaves which will keep them warm and moist until ready to be eaten. Puto-bumbong is a rice cake in tube form made from purpled-colored ground rice cooked in bamboo tubes that are placed on a special steamer-cooker. Then, they are removed from the bamboo tubes, spread with butter and sprinkled with sugar and grated coconut

On the left is the steamer in which the puto bumbong is cooked. The bamboo tubes are half filled with the purple-colored rice in the huge bowl. The bamboo tubes are usually wrapped in cloth to avoid burning the hands of the vendor when they are removed from the steamer when the puto bumbong is ready. Took the photo last night while searching for a “virtual pet” that my twelve-year-old daughter simply “must have”. I would have taken a photo of the bibingka cooker as well but I wanted a photo of the actual cooking, live coals and all. But the stall was about to close and cooking was over for the night.

UPDATE with new photos on November 24, 2012 @ 5.07 p.m.

For more puto-bumbong photos, see A puto bumbong picture story.

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  1. cherry mercado says

    pls send me the ingredients of special bibingka made from galapong….thank you so much and more power..

    • Sinagtala says

      The puto bumbong sold in Los Angeles by various provider are made of sweet rice flour from the stores. There is a man in Los angeles who used to make it the old school with a steamer and bamboos. He soaks pinirutung, reg rice,sweet rice and grinds it. He used to sell these wrapped in banana leaf, wich fresh coconut and muscovado sugar and not just white sugar or brown sugar. It is so good, just heat it up for 20 sec. The ones at Seafood city looks so proceesed, I believe Sarap Pinoy and Planet Pansit where selling his products. Mini Sapin sapin, Bibingka, Puto bumbong and others. Now he just caters

  2. Jo says

    please send me your recipe for the bibingka made from galapong and puto bumbong. the ones in your picture looks so yummy I’d like to be able to make them too.

  3. Myrna Guevarra says

    Hi, please send me the recipe (ingredients and how to cook them) for the special bibingka made from galapong and puto bumbong too. My family loves native kakanin and I’d love to be able to serve them these two. The picture really looks yummy. More power and many thanks

  4. says

    kindly send me a recipe for puto bonbong and all native cake because l love to eat andi’m interested to cook special bibingka and native cake. thank you very much and have a great day. mary

  5. teddy says

    Please send me the recipe for puto bungbong and bibingka galapong and also if you have a recipe for puto Binan. Thank you.

  6. J-me says

    :razz:Wow! That looks really yummy! Can you please send me the recipe of bibingka and puto bungbong. Thank you very much! :grin:

  7. Merl says

    Could you please share me the recipe for your bibingka.
    i love this bibingka. taste good. and they don’t have that here in Las Vegas. I’ve been wanting to eat this!
    thank you and hope to hear from you soon. :grin:

  8. wennie pique says

    can you please send me your ingredients for bibingka the one in the picture and also how to cook it. Its so yummy makes me hungryyyyyyyyyy. plssssssssss hurry up. wants to see more of your special recipes…. you’re no. one……

  9. says

    i’d like the recipes for the bibingka and puto bumbong as well.
    i understand that you dontemail recipes. however, i dont see the recipes in either of the two pages that supposedly would have the recipes.

    by the way, do you know where i can purchase a puto bungbong cooker (shipping address is USA).

    thanks so much!!!!

  10. Ma. Divine says

    Hi! can you please send me the recipe of your bibingka and puto bumbong. Wow! looks so yummy:smile:
    Thank you so much.

  11. WYLMA AQUINO says

    good day! we have already tried some of your recipes and we find it really good:smile:.i have read that you dont mail recipes but how can i get your recipe for bibingka and puto bumbong? please, if you dont mind, tell me how can i get it. thank you and more power! :smile:

  12. erly says

    namimisko kuna ang luto ng puto bumgbung at bibingka noon nan dyan ako sa pilipinas panaya kain ako ng bibingka at puto bung bong keef a good work

  13. auie says

    pls send me on how to make this bibingka you have on your photo kasi looks really so delcious. also if you can send me a recipe on how to cook the puto from pangasinan. yung maputi na maliliit na puto usually they are selling it sa labas ng mga simbahan dyan sa atin. many thanks and more power, God Bless you

  14. blanche says

    Hi Connie. can you please send me the bibingka recipe? ive been craving for it for a long time but i couldnt sem to find a good recipe in the internet. thank you.

  15. rodelo says

    Please! can you send me the recipe..i have been looking around for this. I love to bake native deserts..thank you very much!!:::smile:

  16. Boyet says

    You know, i have improvised a puto bumbong steamer out of my old B/D handy steamer today. It took me a whole day to make one including also 3 improvised bumbong . Now it is working just a real one. Mahirap talaga ang malayo sa pinas lahat magagawa mo…

  17. brenda says

    hayy naku… mga taong to talaga… halos from the top of this thread puros “pls send me the recipe”

    eh nakasulat na nga “Sorry, I don’t e-mail recipes.”

    at tsaka “Some entries DO NOT contain recipes.”

    magbasa naman kayo.

  18. bebeth garcia says

    I brought a puto bumbong steamer from RP and it showed wierd when they x-rayed my bag. So I had to open my luggage. customs probably thought it was explosives. Anyway, i am able to use the steamer here in the U.S. I use a combination of mochiko and ground black rice (pirurutong) that I buy from oriental stores.
    Though I have not perfected my recipe yet.

  19. bredita m. narval says

    i would like to request a recipe for puto and bibingka especially the one that appers in the picture above parang ang sarap nya talga. thanks and more power.

  20. says

    brenita, you can go to the ynares tiangge during the christmas season and ask the vendors for their recipes.

    where does it say that I cooked the bibingka and puto bumbong in the entry?

  21. Kelly Su says

    Hi I am from Taiwan and I love your web. After looking into your web, I love Filipino food and want to lear. Can you advise me if I have the chance to visit Philippines is there any short term cooking school/class I can enroll.

    Best Regards

  22. anna park says

    hello guys,iwant to share something about this food,,because my family is a seller of bibingka and puto bung bong,we make it special thats why our costumer always asking what is the real ingridients of it,,puto bung bong is more delisious kung meron syang cheese sa loob,,as in habang nagmemelt sya at mainit init pa mas masarap,,try nyo promise and the bibingka is more masarap if you put more egg and cheese,,and milk ha

  23. dahlia says

    hi please send me your recipe of bibingka and puto bungbong. my kids really love to eat this. i have my own recipe pero hindi umaalsa.. bakit po kaya. thanks

  24. jc says

    ammm… excuse me po q po c jc 16 yrs old an i love to cook different kinds of food… can u pls send me the recipe of bibingka ung galapong po hindi po ung harina… thnx po

  25. Eric says

    There is no secret recipes in making puto bumbong or bibingka, putong puti… what makes them very delicious… well it comes from special rice… like denorado rice or jasmine rice… Just follow the basic procedure of Galapong Rice Cake then use the denorado or jasmine rice… never use flour rice ( does not taste good). Let me know if you need more information..

  26. Eric says

    You can find a lot of recipes in making Bibingka or puto, just follow their basic ingredients.. just use the special rice. Some people would not tell you what rice they are using. They will give you the recipes but they won’t tell you what rice you will need to make them delicious. Make sure you will make your own galapong rice. Galapong rice … soaked into water for overnight, Produce rice flour by grinding the rice softened by soaking, in a rice grinder. If you don’t have a grinder, you can have the rice ground in the public market. or you can use Kitchen Aid attached the grinder… if you need the exact recipes.. email me…

  27. joanne says

    hi!i find your site very useful most especially for those who love experiment and cook food!can i ask for a recipe of puto bungbong and bibingka?thanks!more power!

  28. rima says

    hello…please read naman the notations – pag sinabing no recipes – e, di no recipes…please understand…
    to people living abroad – if you can’t find the traditional ingredients for bibingka, you can use ready pancake mix. follow the instructions on the with salted eggs, kesong puti – which you can buy at any pinoy store abroad. pag wala naman, any cheese can do. pour into muffin pans lined with banana leaves (brushed with butter or margarine) or the ordinary cupcake paper liner or mamon molds.and pop into the oven toaster for 10-15 minutes. to be sure, insert a toothpick in the middle and when the toothpick comes out clean, its ready na. cool and serve warm with hot chocolate. this recipe is not the true pinoy bibingka, but hey, just imagine na lang…at least to satisfy the cravings and the memories man lang….

  29. beejay says

    would you please send me the recipe of puto bumbong and bibingka because we love this food so much…please im begging!

  30. beejay says

    would you please send me the recipe of puto bumbong and bibingka because we love this food so much…tnx and more power..correction of my email add…

  31. Mila Sabangan says

    I find your site interesting.

    I come from Bogo City, Cebu where I presently reside.

    Could you please give a copy of your recipe for my home use only?

    Thanks a lot and more power


  32. ba says

    can you please send me through my email the ingredients and recipe of both the puto bumbong and the bibingka thats made from galapong.thank you very much.

  33. says

    Jeanne, Joy, EJ, Beejay, Leah, Cherrybel, Mila, Ba & all others who seem to be blind to the statement that “Sorry, I don’t e-mail recipes”:


  34. Joy says

    Oo nga eh… kulit ng mga “please send me recipes”… I mean, kung binasa nyo lang yung article, she just took those photos from a bibingka / puto-bumbong stall!!! Don’t pressure the poor woman, it dosn’t mean that if she writes about them, she necessarily also has the recipes! She’s not being selfish, you guys just don’t know that a no means a no.

  35. Rosalyn V. says

    I may be too late on this; however, I would like to make the bibingka and puto bumbong for Christmas Feast. I would appreciated if you can send me the recipt of both. Merry Chrsitmas!!!

  36. joel says

    Can you use a 8×3 inch cake pan instead of Banana leaves, because I live in Japan. Also can I cook it in a oven?

    Thanks for your time.

    ps it would be a big help to know this for when i make this bibingka dish.

  37. Lalaine says

    When I read your Beef and Hofan entry, I was suprised with the underlying sarcasm but after reading all these, I now know why.

    I’ve been a casual reader of your cooking blog for quite awhile but have never delved into the comments section until I started blogging a couple of months ago. Interesting read. Di lang pala mga posts mo ang informative, kahit pala comments have their own stories to tell.

    I think I’ve commented before how you’ve raised the bar for most food bloggers. Very pure and intimate ang set up nang blog mo kaya I guess very “personal” ang dating. Actually, if truth be told, you are the measurement that I am holding my own blog against, in terms of my goals. Kung baka, you’ve established the point that I want to reach in a couple of years.

    What is the point of this litany? I suppose I was just taken aback by the undertones of hostility in your reply to “jess mr-know-it-all”. I mean, I understand this here…frustrating to repeat and repeat instructions you’ve reiterated thousands of times. But why to someone who is merely expressing an opinion?, a comment? I didn’t find his comment as an attack to you or to the way you run your kitchen, just a stated point of view.

    Ms. Connie, I am sorry. It is not even mine to meddle in. I suppose I am just a tad too intrigued and a little concern on what can possibly drive a woman who is mostly pleasant with her dealings, to act out like that, especially too close to Christmas. (usually people curve their tempers during the holidays).

    Again, I am sorry. Just have a very bad habit of always having to have something to say.

  38. says

    Lalaine, you’re right. It’s none of your business. It’s not for you to judge whether the frustration is justified when you’ve given all you could and people still want to be spoon fed. If, as you say, you regard my blog as a “model” of sorts, then I suggest you learn early on that pandering to smart alecks is not the way to succeed in blogging.

    And I think you posted your comment under the wrong entry.

    And I am not a pleasant person. I am a REASONABLE person, however. And Christmas, nor any other day, is no reason for me to pretend to be otherwise.

  39. Lalaine says

    Good Lord! I didn’t mean to be offensive. I am still more of a “reader” than I blogger, and I reacted as one. You can say my heart bled for Mr. Jess. I didn’t really think I was going to antagonize you. I actually believed that as a non-purist, you would have welcomed opinions, whether or not they conformed with yours. My intentions were pure. For some reason, I thought you were under pressure with all your recent undertakings. I’ve always believed it takes a lot of pushing for a person-for any person, pleasant or not-to snap at somebody like that. And again, I am sorry for making it my business. As I’ve said, I have a very bad habit of reaching out even when my hand is not asked.

    You are right. I posted my comment under the wrong entry. I actually posted it on the wrong blog site. This is a food blog, for heavens sake!

    I do believe to succeed in blogging, you have to pander. Isn’t that what blogging is all about?~it is being the voice for many, it is catering to a need, it is supplying the demand.

    Again, I apologize. I am definitely gagging with this foot of mine in my mouth.

  40. says

    “…and I reacted as one.”

    Then, react in the context of the entry. It is one thing to criticize; it is another thing to impose one’s opinion.

    “I do believe to succeed in blogging, you have to pander. Isn’t that what blogging is all about?”

    That’s for the so-called PR bloggers, the kind that bloggers with real and original content look down on as a disgrace to the blogging community. IF I have to make my content conform to what readers demand and expect, I might as well let them do the blogging.

    “~it is being the voice for many”

    Where did you get that idea? A blogger is an individual and what sets a blogger apart is that very individuality. Is it your intention as a blogger to be a voice for the many? Who gave you that right? Who appointed you as a representative of the many?

    “it is catering to a need, it is supplying the demand.”

    I suppose that depends on the intention. I simply share. How the public responds is beyond me. What I post can be used or ignored and it won’t make a difference with me. I don’t court, I don’t cajole, I don’t even offer free T-shirts or magazines or sponsor raffles just to keep my readers. I don’t need to.

  41. Lalaine says

    I don’t even know why I am a still bothering to respond. It’s futile. But I can’t help it, that’s how I am built. It matters to me if I’ve offended people. It is important to me to make things right. Maybe that’s why and how this whole uncomfortable conversation started. Maybe it’s unclear why I reacted. As you said, I posted on the wrong entry.

    jess on Dec 24, 2007 at 4:50 am

    connie(who reacted to vicky…)

    its really bad if you heat resin with steam!
    microwave ovens heat up only water particles,
    therefore the plastic was never directly heated.
    and those cheap resins are made from recycled
    plastic drums used to contain chemicals.

    Connie on Dec 24, 2007 at 10:55 am

    is that so, jess-mr-know-it-all.

    So that is why there is Glad plastic bakeware, huh?

    “and those cheap resins are made from recycled
    plastic drums”

    Are you specifically referring to the ones I use at home? I don’t believe letting you in and allowing you to conduct an experiment with them to determine their material so where does the conclusion come from?

    Where and what in that statement of his warrants the harshness and sarcasm in yours? The guy was expressing his opinion. Like you said, you simply share, how the public responds is beyond you. He “shared” what he thought of those plastic tubs you had. Now, to throw or not to throw is all up to you. But to be labeled a Mr. Jess-know-it-all just because he believes heating resin with steam is bad? The thing is, the more we think we know, the less tolerant we are of the opinions of others.

    You’re right, Christmas, nor any other day, one doesn’t have to PRETEND to be pleasant. Because Christmas AND any other day, one has to strive to BE pleasant. I didn’t have to put my nose in that, very true. But if we always turned our backs, who would “look”?I didn’t write because I thought you were mean or rude. I had no intentions to preach nor to pass judgement. I am hardly free of fault. I’ve been cruel too. But I had people tap me in the back and “remind” me. I know life can throw so many hard balls, we occasionally forget about being a little “nicer’, about being a little more forgiving, about being a little more accepting.

    Blogging as an individual~
    You think all you the things you write are purely yours? Your ideas, your recipes-these are all a culmination of how your family, your friends, your neighbors, and all those around you, have impacted your life. Your tastes, your preferences, your writing, are just reflections of the many voices of others.

    You don’t cajole, you don’t cater to keep readers~
    Really? So making sure that peaches and cream dessert looks good in photos is not for the benefit of your readers? “Cajoling and catering” doesn’t need to be literal, you know. Not only in words do we make people do what we want. So you don’t pander. You think your site survives just because it looks pretty? It survives because you’re pandering to a busy mother’s needs. You procure, you provide, you supply the demand. Providing fresh content, making that peaches and cream photo as good as it can possibly be, these are your “sponsored raffles” or “free t’shirts” to keep your readers.

    You’ve discussed GMA’s (or whatever channel that was) dealings with you. What is the difference of that to calling a patron of yours a Mr. Know-it-all?
    Sometimes, it is the little things that separates McDonald’s from Ritz Carlton. Sure, I’ll probably “be looked upon with disgrace by bloggers with real content” but then my one visit a day states “the moon is made of cheese”, I ain’t gonna laugh, I ain’t gonna be mean, I ain’t gonna be name-calling. Because, sometimes, people don’t visit your site because they want to learn how to cook “steamed litid”. Sometimes, they come because they want to belong, they want to connect. And that’s why I wrote. I thought maybe you’ve forgotten that.

    I’ve said my apologies. I am not sorry I felt that way. But I am sorry that I meddled. I am sorry that I made my comments as blatant as this. I could have just e-mailed you.

  42. says

    Lalaine, re “I don’t even know why I am a still bothering to respond.”

    And re “I am sorry that I made my comments as blatant as this. I could have just e-mailed you.”

    The reason is the same. You’re drumming up controversy — not even in the right entry but in an entry that is sure to get more traffic during the Christmas season — because you are advertising your blog.

    Re “Sometimes, they come because they want to belong, they want to connect.”

    OH. MY. GOD.

    Re “So making sure that peaches and cream dessert looks good in photos is not for the benefit of your readers?”

    Oh, no, dear. It’s a personal thing about excellence. I just don’t like mediocrity.

    Take your own advice. You keep coming back because you can’t accept any statement from me that is contrary to your beliefs. What you want to read is that I accept your apology and I am taking your advice. My dear, I only take advice that is worth taking. I do not pay attention to people imposing their ethical beliefs nor their convoluted ideas about what “being nice” is. I bet you think you’re being nice because you pander to your readers, as you say. LOL How pathetic.

    No, I am not your “goal”. I am just a source of your envy. It eats you that despite my bitchiness and my obvious refusal to “play nice”, people go to my blog. You want to find fault with me. You wanted to point out to my own readers why they should not read my blog while, at the same time, providing a visible link to yours. That is why you posted all of this as a comment instead of e-mailing me. That is how nice and ethical you are.

    Still, I will give you an honest advice, from one blogger to another: build your blog based on your own strength instead of finding fault with other bloggers. Build your content instead of resorting to cheap gimmickry like your comments here.

    Enough said.

    P.S. All links to your blog have been deleted.

  43. says

    Hi! I understand that you don’t send a recipe thru email. Please help me how can I obtain a recipe of your Puto bungbong, Bibingka and Kalamy(rice cake) sa latik? These are my favorites and I don’t know how to make them. I hope you’re generous enough for sharing it with me. Thank you so much and more power.

  44. anne says

    can you please send me the recipe of bibingka..pls pls…pede ba ung pang oven..hehehe,kc am only starting to learn ng pagbabake pls..anything na masarap na dessert n png pinoy…sana send me nmn ng mga recipes nila en instruction din sana kung ok lng..salamat talaga ha…

  45. chandler jallorina says

    Gud am!how to improve the bibingka rice recipe to a new look and yummy? In a way that customer like it and affordable prize? tnx.God Bless You

  46. Gema Escaro says

    please send me the recipe of bibingka and puto bumbong. i really like puto bumbong and bibingka. tnx a lot

  47. Dennis says

    Please send me the recipe of “special bibingka”. I want to use the real galapong. I think it looks and taste original with kesong puti. Cant wait. Thanks in advance! God Bless

  48. samy says

    Please send me the recipes of both bibingka and puto bumbong. I miss them so much and it is almost xmas again and I think I would feel less homesick if I can even taste filipino delicacies like these that I miss so much especially during simbang gabi. I will try to make this.

  49. Zeny Robinson says

    i would like to ask you if you dont mine
    to send me a recipe how to make this
    famous ‘ puto bumbong’ and also please include some tips in cooking this using modern cookingware available in Australia.

    thank you so much…..

  50. Penny says

    Please can you tell me more about the earthenware ovens that the traditional bibingka are cooked in? Are they still being made and if so where? Look forward to hearing from you – many thanks

  51. says

    Penny, in public markets (in Antipolo, for instance) where there is a baking supply specialty shop, bibingka ovens are sold. Along Sumulong highway, they are sold alongside huge bangas and kawas.

  52. joanna says

    hi connie, i was just wondering do you have any idea where i can buy the clay pots used for bibingka cooking and the wierd looking steamer for puto bumbong? im planning to ake one old school style haha

  53. says

    joanna, at the Antipolo public market, there is a stall that sells supplies for making local delicacies, including the bibingka clay oven. I think you’ll also find them at the second floor of Farmers’ Market in QC.

  54. Elai Atendido says

    hi please send me recipes for bibingka and puto bumbong please …

    is there any way the puto bumbong can be cooked via steamer and not the special gadget?

  55. Evelyn says

    Hi dolor:

    I so happy to see this page on the net and I was searching for a recipe for KAMOTENG KAHOY. As i read down the page that you don’t e-mail recipes, Sayang kasi paborito ko pa naman yun and I was thinking that i can do it for me. Anyway, tnx. and more power to you.

  56. Evelyn says

    Now only i read all the request for the recipe because i think my system here in the office is slow. sayang talaga dami pa naman request ng recipe. Di po ba talaga pwede i-share?

  57. marissa c. dizon says

    please send me the recipe of bibingka. i will really appreciate if you can the soonest so i can make my country proud when i served that to my visitors this christmas times thanks

  58. toni says

    I just want to say that authentic puto bumbong and bibingka are some of the food I miss from the Philippines. Just looking at them makes me so homesick. We do have bibingka here in California but it’s not the same as the ones we used to get after simbang gabi.

    More power to you, Connie. Happy New Year to all!

  59. Ronnie says

    Happy New Year!!! hmmmm, yummy! I like puto bumbong and bibingka. Pwede po bang turuan mo rin akong magluto nito. Kung pwede po send mo sa akin ang recipe then try ko pong lutuin. O sige po thank you and more power.

  60. emy medina says

    hi ronnie….the bibingka and puto bumbong photos
    are really appetizing…just to remind you that connie does NOT e-mail recipe..& she does not have the recipe for the bibingka…the picture was so enticing that 2 days ago i experimented on cooking
    bibingka…i used bibingka mix and followed the instructions on the box…very easy..
    i put salted eggs on top…i also used frozen
    banana leaves that is available here in Los Angeles.
    i used 2 round pie pans,baked for 12 min,380 degrees then broil for another 10min,on low…PERFECT
    Good luck…Bon Appetit!!
    i’m not fond of puto bumbong..
    5 min on low..

  61. edward says

    ang kulit ng mga tao talaga oh, wala ngang recipe si miss connie eh, hingi pa kayo ng hingi, pls naman nakakahiya kay miss connie, nakaka irita na yan ha. sorry but no offence sana sa mga makukulit.

    • DonnaGM says

      Grave 2 years ago na all still asking for recipes that is not available:-) mahaba nga po patience nyo like ms. Connie :-)

  62. Erlinda Balamon says

    pls send me a picture of the clay oven for bibingka. Here in Leyte they have no idea how it looks. I have been in Manila for 10 years and I remember those bibingka on Xmas. I want to produce the bibingka for livelihood of our Nanays here for our program on livelihood. Thank you, ASAP pls. Linda B.

  63. Cris Santos says

    hi, i am interested with your puto bungbong..please send me the ingredients and procedure on how to prepare and cook them. Many thanks…

  64. says

    Hi this is great – i have been looking for good recipes from home. I hope you don’t mind, i’ve linked your blog to my latest post on my blog. cheers!

  65. Lisa says

    HI Ms. Connie

    May I have the recipe for the bibingka. I don’t have access to the vendors since I live in Canada, but may have access to some ingredients over here. Merry Christmas


  66. Jay Ann Dela Cruz says

    really sweet! Can i request po ba for the ingredients and method on how to cook puto-bumbong and bibingka (with salted egg). I’ll wait for your response po.

    many thanks.

  67. neji says

    HI, could you please send me a recipe of bibingka and puto bumbong…me and my dad would love to make some…thank you!

  68. says

    Ms. Connie, can you recommend the best tasting puto bumbong and bibingka that you’ve tried and where? And also, do you know other restaurants who serve them even all year round? Thanks!

    • Natz SM says

      These may not be the BEST but they are my FAVORITE bibingkas, and I do eat alot all year round because they are my absolute favorite comfort food!!!

      Ferino’s would still be my number one choice because not only are their bibingka really delicious but their stalls are accessible. They also provide parking.

      You may also try FELYMAR’s located very near the Tayuman LRT station. Even their most expensive SPECIAL variant is about half the price of Ferino’s but also very good. You would have to park a block or two away and walk because it is along Rizal Avenue. Worth the trip though!

      Also serving delicious bibingka would be Via Mare and Fely J’s at Greenbelt 5.

      YUP! Available all year round!!!

  69. katrina says

    plssss send me the bumbong recipe. my parents just bougt me the steamer from pinas and i want to make them, thnxx

  70. nita says

    I think Ms. Connie, suggestion lang, pwede mo na ilagay sa dun sa info na wala kang recipe big font para makita nung mga humihingi ng recipe.=)

  71. Chall says

    sometimes I read through your entries because I find the comments really amusing. I can’t believe so many still ask for the recipe after several “this is not a recipe post” replies. Which makes me think: of those that can read, how many can really understand?

  72. says

    Pam and Chall,

    I think most read just the title, then look at the photos, and then ask. Most probably, they feel emboldened by those who have mistakenly asked before them. Bandwagon mentality. :-P

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