Beef & Sausage Fried Rice

Rice is a staple food for the Filipinos as well as for most Southeast Asians. We eat rice the way Westerners eat bread and potatoes. It’s no wonder that we have learned to cook rice in so many ways–as appetizers, main meals, snacks, sweets and desserts. Beef & Sausage Fried Rice

This rice dish is basically a Chinese fried rice cooked with chunks of pre-boiled beef shank, chinese sausages, chicken hotdogs, strips of scrambled eggs, sweet peas, corn kernels and steamed rice seasoned with light soy sauce, oyster sauce, steak sauce and sesame seed oil. It’s one of my “instant” recipes–take whatever is available and throw them in with the rice kind of thing. My kids are spending the afternoon at a friend’s’ house (their kids and ours are buddies) accompanied by their yaya so I had to cook a quick lunch before they left. The beef chunks are leftovers from yesterday’s bulalo. The rest are some of the things that our freezer contains at the moment.

Ingredients :

6 c. of steamed rice rice, cooled for best results
2 c. of pre-cooked beef chunks, about 1″ cubes
2 chinese sausages (locally known as longganisang macau)
2 chicken hotdogs
3/4 c. of corn kernels
1/2 c. of frozen sweet peas
2 eggs, beaten
2 tbsp. of oyster sauce
1 tbsp. of light soy sauce
1 tsp. of steak sauce
1/2 tsp. of sesame seed oil
4 tbsp. of cooking oil
salt and pepper

Cooking procedure :

Season the beef chunks with steak sauce. Cut the chinese sausages and chicken hotdogs into 1/4″ thick rings. Set aside.

Heat a skillet or wok. Pour in 1 tbsp. of cooking oil and heat until it starts to smoke. Add the beaten eggs, tilting the skillet or wok to swirl the eggs while cooking. Cook until set. Transfer to a plate. Roll up and cut into 1/2″ wide strips. Cut each strip across into two.

Add the rest of the cooking oil to the skillet or wok and heat until it starts to smoke once more. Add the chinese sausages and chicken hotdogs. Cook over high heat for about 30 seconds. Add the beef chunks. Cook for another 15 seconds, stirring. Add the rice, corn kernels and sweet peas. Cook, stirring, until the rice is heated through. Pour in the oyster sauce and light soy sauce. Add the pepper. Stir well. Adjust seasonings, if necessary. Add the egg strips and pour in the sesame seed oil. Toss a few times. Serve hot.

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    There are also some great chinese food over at Chinatown’s Best Along Banawe, Quezon City, Philippines. I recall eating something like this over there.

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