Beanstreet: nice name for a coffee shop

In Roxas City a couple of years ago, I had a cup of cappuccino at a small coffee counter inside the Gaisano Mall. The name: Beanstreet. I thought it was a very cool name for an establishment that served coffee primarily. I would learn much later that there is a Beanstreet Coffee Company and that the logo of the Beanstreet coffee shop in Roxas City appears to be a not-too-subtle modification of the Beanstreet Coffee Company logo.

There is also Bean Street Coffee in San Mateo, California, which according to a comment posted on Yelp in 2009 was the the only coffee shop that served kopi kuwak or civet coffee in the area.

And then, there is Cafe Bean Street in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Trademark issues?

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