Baked mussels with butter and cheese |

Baked mussels with butter and cheese

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Hello, my name is Connie Veneracion. I cook, I shoot, I write. But I don't do the laundry. I don't like housekeeping very much either... (more about me)

22 Responses

  1. josie says:

    Sana Ma’m Connie inilagay muna ang baked mussels sa ref para di na spoil? Tapos put na lang sa microwave pag kakainin na? Okey po ba ang suggestion ko? Thanks.

    I always read your blog simply because it’s very interesting and i always picked up a lot of ideas from you.

  2. Connie says:

    I would have done that, Josie, if I was sure she wouldn’t get up until the following morning. But I was anticipating that she might wake up in the middle of the night looking for food.

  3. Tiffy says:

    That looks amazing!

  4. soloops says:

    Ang thoughtful naman ng mommy ni Sam.

  5. 11:23 pm and my mouth is totally watering. Definitely making soon.

  6. Connie says:

    Soloops, hehehe she gets grouchy when she’s hungry :razz:

    Cate, I was able to do this at home already but the bread I used (ordinary white loaf) was all wrong. Still delicious though. But I’m getting a better variety of bread and do it again.

  7. acdiosanta-cubio says:

    im definitely making this again!thanks for the recipe..sure tastes good! wish my hubby is here to feast on my cooking…huhuhuhuhu

  8. christian says:

    hi ms. connie. i tried making this one but the result was a bit watery. (it’s my first time to try this, and the baked mac too. the baked mac turns out perfect and my mom loved it. sarap daw magkaroon ng unico hijo. :)) ) thanks!

  9. Connie says:

    Christian, try cooking the mussels a bit longer during the first stage.

  10. Audrey says:

    Hello Connie, thanks for this recipe. Ang sarap. Instead of using a regular cheese, I used gorgonzola cheese (its a little on the pungent side, but it imparts a big flavor in any dishes). Sprinkle a little bit of mozzarela cheese on top, then cook in high heat for 2-3 minutes just to melt the cheese. Thanks Connie for the recipe. Keep up the good work.

    By the way, when will your cookbook be available? Will it be available at Barnes and Noble? Is it only available in Pinas?

  11. Pearl says:

    My sister baked mussels too, except that the cheese didn’t melt like in your photos..Love this site! I should have seen this earlier! =)

  12. Krissy says:

    I love baked mussels too! Can i just use microwave oven instead of oven?

  13. Rowena Nañas says:

    my kids love baked mussels! can i just steam the mussels instead of heating it in the oven to open them up? will these make them watery? thanks!

    • Connie says:

      Unless you shock them with intensely high heat, the mussel meat will be shrivelled before the shells open.

  14. Amy says:

    What type of cheese did you use in the photo that you provided? Any suggestions on which is the best? I am searching for a good baked mussels recipe cause I love them, but are petrified of cooking them…



  15. Can i boil the tahong instead of putting it in the oven to pop the shells open? I’m so scared to operate our oven so I stay away as often as I can haha!

    With that said, can I use my turbo broiler or oven toaster to “bake” the tahong with the cheese and all.



  16. Teresa says:

    Thanks so much for this recipe, Connie. Is it possible to get an email alert when you post a new recipe on your blog? I navigated your site but I could not find the option to follow you and do my email setting for this.

  17. Teresa says:

    Also, do I need to boil the mussels before baking them? Thanks!

  18. There is a link in the first instruction item.

    AS for the email alerts, I’m rethinking it. :)