Beef short ribs stew with fruity red wine

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Hello, my name is Connie Veneracion. I cook, I shoot, I write. But I don't do the laundry. I don't like housekeeping very much either... (more about me)

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  1. Abigail Mismanos says:

    Hi! Connie, just want to ask if what kind of red wine did you used? Is it sweet, dry, semi-sweet, etc.???

    • It says right there in the list — “fruity red wine”. That’s how the wine is labeled.

      • Aldrich Limlengco says:

        Côtes du Rhône, a type of wine and also the name of the place where it is originally made, is the best choice for cooking wines. Katumbas siya ng grenache sa mga wines na gawa sa US. Merlot is 2nd choice.

        • I find merlot too dry for drinking and cooking. I prefer semi-sweet wines. Of course, what wine is good for cooking and drinking is always a matter of personal preference. :)

  2. madgwenny says:

    there’s a popular brand of red wine that’s sold in a small bottle now — it’s more than enough for one recipe and a few sips. must try this soon ;)

  3. Olga M. Baes says:

    Hello Connie, can I use Mompo, the grape wine used in Mass.?

  4. madgwenny says:

    comparable to the 12-oz softdrink bottle, i guess. i didn’t check the content’s volume but rather the price which was around 70-80 PHP then.

  5. shirly says:

    Hi connie, i just love your site! For a newbie like me your recipes make me feel like a pro. :)
    I tried cooking this recipe this morning. The taste was great. But the meat was hard even after 2 hrs. And i added almost 6cups of broth. Could you help me which part i could have done wrong? Thank you :)

    • If the beef is still tough after two hours, it’s the quality of the beef that’s the problem. Either the animal was too old or you were sold carabo meat.

      • shirly says:

        im really bad with raw meats. i still cant distinguish pork from beef hehe i just rely on the grocery attendant. ill ask her then. thank you for this. <3

  6. madgwenny says:

    the initials of the red wine brand is C.R. ;)

  7. madgwenny says:

    Off-topic, may I suggest that you share your recipes in Pinterest for a broader audience?

    I really love everything about your blog and it would be worthwhile to make it available in Pinterest, too. You only need to register a Google account and you can log in to Pinterest.

  8. madgwenny says:

    Oops, missed that one B)


    • And for those who, like you, have missed those links too, there are now links right below the banner (not visible if you’re viewing this from a phone or small tablet). :D

  9. madgwenny says:

    thanks, i’ve embarked on the repins but it will take a while. i also “followed” you, hehe =D

  10. rose z says:

    cooked this last sat. my daughter would not touch it on the day i cooked it, saying that it’s maasim. i used carlo rossi red wine. but she got a surprise when she had it in her lunch box the next day and it tasted great. :)

  11. Bernard says:

    Ms. Connie,

    i am here is Saudi Arabia and any kind of wine is strictly prohibited, so what i can i replace instead of using a red wine?